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Immediately after, he formed a hand seal and put away the Daluo divine sword.

Countless heavenly treasures appeared in the system space.

in the next moment, the energy of these treasures was devoured by the god devourer body.

Lin Mos body was also wrapped in flames, and the faint cries of true phoenixes could be heard.

‘Nirvana of the true Phoenix.


Does he have enough resources to break through …

When Bai Luo saw Lin Mos actions, he was a little confused.

However, it was not the time to be worried about this.

She formed a seal with both hands and ignited the talisman in front of her.

Then, a terrifying explosion sounded.

in the next moment, her figure appeared before xu fei.

she grabbed his shoulder, and the kun peng wings appeared behind her.

With a light flap, the two figures disappeared.

no one stopped him.

or rather, no one could stop him.

bai luo, who was at the eighth sky of nirvana stage, with the kun peng wings, if he really wanted to escape, even an existence like tian sha could not stop him.

” youre putting up a stubborn resistance.

bai luo has left, and youre the only one left.

im afraid you wont be able to escape.

” holy maiden xia you frowned.

the immortal scroll was taken away, but there were some losses.

Fortunately, Lin Mo was still around.

With him, Jiang xiyue would have to hand over the cultivation technique.

She raised her hand and dispersed the peerless divine sword in the sky.

All the power dissipated.

In fact, even the formation had disappeared, and most of the formation flags were damaged.

however, a portion of it had been retrieved and could still be used next time.

“Saintess, is it okay to remove the formation like this” An elder bowed, puzzled.

lin mo also knew the kun peng wings.

if he chose to escape instead of fighting after his breakthrough, they would not be able to stop him.

“Its fine, good news will be good news from now on.” holy maiden xia you waved her hand and sat cross-legged in the air, starting to recover her energy.

At that moment, Lin Mo had already completely activated the Nirvana of the true Phoenix.

the amount of resources required to break through to the eighth sky of nirvana realm was extremely terrifying.

what he had was far from enough.

Fortunately, half an hour later, the systems voice finally came.

” congratulations on completing the mission.

you have received a rank 9 earth class spiritual pill, the heavenly pill.

within half an hour, bai luo had already sent xu fei away, allowing him to leave safely.

lin mos mission had been completed, and the auction houses reputation had been restored.

the systems reward had finally arrived.

“Theres a ray of light at the end of the tunnel …”

He was elated.

Luckily, Bai Luo was helping him.

Otherwise, he would be in danger today.

At this moment, he didnt hold back or suppress his God devouring body anymore.

He just urged the God devouring technique with all of his power.

First, a small black hole appeared in his dantian.

Within the black hole, lightning and flames extended and danced within it.

An endless stream of energy was being devoured.

However, this was far from enough.

The energy was quickly devoured completely.

in the next moment, a golden-red spiritual pill appeared in lin mos dantian.

a divine light flickered.

this was the heavenly pill, which contained extremely pure power.

at the same time, lin mo had the illusion that his understanding of fire and lightning had improved.

his blood became boiling hot, as if there was a flame burning.

lightning flickered on his body, giving off a divine light.

after breaking through to the 8th sky, his god devouring body had transformed once again.

Lin Mos aura began to surge, and in just a few breaths, the true phoenix egg he had transformed into exploded.

the black hole spread out, swallowing spiritual energy from all directions.

the heavenly pill in his dantian shattered and was further digested, completely absorbed by lin mo.

His cultivation had also advanced at this moment, reaching the eighth sky of Nirvana realm.

this was a sublimation, an extreme sublimation.


lin mo let out a long howl.

as soon as he broke out of his shell, he took out the daluo divine sword, ready to fight with xia you.

“Its been twelve hours.

Youre breaking through too slowly.”

Xia you said calmly as the green Lotus appeared beneath her feet again.

The three magic items were activated at the same time, and the world-shaking divine sword that could destroy the world appeared again.

Wind and thunder mixed together.

Runes and sword Qi exploded.

Without the protection of the formation, people finally knew what kind of damage Xia you Holy maiden could cause.

“Quickly retreat!”

Many people were shocked.

If this sword really fell, this mountain range would be destroyed.

The divine sword shocked the world, and people did not dare to resist.

They could only flee for their lives.

However, under the divine sword that caused everyones expression to change, Lin Mos expression was calm as a purple light appeared under his feet.

the purple divine light slowly gathered, and a qilin mark appeared.

in the end, the qilin pattern glowed with a bright light, and a vast amount of spiritual qi was injected into it.

it began a fierce battle with the divine sword.

This was an earth-shattering collision, but no one had the time to appreciate it.

They were all running away.

Holy maiden Xia you was shocked.

Lin Mo had used the Qilin steps, which she had seen before.

It was very powerful.

this made her understand that she could no longer crush him like before.

the qilin steps were too terrifying.

although the divine sword had destroyed the qilin symbol, it was also shattered by the terrifying power.

Tens of thousands of sword Qi scattered in all directions.

Within a radius of dozens of miles, towering trees were cut in half, mountains were cut open, and mountains collapsed.

lin mo charged forward with the daluo divine sword through his sword qi.

runes bloomed all over xia yous body as she unleashed all sorts of techniques and martial arts.

a pair of true phoenix wings spread open, and flames swept through the sky.

However, no matter how many changes she made, Lin Mo was able to break through them all.

The Daluo divine sword showed its power, and the God devouring body absorbed the spiritual Qi from all directions, giving him enough energy to fight against ten opponents.

This was the most difficult battle he had ever encountered, but it was also the battle he desired the most.

the shockwaves of the battle pierced through the space.

the two of them held their swords and fought, shaking the surroundings.

“True hou claw.”

Holy maiden Xia you used the true Phoenix claw, and her true Phoenix spell technique was unleashed to its extreme.

It was as if her entire body had transformed into a true Phoenix.

In response, Lin Mo used the Vermilion Bird spell technique to resist.

The cloud piercer burst forth with a sea of Vermilion Bird divine flames.

“Scatter!” break! Holy maiden Xia you shouted as she used her true Phoenix claws to tear apart the sea of fire.

She activated all the spiritual Qi in her body.

” boom! ” the true nirvana claws burst forth again, even stronger than before.

she had also transformed into the true nirvana form and pounced at lin mo.

This was the true Nirvana claws cultivation and comprehension to the extreme.

however, the fact that xia you could do this with her nirvana stage strength was enough for her to be proud of.


Lin Mo did not show any weakness.

The divine flames of the Vermilion Bird enveloped him, and he himself seemed to have transformed into a Vermilion Bird.

the two spell techniques were unleashed to their limits and exploded forth.

Soon, his body was bleeding and his chest was scratched by the true Nirvana claws, leaving three bloody wounds.

the wound was so deep that his bones could be seen, and lin mos waist was almost broken.

However, Xia you wasnt in a good state either.

The true Phoenix Phantom behind her disappeared, and one of her arms was badly mutilated.

There were even some bone fragments on it, and one of her arms had almost been shattered by Lin Mo.

everyone turned pale with fright.

the battle between the two was a draw again, and they both retreated with heavy injuries.

In fact, when the two of them were fighting in secret, there were many strong people in the ninth heaven who wanted to intervene.

however, when they thought about it, they realized that they could not interfere.

The two of them could even kill a level nine expert with one punch.

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