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Xie Wenkais logic was very clear and correct, but Zhou Jingyun felt very uncomfortable listening to it.

He didnt know why, but hearing Xie Wenkai call Jiang Tongs name so intimately made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Im fine, its alright,” Zhou Jingyun smiled at Xie Wenkai.

His smile was a little unnatural.

When his gaze fell on Jiang Tong, his smile instantly disappeared.

The entire atmosphere at the dining table was led by Xie Wenkai alone.

While taking care of Jiang Tong to eat, he chatted with Zhou Jingyun.

In the past, he couldnt even speak at the dining table, it was very stifling for him.

That was why he was especially talkative today.

Of course, Xie Wenkai wasnt talking nonsense.

His language skill was particularly strong and he was very logical.

Even though Zhou Jingyun wanted to get some information out of Xie Wenkai, he couldnt fish anything out of him.

He couldnt get anything out of Xie Wenkai.

Xie Wenkai finished eating first.

After he finished eating, he focused on taking care of Jiang Tong and peeled the prawns for her.

The two of them could be said to be very intimate.

As Zhou Jingyun watched, he became more and more frustrated.

He suddenly put down his chopsticks and raised his hand to support his forehead.

He had an impulse, but he didnt know why.

A few seconds later, he suddenly reached out and picked a prawn from the plate.

He quickly removed the head and peeled the shell.

At the same time, Xie Wenkai put a peeled prawn into Jiang Tongs bowl.

“Babe, here you go.”

“Here, eat the prawn.” Then, Zhou Jingyun also reached out to put the peeled prawn into Jiang Tongs bowl.

Xie Wenkai was stunned, and then he suddenly turned his head to look at Zhou Jingyun.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became strange.

Zhou Jingyun regretted it.

From the moment he put the prawn into Jiang Tongs bowl, he regretted it.

He didnt know why he did it, and it made it seem like he was competing with Xie Wenkai out of jealousy.

Of course, he wasnt afraid that Xie Wenkai would misunderstand anything, but he was afraid that Jiang Tong would think that he had some feelings for her.

She might even find an opportunity to tease him about whether he was in love with her.

She might even taunt him.

Zhou Jingyun would never take the initiative to please women and cater to them! Meeting Xie Wenkais gaze, Zhou Jingyuns expression paused for a moment.

Then, he said to Jiang Tong, “Eat more.” With that, he picked up some food for Xie Wenkai with his chopsticks.

“Director Xie, you eat too.” He smiled at Xie Wenkai very naturally.

Then, he gestured to the table.

“Theres still a lot of food left.

Its a waste.

You guys eat more.

Im full.”

Zhou Jingyun felt that he had done the wrong thing by peeling the prawns for Jiang Tong, so he reacted quickly to make up for his actions.

Instead of peeling the prawns for Jiang Tong alone, he was peeling them for Jiang Tong and Xie Wenkai.

The strange atmosphere also eased up because of his actions.

Xie Wenkai was stunned for a moment before he reacted.

He seemed to have understood something.

He looked at Zhou Jingyun and asked, “Director Zhou, are you full Arent you going to eat more”

“Im full.

Thank you.

You guys eat.” Zhou Jingyun and Xie Wenkai looked at each other.

After saying that, he smiled politely and said, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

“Its just a simple meal, how can it be considered hospitality” Xie Wenkai looked at Zhou Jingyun.

With a smile, he said, “Originally, Jiang Tong said that we would go out to eat together when you come over, Director Zhou.

But I was thinking that since you would be coming to our house, we might as well eat at home.

After all, the best etiquette to receive guests is to have a banquet at home.

You are a guest, and this is the first time we are meeting each other with our current identities and status.

So… its good as long as you are satisfied, Director Zhou.”

Upon hearing Xie Wenkais words, Zhou Jingyuns heart flared up, because he could feel that Xie Wenkai was provoking him!

Come to the house Entertain guests A family banquet Xie Wenkai directly placed himself in the position of the host.

Although his words were very natural and his thoughts moved very quickly, Zhou Jingyun still sensed a trace of deliberate intent.

He knew that Xie Wenkai must have been acting out of a mans intuition and had sensed that something was wrong with Zhou Jingyun, but he did not point it out.

It was said that a womans intuition was terrifying, but a mans intuition was also very terrifying.

Moreover, only men understood men the best!

After Xie Wenkai finished speaking, he turned his head to look at the peeled prawns that Zhou Jingyun had put into Jiang Tongs bowl.

Then, he smiled slightly and said, “Babe, why arent you eating” As he said that, he picked up his chopsticks.

Then, he picked up the prawns in the bowl and brought the one that Zhou Jingyun had peeled to Jiang Tongs mouth.

However, just as the chopsticks reached Jiang Tongs mouth, Xie Wenkais hand suddenly trembled and the prawns instantly fell onto the table, they bounced a couple of times and fell to the ground.


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