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“I understand what you mean,” Lin Yi said.

“Im not the messiah, either, so Ill just help as much as I can.

Dont worry, I wont put the cart before the horse.”

Ji Qingyan nodded.

It was naturally for the best that Lin Yi understood this.

Charity was naturally a good thing, but one had to control it well as it was a big problem that had existed since ancient times.

It was a social problem that didnt change because of ones will.

Lin Yi alone couldnt do resolve it.

“I have a suggestion,” He Yuanyuan said:

“You can use the foundation as a business opportunity for Lingyun Group.

Every time you launch a poverty alleviation plan, you can publicize it.

It will be very beneficial to the corporate culture and social image.”

“Thats fine,” Ji Qingyan said.

“But I think its better to wait to do this in the later stages of the plan.”


“Right now, Lingyun Group is still in its fledgling stage.

If its exposed too early, it wont be a good thing.

The capitalists in the upper class have always maintained the stability of this circle.

Once someone rises, the first thing they do is to work together to suppress them.

Many companies die in such a situation.

Only when they cant control it will they choose to make peace.”

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“With the size of Lingyun group, they might not be able to compete with the entire capital market, so its best to keep a low profile and take things one step at a time.”

Ji Qingyan had a better understanding of the dangers of the capital market than Lin Yi and He Yuanyuan.

She wasnt sure if the other capitalists would do anything bad to Lingyun Group, but it was necessary to take precautions.

Lin Yi didnt understand it before, but now he understood it deeply.

Longxin was a good example.

Stopping them from buying photolithography machines was one of the ways they restricted Longxins development.

This was the power of capital.

“Boss, what do you think”

“Your senior sister has spoken.

Who dares not to listen”

“Yo yo yo, I really didnt think that you were a strict wife.”

“What nonsense are you spouting” Ji Qingyan said embarrassedly, but in her heart, she was elated.

“This is my pertinent opinion, and he has no reason to refute it.”

“Okay, okay, okay, I understand.”

He Yuanyuan smiled and said, “Director Lin, recently, Ciscos financing plan has been very smooth.

The other party did not suspect the 100 million that you asked Senior Sister to invest.”

“This is within my expectations.

What about the others Did Cisco make any other movements”

“Theres another big thing.

Theyre expanding the factory.” He Yuanyuan combed her hair and said.

“I heard through the grapevine that Ciscos factory in the suburbs of Zhonghai City has imported five more sets of equipment.

The production capacity can be increased by at least 30%.

Theyre working overtime to produce our orders.”

“Do you guys have a rough idea of when theyll be able to ship the goods”

“Brother Qi and the people from Cisco have talked about this, and itll take about three to four months.”

“Theyve already upgraded the new equipment, and they still need so much time”

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“Thats already a very conservative number,” He Yuanyuan said.

“Although they said theyd complete the orders within three to four months, I think itd already pretty good if they can deliver the goods within four months.”

“I cant wait for this to happen.”

Ji Qingyan knew everything about Lin Yis plan for Cisco, but she still didnt understand his intentions.

“Right, whos the person in charge at Ciscos factory” Lin Yi asked.

“The factorys director is Cao Xiangyu, the chairman of Cisco, and the son of Cao Jiadong.” He Yuanyuan said

“He sent his own son there”

“We dont know much about Cao Xiangyu.

We only know that he was sent to study in England when he was in middle school.

He only came back last year,” He Yuanyuan said.

Lin Yi leaned back in his chair, tapping his fingers on the armrest.

“Cao Jiadong only has one son” Lin Yi asked.

“Yes, he only has one son, but he has a daughter named Cao Jingqiu.

Shes also studying in England.

Shes three years younger than Cao Xiangyu.” He Yuanyuan said.

Lin Yi raised his head and looked at He Yuanyuan.

“I think its a waste of your talent to be a CFO.

You should be a detective, you know so much.”

“Whats the big deal” He Yuanyuan said pretentiously.

“If you want to know, I can even help you find out when her period arrives.”

Ji Qingyan shook her head speechlessly.

What kind of boss did she have What kind of subordinate did he have The two of them were a perfect match.

“Thats useless to me.

If you want to investigate anyone, you should investigate your senior sister.”

“You dont have to investigate my senior sister.

If you have any ideas at the end of the month, just do it within the next few days.”

Ji Qingyan, “”

Just like that

“Can the two of you talk about something normal This is a meeting!” Ji Qingyan said with a straight face.

“Senior Sister, dont be shy.

Youre already an adult.

Theres nothing to be afraid of.”

“That wont do either.”

“No problem, Im just a small accountant.

I know what Im supposed to target,” He Yuanyuan teased, then looked at Lin Yi.

“Boss, the contract is already set in stone.

In a few months, the goods will be delivered.

Are we really going to give him the rest of the money” He Yuanyuan said.

“Its useless even if we buy so many chips.”

“Who says Im really going to buy them Isnt there a breach of contract clause What are you afraid of”

“I know,” He Yuanyuan said worriedly.

“Recently, I asked brother Qi about it.

Ciscos Chip 1.0 technology is already the highest level in Chinas chip field.

Many related experts said that a conservative estimate is that for the next three years, the chip industry in China could be monopolized by Cisco.

In terms of technology, its no problem for them to remain the leaders in the industry, so our anti-compensation clause is useless.”

“I have my doubts too.” Qingyan said,

“Cisco wouldnt have agreed to ten times the compensation if they didnt have the confidence to back it up.

Its too simple-minded to try to deal with Cisco with this alone.

The risks are too great.”

Qingyan paused.

“And Im a little confused.

Why are you going to trying to deal with Cisco anyway Theyre researchers, so they shouldnt have anything to do with you.”

“Dont worry, youll find out soon enough.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

The two didnt know what Lin Yi was up to.

However, they didnt seem too worried.

With his personality, he shouldnt be at a disadvantage.

“Leader, now that Lingyun Capital has been established, do you have anything specific to say” He Yuanyuan asked.

“At this stage, we should focus on the technology industry first.

We also need to pay particular attention to projects that involve the peoples livelihood” Lin Yi said.

“Do your best to go in as an angel investor.

You and Old Qi should be bolder.

Dont be afraid of losing money.

Even if we invest in 100 of them and only succeed with one, well be able to recover our losses.

Just do it boldly.”

He Yuanyuan had always been meticulous when it came to serious matters.

She wrote down Lin Yis words in her notebook and prepared to implement them one by one.

“Apart from that, big data and cloud computing centers are also the most important things.

Carry out these two projects as soon as possible.

This will act as the foundation of Lingyun Group.

There cant be any mistakes.”

“I understand.”

“Thats all I have to say.

Lets do it now.”


The three of them discussed the details for another half an hour before ending the meeting.

He Yuanyuan left as well and didnt disturb the two of them anymore.

Lin Yi was about to leave after He Yuanyuan left, but he noticed that Ji Qingyan was looking at him strangely.

“Why are you looking at me like that Its almost the end of the month, so dont tell me you have other thoughts.”


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