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Shen Tianzhuo stopped talking.

How could he not know what Lin Yi was talking about

It was just that it was so sudden, and he didnt think that Lin Yi would talk about these things with him.

Shen Tianzhuo looked into the distance with a deep expression, looking like a silent sculpture.

When his research results were published, his hometown would be a place where he could never return to even if he wanted to.

“Director Shen, I understand all your doubts.”

Lin Yi handed the documents that he had just typed up to Shen Tianzhuo.

“This is my banks cash flow statement.

I have about three billion in cash, and I still have one billion in Longxins account.”

“Apart from that, I have a few other properties.

If I put them all together and mortgage them to the bank, Ill have about 40 billion.

Of course, its unlikely that Ill be able to mortgage my real estate, but Ill still have an increasing amount of cash flow in the future to supplement this.”

“So now, as the president of the Longxin Research Institute, I can promise you that if you come, capital and academic freedom will not be a problem.

As long as you can come, I can promise you anything.”

Shen Tianzhuo didnt look at the documents on the table.

He believed that Lin Yi wouldnt lie about this.

Even so, he was curious.

Why did Lin Yi have such a large amount of assets at such a young age

It was unbelievable.

“I saw your sincerity,” Shen Tianzhuo said.

“But why are you doing this”

“Even I cant guarantee that your project will succeed.

Theres even a high chance that all your money will go down the drain and you will end up with nothing.

What are you looking for”


“I dont like seeing these foreign devils show off.

The reason is that simple,” Lin Yi said.

“Its not a skill to difficult arrogant back home.

Its more interesting to show off on the world stage.”

“Give me a few days.

Ill think about it,” Shen Tianzhuo said seriously.


Lin Yi didnt say anything else.

“Ill leave first.”


He turned around and left, but Lin Yi stopped when he reached the door.

“Anything else”

“Director Shen, dont forget to bring your team back when you come back,” Lin Yi said.

“Ill give you a taste of what socialism is all about.”

Shen Tianzhuos hand shook.

“You were even targeting my team throughout all this.”

“Theyre all your subordinates.

Itll be easier for you to start working in the future if theyre also there.”

“I havent agreed to it yet.” Shen Tianzhuo said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Its fine.

I just wanted to let you know, in case you forgot.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Take your time to think about it.

When youre done, Ill send a private jet to pick you up.”

“Go, go, go, dont bother me anymore.” Shen Tianzhuo scolded with a smile.

Lin Yi looked at his watch as he exited the Microsoft building.

It was only three oclock, so he didnt go back to the hotel.

Instead, he hailed a cab and headed in the opposite direction.

In the office, Shen Tianzhuo saw lines of code that Lin Yi had left behind.

Shen Tianzhuo couldnt help but laugh as he muttered to himself,

“This kid is quite righteous.”

These days, the importance of the code written by Lin Yi to the entire Microsoft system was self-evident.

Despite this, he still left it behind.

In other words, regardless of whether Shen Tianzhuo followed him or not, the code he wrote was his.

Basically, he had earned it.

At the thought of this, Tianzhuo took the mouse and deleted all the code Lin Yi had wrote.

Then, he turned off his phone.

He took a deep breath and looked at the empty office.

He wasnt used to Lin Yi not being around.

He wanted to continue working, but he couldnt calm himself down no matter how hard he tried.

He couldnt calm himself down even when he smoked a cigarette, so he turned off his computer.

He took his coat and car keys, then left the office and drove home.

Shen Tianzhuos house was a three-story villa in the suburbs of Washington, but it wasnt considered luxurious because the other villas in the area were all the same.

It could be said that most of the houses in Washington were like this.

Unlike Huaxia, where a villa cost tens of millions of yuan1, a house here wasnt anything overly impressive.

Just as he parked the car and was about to open the door, Shen Tianzhuo was surprised to see his wife and Lin Yi drinking coffee in the courtyard.

“Ah, Director Shen, youre back.” Lin Yi said in surprise.

“You… why are you here Youve never been here before.

How did you find this place”

“Our village has Internet access too.

Its easy to find after doing a bit of snooping around.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Director Shen, Im leaving now.

Oh right, I have something to tell you.

Sister-in-law has plans to go back as well.

Weve already discussed it.

You dont need to ask for her opinion.

Just pack your things and get ready to move.”

Tianzhuo, “”

What else should I say

Was there any room for rejection

Shen Tianzhuo walked back to his wife after seeing Lin Yi leave in a taxi.

“He talked to you about returning to the country”

“Just a simple chat, nothing else.” Mu Shumin said with a smile.

“This colleague of yours is quite interesting.

Ive never seen such an interesting programmer, unlike you, whos so old-fashioned.”

Shen Tianzhuo laughed as well.

“What did you guys talk about that made you so happy”

“We were just chatting about our daily lives.

Its not easy to meet someone from your hometown in a foreign country, so we chatted a little more.

The young man is a smooth talker.

One look and you can tell that hes smart…”

“Wait…” Shen Tianzhuo said.

“What did you say You met someone from your hometown Arent you from the Northeast”

“Thats right.

Little Yi is also from the Northeast,” Mu Shumin said.

“After having left it for so many years, Ive forgotten how to speak the northeastern dialect.

It fills me with a sense of familiarity listening ot him speak.”

“But he told me that hes a native of the Zhejiang Province!”

Mu Shumin, “”

“We seem to have been fooled.”

“Thats certainly possible.” Shen Tianzhuo didnt know what words to use to describe his emotions.

“In order to get in touch with you, you actually thought of a way to join Microsoft.

This kind of thing is not something an ordinary person can do,” Mu Shumin said.

“But I wont involve myself in your matters.

Our child is also old enough, so no matter what you do, I will support you.”

Shen Tianzhuo smiled helplessly.

Thinking back on this series of events, it was not difficult to see that Lin Yi had made ample preparation.

It was really difficult for Shen Tianzhuo to reject his offer.

“I dont seem to have a choice now.”

“Then should I go back and pack”

After a few seconds of silence, Shen Tianzhuo said, “Go pack.”

Mu Shumin nodded and returned home.

Tianzhuo didnt move and lit up a cigarette.

He looked in the direction Lin Yi had left in and suddenly thought of a phrase.

It seemed to be a fitting description for the young man who had gone far away.

“Great winds, torrential tides, flood totem dragons, fire nirvana phoenixes, sacred fire of civilization, those who have never been extinct are unparalleled, coexisting with the Heaven and Earth, and with the light of the sun and moon.”


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