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“He… He was actually defeated!”

Everyone present was shocked.

No one had expected that the red belt Chen Tianbo would not even survive a single move!

“Are my eyes deceiving me How did Chen Tianbo end up defeated”

“Isnt he the second seeded fighter in the taekwondo club He was actually killed in an instant!”

“Teacher Lin is too amazing.

He only just learned a little bit of taekwondo knowledge, but he can use it now.

Hes a genius!”

Chen Jianye and Wang Haoyus expressions changed slightly, and they were dumbfounded.

They had never expected such an outcome.

He had never received proper training.

How could he have the ability to kill in one hit

Taekwondo was not a sport that could be won by relying on strength.

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Under Jianyes arrangement, Tianbo was helped off the mats.

“Teacher Lin, arent you going a little too far” Haoyu said.

“Too far” Lin Yi said, “Ive already shown mercy.”

“If thats the case, then Id like to ask Teacher Lin for a few exchanges.”

Haoyu was very confident in his own strength.

He was sure that Tianbo didnt use his full strength when he fought just now, or else he wouldnt have been defeated in one strike!

As for himself, his standard was already close to a black belt.

He was much stronger than Chen Tianbo.

Even Teacher Chen would have to fight with him for a long time before the victor could be determined!

It wasnt a problem for him to use this opportunity to vent his anger!

“Are you sure you want to fight with me”

“Dont tell me Teacher Lin doesnt dare to” Wang Haoyu asked provocatively.

“Dont tell me Teacher Lin also knows that Tianbo didnt use his full strength just now, then took advantage of a loophole to defeat him”

“Then lets do it.

Coincidentally, todays teaching plan is to have 1v1 sparring sessions.

Thus, Ill give them a demonstration.”

At this moment, Chen Jianye walked up and said in a low voice,

“Teacher Lin, I think you should quit while youre ahead.”

“What do you mean by quit while youre ahead”

“You havent even learned taekwondo.

Its already a fluke that you were able to defeat Chen Tianbo just now,” Chen Jianye said,

“I know Haoyus strength.

Hes only slightly weaker than me, and he wont give you a chance this time.”

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Jianye pointed at the certificate hanging on the wall and said,

“That national runner-up certificate was won by Haoyu.

Dont try to show off.

He wont hit you lightly.

It wont be good if he ends up hurting you.”

“It doesnt matter.

Its just a sparring session.” Lin Yi said,

“Besides, Im a teacher.

He challenged me.

If I dont accept it, I wont be able to lead this class.”

“Teacher Lin, you have guts.

Lets go then!”

Wang Haoyu shouted and sped up towards Lin Yi!

When he reached Lin Yi, he exerted force through his legs and jumped up.

A fierce double kick was thus aimed at Lin Yis face!

Lin Yis expression didnt change.

He grabbed Wang Haoyus ankle and pulled hard.

Then, he threw him out like a piece of trash!


Wang Haoyu fell heavily to the ground.

It felt as if the ground shook.

“No way, another one-shot !”

“One-shot my *ss!”

Wang Haoyu cursed in exasperation and got up.

“Keep going!”

There wasnt even a second of pause before Wang Haoyu got up and charged at Lin Yi again!

Chen Jianye narrowed his eyes as he calmly analyzed the situation.

Wang Haoyus kicking skills werent that strong.

What was truly strong was his punching technique.

The seemingly simple straight punch became his biggest killer move.

This kind of attack that didnt give anyone a chance to breathe, let alone Lin Yi.

Even he had to expend some effort to defend against it!

Now that Wang Haoyu was serious, he was about to fall!

Just as Chen Jianye expected, Wang Haoyu used the simplest and most effective straight punch this time!

However, to everyones surprise, Lin Yi dodged Wang Haoyus attack with just a slight turn of his body!


He turned his body slightly to the side!

A side kick sent Wang Haoyu flying!


A shrill scream rang out!

Wang Haoyu was now in even worse shape than Chen Tianbos.

His face was deathly pale and he had almost fainted!

At this moment, the entire hall was in a dead silence!

His eyeballs almost fell out.

Wang Haoyu was the number one competitor in the university.

It was because of him that university was able to obtain second place in the national tournament.

Even so, now he had actually lost to a layman.

How was this possible!

“Teacher… Teacher Lin, are you sure youve never practiced taekwondo before”Jianye asked, trembling.

“I dont have to lie to you about this, do I”

Everyone felt like theyd been hit by a critical hit after receiving a positive answer.

A person who only had a rough understanding of the rules of taekwondo actually had such powerful techniques and abilities, and could even use them in actual combat.

What kind of genius was that!

Was there anything in the world that could stop him

Lin Yi tilted his head and looked at Jianye, expressionless.

“Teacher Chen, these two students skills are very average.

Why dont you give it a try”

With Lin Yis intelligence, how could he not see through Jianyes little schemes.

He was just being too lazy to pay any attention to him.

“No, no, no.

Theres no need for us to spar anymore.

Theres really no need.”

Jianye was panicking as he broke out in cold sweat.

His skill level wasnt much higher than Wang Haoyus.

Lin Yi could defeat him in one move, while he might not even last three moves.

If he were to spar with him, that would just be asking to be humiliated.

He might as well find an excuse to refuse, or his image in the students eyes would be forever tarnished.

“Then, am I qualified to teach taekwondo now”

“Of course.” Chen Jianye said hurriedly, “In the entire university, no one is more suitable than Teacher Lin to teach taekwondo.”

“Thats good.”

The conversation between the two made the students below start whispering.

“Teacher Lin is too amazing.

Even Teacher Chen is afraid of him.”

“I recorded the scene of the sparring just now.

Ill post it on the forum.”

“During the fight just now, a corner of Teacher Lins shirt was lifted.

I saw his abdominal muscles.”

“Teacher Lin is too amazing.

He is indeed my idol.

I love Teacher Lin to death,” Zheng Yawen said.

“Yawen, your boyfriend was defeated by Teacher Lin.

By right, he should be your enemy, right”

“Ive decided to break up with Chen Tianbo after class.

An arrogant and selfish boy like him is not reliable at all.

A modest gentleman like Teacher Lin is my type.”

“But hes a man youll never get.”

“I just need to fantasize about him on a lonely and cold night.”

“Sigh, youve really gone mad.”

Chen Tianbo, “…”

He had been beaten up, and now she was going to break up with him

Where the hell was the logic in that!

“Alright, lets all be quiet,” Lin Yi said in a low voice.

In that instant, the entire hall fell silent.

No one spoke a word.

“The taekwondo class will continue peacefully shortly.

Is there anyone else who wants to come out and spar with me” Lin Yi said.

“If there is, you can come out.”

“Me, Me, me!”

Zheng Yawen stood up.

“Teacher Lin, I want to spar with you!”

“Whats a girl like you doing here”

“Teacher Lin, Im serious.” Zheng Yawen said.

“But when the two of us spar, can you perform a double leg takedown on me”


“A double leg takedown”

“Yes, yes.

You can hug me first and then throw me any way you want, but you have to be gentle.

Im afraid of pain.”



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