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Zhao Qi and Sugar didnt think that they would ask for compensation in this form.

This was too much!

“You guys even want a public apology” Lin Yi smiled.

“I cant believe guys have already learned how to do that.

Who gave you the courage to ask for this”

“This is for our mental compensation!” Roca said.

“You idiot, cant you stop for a while Youve already been stuffed like a Christmas Turkey yet you want to speak up.

Where did you get the balls to do so”

After being scolded by Lin Yi, Roca didnt dare to say anything.


Lin, please dont threaten my client.” Han Yue straightened his back.

“Ive already made my request.

I hope you can respond.”

“You guys are asking for a lot.” Lin Yi said.

“Lets talk about it one by one.”


Everyone is equal before the law.

Lets talk about it slowly.

Im a professional lawyer.

I can slowly discuss things with you.”

“You said you want me to pay 3.29 million, right”

“Thats right, and immediately!”


“No need to emphasize it.

I have plenty of money.

I can afford it.”

Lin Yi raised his head and glanced at George, Mark, and the others.

“I can provide you with the money, but do you dare to accept it”

“Why not”

Mark pointed at Lin Yis nose.

“Ive tolerated you Chinese people for a long time.

I wont accept a single cent less!”

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“Youre so awesome that you dare to point your finger at me,” Lin Yi said.

“Do you have the confidence now that Im willing to talk you”

Marks Chinese wasnt very good, and he wasnt a match for Lin Yi.

He could only express his emotions with anger, and he spoke in a voice that was close to a roar:

“Im telling you, paying this amount is already considered merciful.”

“F*ck you!”

Lin Yi slapped Mark in the face, sending the latter flying towards Sugar!


Sugar jumped in fright, running to the side with a scream and giving Lin Yi a reproachful look.

Why didnt you slap him somewhere else If he hit me, hed probably have broken my bones.




George and Han Yue ran over to help Mark up.

Everyone was stunned.

Why did he hit him

Didnt he think it through

“Su… Director Su, what should we do This is going to blow up.” Zhao Qi was anxious.

He didnt know Lin Yi as well as Sugar, so he hoped that Sugar could think of a solution.

Sugar shrugged and showed a helpless expression.

“Its useless to say anything now.

If I had a Sugar, I would have already done it.”


Ma Ke was helped up.

His mouth was covered in blood, and it looked as if two of his teeth had fallen out.

He pointed at Lin Yi and roared,

“I, Im going to sue him!”

“Dont worry, Mr.


Im a professional lawyer.

Ill handle this properly.

You have to believe me.”

Han Yue looked at Lin Yi coldly.


Lin, we were asking you to compensate us with 3.29 million.

That was the price before.

Now that youve beaten up my client, our amount has changed…”


Lin Yi didnt waste any more words and kicked Han Yue again.

“Ive been pissed at you for a long time.

That kick was so satisfying.”

This time, the unlucky one wasnt Sugar, but Zhao Qis desk.

“Oh my, my mahogany desk!”

“You, you dare to hit me Ill sue you until youre broke!”

“Thats a bit difficult!”

Lin Yi looked at the others.

“Dont you want compensation Give me a number and Ill fulfill your request.”

George, Roca, and the others stepped back subconsciously, not daring to speak anymore.

If they had known earlier, they would have called the police when they arrived.

He wouldnt have dared to be so bold if the police were here!

“Lin Yi, let me tell you, its useless even if you beat us up.

When I get out, I wont let you go!” Han Yue pointed at Lin Yis nose and scolded.

“Ill make you regret what you did today!”

“Dont worry, Im a law-abiding citizen.

Ill pay for it.”

Lin Yi sat down on the sofa and dialed Qin Hans number.

“Old Lin, what do you want from me I have something to talk to you about.”

“Wait a minute.” Lin Yi said.

“Call your people from Sino-Han Capitals legal department.

I want to ask them something.”

“Sino-Han capital!”

Han Yue was a little confused.

Who was this guy

He actually knew people from Sino-Han Capital

Their legal department wasnt to be trifled with!

“How did you know I was in the company” Qin Han mumbled.

“Wait a minute, Ill bring them here now.”

Everyone in the office held their breath, not even daring to breathe.

Who would have thought that something like this would happen.

After about half a minute, someone spoke on the phone,

“Hello, Mr.


Im Zhao Teng, the director of the legal department of Sino-Han Capital.

Is there anything you want to consult us about”

Zhao Teng

Lin Yi muttered in his heart.

The last time he went to Sino-Han Capital, their legal department director went by a different name.

He probably got fired by Qin Han.

“Its not that big of a deal,” Lin Yi said.

“I just want to ask, how much is the compensation for serious injury”

Hearing the wordserious injury, Han Yue, Mark, and the others shivered.

What the hell was he trying to do!


Lin, from a legal point of view, the wordserious injury is very broad.

I really cant give you a specific number,” Zhao Teng said with a bitter smile.

“You have to give me a description of the other partys current condition.”

“His current condition is pretty good.

Im going to make a move later,” Lin Yi said.

“Its the kind of condition where hell be on his last breath.”

“If thats the case, itll be between 5 million to 10 million.”

“I see.

Thats not a lot,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“It should be enough if I withdraw 100 million to beat up a few more people.”


Lin, listen to me.

Offering monetary compensation is the best option.

If the other party doesnt agree to a private deal, then youll have to face jail time.”

“Ah ah ah, if thats the case, then things will be a bit difficult.”

“Dont worry, Mr.


Our Sino-Han Capital legal department is a professional team.

Even if the other party is severely injured, we can still minimize the courts sentence.

We still have confidence in that.” Zhao Teng said confidently.

“Not bad, not bad.

Very professional.”

“Old Lin, what the hell are you doing” Qin Han interrupted.

“The guy will already be seriously injured.

Why are you still thinking so much You have money but nowhere to spend it.

Just arrange for a car accident and kill him directly.”

“F*ck, youre even more f*cking ruthless.”

“Thats why I said that you need to have experience and money.

If he dies, you just have to pay a few hundred thousand.

If he survives, itll be a bottomless pit.

The amount of money you have to pay will be astronomical.

Theres no need to go through this at all.”

“But I need to deal with a few foreigners.”

“Several foreigners.

If you want to run into them, youll have to arrange for a big f*cking truck,” Qin Han said.

“There shouldnt be anyone around you, right Give me their information later and dont worry about it.

Ill arrange it for you.” Qin Han said

“Alright, its settled then.

Ill send you the photos later,” Lin Yi said.

“Oh right, theres a guy named Han Yue among them.

Take care of him when the time comes.”

“Eh The truck is already awesome enough.

Why do you want to pay special attention to him”

“F*ck, can you help me drive over him a few more times”


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