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Zhou Jingyun suddenly turned his head to look in the direction of the kitchen.

He thought for a moment, then stood up while unbuttoning his suit jacket.

He said, “Ill massage you.

Do you want to do it here Or should we go to your bedroom” He wanted to fight back.

He knew that Xie Wenkai might see it because he couldnt be sure when Xie Wenkai would finish washing the dishes.

However, he wasnt afraid that Xie Wenkai would see them in this state.

He even hoped that Xie Wenkai would see it.

He didnt fight back against Xie Wenkais provocation before because he was afraid that Jiang Tong would misunderstand.

But now, Jiang Tong was the one who wanted him to fulfill the conditions of the bet.

It wasnt anything romantic, but if Xie Wenkai saw it, Xie Wenkai would definitely misunderstand!

“Go to the bedroom.” After Jiang Tong said that, she stood up.

Twenty minutes later, Xie Wenkai finished cleaning up the kitchen.

As he walked, he hollered, “Babe, are you done chatting” He stood at the kitchen door and glanced at the living room.

He didnt see Jiang Tong or Zhou Jingyun.

He called out again, “Babe Jiang Tong” He walked into the living room and looked around, the doors of the other rooms in the house were open.

Only the bedroom door was closed, and there was some sound inside.

Xie Wenkai frowned in confusion.

He walked over and pushed open the bedroom door.

Then, he froze at the door.

In the bedroom, Jiang Tong was lying on the bed in a garter nightgown.

Zhou Jingyun, on the other hand, was neatly dressed.

He took off his suit jacket and rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt.

These were not problems, the problem was that Zhou Jingyun was actually sitting on the back of Jiang Tongs waist.

Both of his hands were pressing on the back of Jiang Tongs shoulders, one after another! Zhou Jingyun was actually giving Jiang Tong a massage! Xie Wenkai was shocked.

Xie Wenkai had also heard a little about what kind of man Zhou Jingyun was.

Everyone said that Zhou Jingyun was strong, domineering, and courageous.

He would not submit to the arrangements of his family.

He had also heard from his father that when Zhou Jingyun was forced by his grandfather to marry, Zhou Jingyun scolded his grandfather in front of the entire family.

Then, his uncle came over to beat him up, and Zhou Jingyun immediately retaliated.

Zhou Jingyun was really strong! This kind of strength was not faked.

He was not only strong in the outside world, but also at home! But this kind of Zhou Jingyun actually gave massages to a woman and waited on her Xie Wenkai could not believe it.

He felt that if it were him and he took care of his wife and gave her massages after he got married, it would not affect his reputation if this kind of thing was revealed to outsiders.

On the contrary, it would make his reputation as agentle prince even more perfect.

After all, it was very normal for a husband to take care of his wife.

However, Zhou Jingyun was different.

Zhou Jingyun was too special.

Even if he got married, no one would think that he would lower his head to a woman and serve her.

Instead, it would be women who would serve him and treat him like a king.

That was why Xie Wenkai was shocked when he saw Zhou Jingyun giving Jiang Tong a massage!

Then, Xie Wenkai saw an even more shocking scene.

Zhou Jingyun didnt have any reaction when he raised his head and saw Xie Wenkai.

He didnt get off Jiang Tong either.

Zhou Jingyun even lowered his head and continued to give Jiang Tong a massage.

He even asked in a low voice, “Is this comfortable”

How could Zhou Jingyun continue to give Jiang Tong a massage! When Zhou Jingyun saw him coming over, he could still focus on giving Jiang Tong a massage without any distractions! Xie Wenkais state of mind was about to explode.

It was exactly the same as when Zhou Jingyun saw him wash Jiang Tongs clothes and cook for her! Zhou Jingyuns image in Xie Wenkais heart was instantly destroyed.

It collapsed! He even felt that he was hallucinating.

It was fake.

Everything must be fake!

At this moment, Jiang Tong also noticed Xie Wenkai.

She smiled at him and said, “Are you done cleaning up Are you tired Take a rest first.

Well be done in a while.”

Xie Wenkai looked at Jiang Tong in a daze.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat.

Could it be… Xie Wenkai seemed to understand at once.

He thought of a possibility, an extreme possibility that was the closest to the truth… That was… Zhou Jingyun was the same kind of person as him.

He might also have a masochism fetish! A fetish to belong exclusively to Jiang Tong, and to be abused by her! This was the most bizarre possibility, and it also sounded the most unlikely possibility.

However, this kind of thing had already happened once, and that was Xie Wenkai himself.

If Zhou Jingyun also had a masochism fetish, then everything could be explained.

Zhou Jingyuns strength and dominance might also be just a facade.

He may have had no choice but to disguise himself and let himself live a fake life.

He probably did not have the freedom to live the way he wanted to.

The pressure of his family forced him to disguise himself as a strong person.


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