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“What happened Speak slowly,” Lin Yi said.

“I crashed into a car when I went out to buy some medicine for my mom.

I know Ill have to pay a lot of money for this…”

“Alright, I got it.

Where are you”

“Near the bus stop on Route 89.”

“Wait for me there.

Ill be there right over.”

“Thank you, thank you, Teacher Lin.”

He hung up the phone and drove towards rans house.


At the bus stop on Route 89.

A white Mustang was parked on the side of the road with a bicycle lying beside it.

There was a large crowd surrounding it.

“Im sorry, I really didnt do it on purpose.

Ill pay you for it.”

Wang Ran looked a little disheveled.

Her pants were covered in dust, but she was lucky that she wasnt injured.

“Little girl, I just bought this new car.

It hasnt even been a week, and you hit it.

My heart aches so much.”

The owner of the Mustang was a man in his thirties.

He was a little fat and looked like an honest fellow.

Beside the owner was a woman in a dress.

Her expression was cold, and she was obviously very angry.

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“I know its my fault.

I didnt look at the road in front of me.

Im really sorry.”

“This isnt something that can be settled just because youre sorry.

Even if the new car is repaired, its still forever viewed as refurbished,” the owner of the Mustang complained.

It could be seen that he didnt want to make things difficult for Wang Ran.

It was just that his heart ached when the car was hit.

“What are you talking about Just make her pay for it.

The car door is dented, and a large piece of it was scratched.

Itll cost at least 20,000 yuan to go to a 4S shop to repair it,” the woman in a one-piece dress said.

Wang Ran was shocked.

She did not expect to spend so much money on this.

She only had 500 yuan in her pocket.

It was not enough to pay for the cost.

“I think its okay.” The car owner said, “This little girls conditions are not that good.

She cant take out so much money.

This is just bad luck, so well claim it from insurance.”

“I… I still have 500 yuan.

Ill give it to you.”

Wang Ran took out all the money from her pocket.

Seeing the crumpled notes, the owner of the car could not bear it, but her wife was not going to let the matter go.

“Are you kidding me Our car cost almost 200,000 yuan.

Your 500 yuan should be in US dollars!”

“Then, then can you wait for a while When my teacher comes, I, I will borrow the money.”

“Your teacher” The owners wife crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Your teacher isnt related to you, so why would he lend you the money”

Wang Ran stopped talking.

It was true that she didnt know if Lin Yi would lend her the money.

However, at this time, the only person she could count on was Lin Yi.

Boom Boom Boom…

The Lykans engine was like the roar of a beast, attracting everyones attention.

“This looks like the Lykan Super 7.”

“I heard that car is worth tens of millions.

Why is it here”

The Lykan stopped in front of Wang Ran under everyones gaze.

The scissors door slowly opened and Lin Yi got out of the car.

“What a handsome rich kid!”

“A handsome guy with a supercar, how attractive!”

“Teacher Lin.”

Wang Ran over to Lin Yi when she saw him getting down with tears streaming down her face.

“Are you okay”

“Im fine, but I hit someones car.”

“Its okay as long as youre fine.

Why are you crying”

Lin Yi walked over to the owner of the car.

“Youre the owner of this Mustang, right”

“I… I Am…”

The owner was a little nervous.

This mans aura was too powerful.

It was the first time in his life that he was dealing with such a rich kid.

Even his wife wasnt as confident as before after seeing Lin Yi.

Lin Yi nodded as he looked at the scene of the accident.

It seemed like the fault really did lay on Wang Ran.

“Tell me what you guys think, and try to come up with a reasonable solution,” Lin Yi said.

“This is a top-quality car.

We spent nearly 200,000 yuan on it, and itll cost us 20,000 yuan to go to the 4S shop to fix it.

Do as you see fit,” the owners wife said.

“Bro, we dont want to extort any money, but I just bought this car.

Ive only been driving it for less than a week.

Its really not about the money.”

The owners hands kept shaking as he spoke.

These rich second-generation kids werent easy to deal with.

If they made him unhappy, Lin Yi might not even pay for it, and he wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

“I like cars too, and I understand how you feel,” Lin Yi said.

“Can I borrow your phone”


Although he didnt understand, the owner still handed his phone over.

Lin Yi found his Wechat, pulled out the payment code, and scanned it over for 200,000 yuan.

“Didnt you spend nearly 200,000 yuan on this car Ill pay you 200,000 yuan.

Ill take this car, and you can buy a new one.”

The air around them seemed to freeze at that moment.

Other people claimed insurance when they got into a car accident, but Lin Yi actually paid for a new car!

This was the f*cking rich second generation!

This was the real deal!

“You guys wait here for a while.

Ill call someone over to handle the paperwork with you guys.

Is that okay”

“Yes, yes.”

The couple nodded quickly.

Lin Yi was already being so polite.

If they continued to act arrogant, his kindness might not last much longer.

Lin Yi called Zhou Haitao to handle the handover.

He told him to sell the car and buy a new car for Wang Ran with the money he got from the sale.

With that, the problem would be solved perfectly.

“Get in the car, Ill take you back.”

“I still have to push the bike back,” Wang Ran said in a low voice.

“What do you need a broken bike for” Lin Yi said.

“Cut the crap, get in the ar.”

“Got it, got it.”

Wang Ran got in the car and they drove toward Shu Guang District.

“Teacher Lin, I owe you 500,000 now.”

“Alright, pay it back slowly.

I happen to have a task for you recently.”

“Are you going to arrange a job for me” Wang Ran asked excitedly.

“Yeah, Im short of people right now.

You can start early.”

“Yeah yeah, I just finished my exams.” Wang Ran said.

“Teacher Lin, did you have lunch yet Come to my house.

I can preapre anything you want.

I wont shy away from the work .”

“I can go to your house for a bite.

It just so happens that I havent eaten yet.”

When they reached Wang Rans house, Lin Yi realized that there was no one at home.

“Wheres your mother”

“My mother went to my aunts house.

Shell only be back in the evening.”

After entering the house, Wang Ran put on an apron and went into the kitchen.

“Teacher Lin, what do you want to eat Ill make it for you.”

“Just cook some noodles.

I have other things to do in the afternoon.”

“Then Ill also make you two poached eggs.”

In Wang Rans world view, a bowl of noodles and two poached eggs were considered a big meal.

Before Lin Yi got the system, this kind of lunch was considered a big meal to him as well.

Soon, the noodles with poached eggs were served on the table.

Lin Yi didnt stand on ceremony and started eating.

“Teacher Lin, what kind of job are you going to arrange for me”

“Be my secretary for now.

You will mainly be responsible for engaging with Cisco.

The salary is 8000 a month.

Whether you can increase the salary in the future depends on your own ability.”


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