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What the hell!

19 out of 20!

How am I supposed to beat this!

The fifty-odd students in the basketball class were all stunned by Lin Yis terrifying power.

Even Zhang Wei was speechless.

How was he so skilled

How did he train normally

“Lin, Teacher, Im impressed,” Jiang Yajun said in a daze.

He knew his own level.

This man had hit 19 in a row, and the last one was a blind throw.

Otherwise, he couldve gotten that too.

He wasnt human!

Was this the legendary Lin Ritian of China

“Since you give up, lets go back and do the suicide sprints,” Lin Yi said.

“Do three sets now, each set 20 times.”

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“Ah! We were just talking about two sets, and now its three sets” Fu Qingshan said.

“If you dont want to do it, you can come up and try,” Lin Yi said.

“Same old rules.

If you beat me, you dont have to go to class anymore.

If you lose, itll be four sets.”

“Teacher, arent you bullying me” Fu Qingshan said.

“Im an inside player.

If you keep pitching outside, I wont be able to beat you.”

Sun Changwei looked at Fu Qingshan and thought, “This stupid kid is really getting it.

He even knows how to goad.”

“Thats it then.

I wont shoot from the outside, Ill only shoot from within the three-second zone.”

“Dont mess around, Teacher Lin.” Fu Qingshan laughed.

“Im 199cm and 220 lbs.

If I raise my hand inside, you wont even be able to see the basket.”

“Lets give it a try then.”

Seeing the difference in height and weight between Lin Yi and Fu Qingshan, Sugar frowned.

The difference between the two was so big.

Standing under the basket was like staring at a mountain.

How could Lin Yi fight with him

She didnt see any opening at all.

Fu Qingshan picked up the basketball and handed it to Lin Yi.

“Teacher Lin, you serve first.

21 points will be match.

Whoever gets to 21 points first will win.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi held the ball while Fu Qingshan defended.

A few dribbles and feints disrupted Fu Qingshans steps, and Lin Yi turned around to score a layup.

“Beautiful!” Sugar said.

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“Director Su, this kind of ball is very average,” Sun Changwei said,

“Lins body is flexible, and Fu Qingshan hasnt fully gotten into it yet.

Its normal that he can find an opening to lay up.”

“Old Fu, dont go easy on him,” Zheng Jiarui said.

“I dont want to do any suicide sprints.”

“I was just fooling around just now.

Ill give Teacher Lin a little fight this time and let him know how strong I am,” Fu Qingshan said with a smile, not taking Lin Yi seriously at all.

“You can go for the strength, but dont use too much strength.

With your physique, you can send Teacher Lin flying with just a little bit of strength.

No one will teach us basketball lessons from now on if that were to happen,” Jiang Yajun jeered.

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.

Ill only use 30% of my strength.”

The second round of attacks began.

Lin Yi held the ball and walked to the inner line again.

This time, Fu Qingshan increased his defense.

He opened his arms like a big net.

“Teacher Lin, you can do it.

I hope you can dunk over my head this time.”

Seeing Fu Qingshan become serious, Sun Changwei crossed his arms in front of his chest and said confidently,

“Fu Qingshan is getting serious.

All the attacking routes have been blocked.

Teacher Lins advantage is no longer useful.”

Sugar was nervous.

She didnt know what Lin Yi would do with the ball.

“Old Fu, just block the ball.

The weather is so hot.

Dont give Teacher Lin any openings.

Hell quickly get frustrated,” Zheng Jiarui said.

“No problem.” Fu Qingshan laughed.

“But if I make Teacher Lin unhappy, hell fail the whole classs.

I wont be too presumptuous.”


Suddenly, Lin Yis shoulder exerted some force and pushed Fu Qingshan down.

Then, threw the basketball lightly and scored the point.

“How is this possible!”

Everyone was stunned when they saw Lin Yi casually push Fu Qingshan away.

He was the main center of the school team and weighed more than 200 pounds.

How did he push Fu Qingshan away with just a touch!

Fu Qingshan looked at Lin Yi in disbelief.

The weight difference between the two was at least 60 pounds.

How did he push him away

Moreover, he wasnt careless at all.

He relied on his own strength to push him away!

He was a pretty boy whod risen to the top with his connections, so how could he have such strength

“Old Fu, be serious.

Dont be careless this time.

Use all your strength, or youll have to start running soon!” Lin Yi said

“Got it, got it!” Fu Qingshan said nervously.

The third round of attacks began.

Lin Yi took the ball and rushed straight into the inner circle, half a meter in front of Fu Qingshan, then scored a jump shot!

“F*ck, this is McGradys signature move! Its as beautiful as a painting!”

Lin Yi took the ball and smiled.

“With your skills, do you think you can beat me”

“I just havent played 1V1 in a long time.

Im not used to it.”

As the main center of the school team, Fu Qingshan was a little embarrassed.

He said with a dark face,

“Teacher Lin, lets decide the winner with one point.

If you can still score, then you win.

If I can defend, then I win.”

“No problem!”

Seeing that the two of them were going to decide the winner with one point, everyone became serious!

This was no longer a matter of running back and forth, it was a matter of face!

If they were beaten up by a gigolo, they wouldnt have the face to take basketball lessons anymore!

Lin Yi was still the same as before with the last shot.

He charged straight into the inner lane with the ball!

Fu Qingshan snorted coldly.

“The pull-up jump shot wont work anymore.

I wont fall for the same thing twice!”

Lin Yi didnt say anything.

He just took off with the ball!

Fu Qingshan felt a black shadow flash past him.

It was too late for him to defend!

“This isnt a pull-up.

Hes going for a dunk!”


Lin Yi did a gliding tomahawk dunk across Fu Qingshan!

The basketball landed on the ground, and there was a chirping sound coming from the basketball rack.

It was as if it was telling the others that the dunk was real and not just an illusion.

“Its… Its too cool…”

Sugar stared at this with her mouth agape.

She couldnt even believe her eyes.

Wasnt Lin Yis basketball skills a little too good

No wonder he wanted to teach basketball lessons.

It turned out that he had such a high level of skill.

“Thats the last ball.” Lin Yi said.

“Four sets of 20 reps.

Lets start now.”

“Teacher Lin, youre too strong.” Fu Qingshan said in disbelief,

“A 180cm person actually stepped on the free throw line and did a tomahawk dunk.


“I cant do it as well now.

It was better when I was still in school.”

“During school” Fu Qingshan said in surprise, “When Teacher Lin was in school, was he on the school team Which school were you from”

“Zhonghai Polytechnic, I won the championship in the summer league that you mentioned.”


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