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“What… what did you say That Lykan is yours”

Zhu Ziqiang was dumbfounded.

That was a super sports car worth more than 60 million!

He could buy dozens of land rovers with the money.

That pretentious act today was a failure!

“Sorry to bother you, Little Bro.”

Zhu Ziqiang left dejectedly.

He did not even dare to look at Lin Yi after this.

It was too embarrassing.

Lin Yi put the license plate of NB666 on the car and left with the other three plates in hand.

Later, Qin Han sent Lin Yi a location and sent him a voice message.

“Old Lin, I sent you the address.”

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“Okay, Ill be there in a while.”

Lin Yi turned on the GPS and drove to Qin Hans barbecue shop half an hour later.

Typically, a barbeque shop was not a high-end place.

However, because the owner was Qin Han, it was different.

He had built it with the appearance of a three-Michelin star restaurant.

The barbeque shop was very big, and was divided into three levels.

From the decoration outside, it was probably already a ranked restaurant within Zhong Hai.

The parking lot at the entrance was filled with all kinds of cars.

There were millions of good cars and tens of thousands of private cars, which showed the blend of customers.

From Lin Yis point of view, this was understandable.

Usually, when a restaurant opened, there would be a huge discount.

Sometimes, the discount would be as much as 50%, so naturally, there would be a lot of customers.

In reality, Lin Yi was only half right.

The other reason why the barbeque shop was so popular was because of Qin Hans fame in Zhong Hai.

It was only natural that the restaurant owned by Young Master Qin would be lots of fun.

Just as Lin Yi was about to enter, he saw a middle-aged couple and three young people get out of the car in front.

Lin Yi did not think much of it at first.

He thought that they were just customers, but he did not expect the woman in front to actually be Gu Jingshu.

Gu Jingshu was wearing a rather ladylike dress, looking exceptionally virtuous.

From her expression and movements, it seemed that the middle-aged couple were her parents.

“Uncle, Auntie, lets go this way,” a man in casual clothes said.

“Little Qiao, thank you for your hard work.

We came to Zhong Hai, and you personally received us.

Im really sorry for troubling you,” the middle-aged woman said.

“Youre welcome, Auntie.

This is what I should do.”

“Jingshu, after we leave, you have to thank Little Qiao.

Were just here to take a look around but ended up troubling you,” Jingshus father said.

“Okay, lets go in first,” Jingshu said indifferently.

Hearing their conversation, Lin Yi guessed their relationship.

The middle-aged couple were indeed Jingshus parents.

The man in casual clothes was probably her suitor.

The other man might be Gu Jingshus brother.

Just as Lin Yi expected, the mans name was Qiao Zihao.

His father was the head of the Education Bureau, so he became the director of Gu Jingshus school despite only being in his twenties.

The other boy was Gu Jingshus brother, Gu Jingwu.

They went to Zhonghai together.

“Brother-in-law, this shop is decorated too luxuriously.”

“What nonsense are you talking about Hes my colleague, not your brother-in-law.”

Gu Jingshu felt like she was going to die of annoyance.

Her parents came here to look around, but he actually found out about it.

In doing so, he was ruining a good family banquet.

“Sister, dont be embarrassed.

Brother-in-law came to personally pick us up.

Doesnt this explain the problem” Gu Jingwu said.

“What does that mean…”

“Jingshu,” Qiao Zihao said, “Dont worry about the details.

Uncle, aunt, and Jingwu are here today.

Reunions are the most important thing, after all.”

“Okay, lets go in first,” Hu Jingshu said reluctantly.

“Brother-in-law, the biggest hotel in our county is not as big as this barbecue shop,” Gu Jingwu said enviously.

“Let me tell you, this is not an ordinary barbeque shop.

This shop is run by the famous Qin Han.”

“Qin Han Isnt he the richest second generation in Zhonghai” Gu Jingwu asked, “I often see news about him on the Internet.”

“Thats right, thats him.”

“My God, then it must be quite expensive to come here for a meal.”

“Its not bad.

Actually, I have a little relationship with Young Master Qin.

Its just a meal.

He might not even charge me.”

Qiao Zihao had met Qin Han a few times, but they were not close to the extent that he could claim a free meal.

He himself knew that.

However, Qiao Zihao did not care.

When the time came, he would just say that he had voluntarily given the money.

The others would be none the wiser.

This way, he could still raise his status, so why not just go with it

“My God, Brother-in-law, arent you too amazing You actually know Young Master Qin!”

Gu Jingwus eyes lit up as he looked at Qiao Zihao as if he was a super idol.

“Dad, Mom, let me tell you.

The owner of this shop is the richest second generation in China.

Brother-in-law knows such a person.

Thats amazing.”

Gu Jingshus parents were also a little surprised by Qiao Zihaos connections.

To know such a person, their future son-in-law had to be really something!

If the two of them got together, they would be at ease.

“Lin Yi”

Jingshu was surprised to see Lin Yi behind her.

At that moment, she jogged towards him with joy.

“What a coincidence that we are meeting here.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah.

Did you come alone”

Lin Yi nodded.

“I didnt have anything for dinner, so I thought Id come over and have something to eat.”

“Thatd be great.

Come with us.” Jingshu said

“Umm, I think this is your family meal.

I dont think its a good idea for me to get involved.” Lin Yi said

“Whats wrong with that Its just a meal.

Itll be more lively with more people eating.”Jingshu said

“Alright then.

I dont mind if you dont mind.” Lin Yi said

Qiao Zihaos eyes narrowed at the intimacy between the two.

He felt slightly threatened by Lin Yi.

The Gu family walked over, and Gu Jingwu asked suspiciously:

“Sis, whos this guy”

“His name is Lin Yi, hes my friend,” Gu Jingshu introduced with a smile, and then introduced her family to Lin Yi.

The Gu family did not look too good.

Jingshu and Qiao were already on the verge of getting married, so why was there a man here

What was happening What if Qiao misunderstood

“Sis, today is our family banquet.

Its not good for you to invite an outsider.”

Jingwu said with a straight face, not having a good impression of Lin Yi.

It was obvious that this kid had a close relationship with his sister.

He had to help his brother-in-law get rid of this guy!

“What do you mean by an outsider” Gu Jingshu said, “Lin Yi helped me a lot before this.

Hes not an outsider.”

“Do you really want to invite him to dinner”

“Of course.”Gu Jingshu said, “Lin Yi happened to be alone.

Why cant we just eat together”


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