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He Yuanyuan nodded.

“I understand if you use that analogy.”

“Alright, dont blame yourself.

Go back to work.

There are many things that need your attention.”


The three of them left after discussing a few simple instructions.

They still had many things to do and couldnt waste time here.

“Stop right there!”

Zhao Zhengyang, who was standing not far away, heard Lin Yi calling him silly, and the anger in his heart exploded like an erupting volcano.

“What, you cant bear to let me go”

“I think we should settle our grudges today,” Zhao Zhengyang said with narrowed eyes.

“How Did you bring a calculator”


Zhengyang cursed, “Do you really think I have a good temper Ive been in Zhong Hai for so many years, so do you think Ive been wasting my time here”

“Arent you pretending to be cool this time”

“Jack, bring him here.

I want to find a quiet place to talk to him,” Zhengyang called out to the bodyguard.

“Got it, Boss Zhao.”

The white bodyguard walked out and looked down at Lin Yi.

“Sir, Boss Zhao wants to talk to you.

He wants you to come with me.”

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“What are you doing You want to fight, dont you” He Yuanyuan stood in front of Lin Yi and rolled up her sleeves.

However, she was wearing half-sleeves today, so she couldnt fully roll up her sleeves.

She did not appear very imposing at all.

Zhao Zhengyang shrugged.

“Were all civilized people.

I dont have such thoughts.

I just want to chat with him.”

“Chat my *ss.

Dont think youre so great just because you have a bit of stinking money.

Were not afraid of you!”

“Little girl, this is none of your business.

I hope you can stay further away and not hurt yourself.”

Qi Xianzhao grabbed He Yuanyuans hand and pulled her behind him.

There was no reason for a woman like her to stand in front.

“Brother Qi, why are you pulling me Im a woman, how would they dare attack me”

“Stop talking, calm down,” Qi Xianzhao said seriously.

The reporters who had their cameras confiscated were itching to see the tension between the two sides.

If they could report this incident, it would definitely be big news!

“Isnt this Lin Yi a little too arrogant The other party is Zhao Zhengyang, whos on the same level as Qin Han!”

“The strength of the Zhao family is amongst the top in Zhong Hai.

He wont stand a chance against Zhao Zhengyang.”

“I heard that his white bodyguard is quite powerful.

He seems to have spent a lot of money to hire him.

If he is taken away, wouldnt he be beaten black and blue Wouldnt he be forced to kneel and beg for mercy”

“Thats a possibility.

The methods used by these rich second-generations arent like anything we can even imagine.”

Lin Yi looked at Zhao Zhengyang from the foot of the stairs.

“Its just a trip with you guys.

Its not a big deal, but no matter what, Im a person of status.

Its embarrassing for me to be invited like this!”

“This is because this is the only method youre qualified for!”

Zhao Zhengyang looked at his bodyguard after finishing his sentence.

“Jack, do it.

Take him to the car!”

“Got it!”

Lin Yi shook his head.

“Ive already said Im not happy with your attitude when youre inviting me.”

“Haha, Im already being very polite!”

The bodyguard named Jack didnt hesitate anymore and lunged at Lin Yi!

Lin Yi reacted quickly and grabbed four of Jacks fingers, twisting them in the opposite direction!


Jack let out a miserable scream, his body twisting in pain!

“B*stard, let me go!”

“If I let you go, wouldnt I be embarrassing myself” Lin Yi smiled.

“I told you to be polite, so why didnt you listen”


The scream came again, and Jacks jaw dropped.

He was in so much pain that he almost lost consciousness.

Suddenly, Lin Yi let go of Jacks fingers and grabbed his hair with his big hand.

He pressed it down, and a solid knee landed on his face!


The scream was accompanied by the sound of bones cracking.

Jack covered his bloody face as he rolled on the ground in pain.

He didnt look like a bodyguard at all.

“How… How is this possible!”

Zhao Zhengyang was dumbfounded.

This guy was so skilled!

He took out Jack in one move!

“I dont think he can catch me.

You should do it yourself.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Lin Yi, dont be rash.

I have nothing more to talk to you about.”

“Really Did you change your mind so quickly Arent you going back on your words”

“Yeah, I changed my mind.” Zhao Zhengyang said as he backed away.

“I havent recovered from my cold yet.

I wont talk to you today to avoid infecting you.”


Lin Yi, “”

The onlookers, “”

He was afraid of spreading his cold

You were so energetic just now.

You didnt look like you had a cold!

Even if you were scared, you should at least give a reasonable excuse.

Zhao Zhengyang ran back to his car and left dejectedly.

Lin Yi didnt plan to chase him anymore.

“Lets go too,” Lin Yi said.

“Boss, you looked so handsome just now.

I was mesmerized.”

“I cant help it.

Ive always been this handsome.”

He Yuanyuan chuckled.

“Dont worry, boss.

I definitely wont tell Senior Sister about what happened just now.”

“Why not I didnt even look at Chang.”

“Senior Sisters hates guys who fight, so Ill keep it a secret for you.”

“B*ll**, you dont know her.”

“How could I not know her Im her junior.”

“If she was there, she wouldve contacted a lawyer for me instead of trying to persuade me.”

Lin Yi left with a swagger after finishing his sentence.

There was a lot of blood on his knees, so Lin Yi didnt go back to school right away.

He drove back to Jiuzhou Pavillion, changed his clothes, and only then drove his Shari to school.

It was a good thing that he had Sugar move his class, or else hed have to wait another day to complete the mission.

The bell rang at 14:30 pm.

At the same time, the systems notification rang in his mind.

[ Mission completed, 300,000 experience points awarded.


[ Professional proficiency: 100%, awarded Sci-tech Electronics.


“Sci-tech Electronics”

After acquiring Longxin, Lin Yi became familiar with some of the companies in the scientific research field.

However, he wasnt familiar with this company, and he had never heard of it before.

Opening Baidu, Lin Yi looked up the name of the company.

“Its a company thats on the verge of bankruptcy”

According to the news on the internet, this electronic equipment factory was a well-established big brother in the research field.

It was one of the first companies to conduct research and development in China.

Not only did it receive support from the government in terms of policies, it also received several scientific progress awards.

However, while it was attempting to create a high-end chip, bad decision-making caused it to be suppressed by its competitors in secret.

As a result, it fell heavily into debt and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

In order to break the deadlock, the company had to restructure.

It borrowed money from the bank and brought in new equipment.

It was prepared to learn from Hai Hong and TVB and take the path of contract manufacturing.

However, during the one year after the restructuring, it only managed to secure deals to supply 3,000 chips.

Therefore, it couldnt hold on anymore and finally declared bankruptcy three months ago.

Seeing the systems reward, Lin Yi really wanted to hug it and kiss it.

Wasnt this exactly what he wanted

It was too thoughtful.

Seeing the systems character, Lin Yi decided he should make a silent wish in his heart before he completed the next mission.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang at this time.

It was an unfamiliar number, and Lin Yi could already guess who it was.

“Hello, is this Mr.

Lin Yi Im Ren Guohua, the President of Sci-tech Electronics.

You just bought our company.

When are you coming over to complete the handover procedures”

“Now is a good time for me.

Ill meet you at Sci-tech in the afternoon.”

“Alright, thank you for your hard work, Mr.


They exchanged a few simple words before Lin Yi hung up.

He fiddled with his phone and dialed Lu Yings number.

“Boss, you wanted to see me”

“Are you busy now”

“Didnt you agree to set up a research institute Im working on the procurement plan for the equipment.

Do you want to see it”

“I dont want to look at the plan,” Lin Yi said.

“Put your work aside for now.

I have a task for you.

Ill pick you up from the research institute later.”

“Im not at the Institute,” Lu Ying said.

“These are all confidential projects.

There are too many people in the institute.

Im afraid that the news will get leaked, so Ive been working at home.”

“Thats good.

Put on your makeup and get dressed.

Come out with me later.”

“You want to put on makeup and get dressed” Lu Ying was surprised.

“Boss, youre not going to take me to the spa, right I really dont enjoy it.”


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