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“Alright, lets do it this way then.”

Sugar didnt waste her breath and gave Lin Yi enough face.

Hearing the wordfail andretake, everyone present couldnt keep their cool.

They were bad students to begin with, and if they failed their physical education, they really wouldnt be far from having to retake the semester.

This wasnt an empty threat, as there were students who were forced to retake every year!

“Teacher Lin, Teacher Lin.”

Sun Changwei couldnt sit still anymore.

He didnt expect Lin Yi to be so ruthless.

If he killed all these students, Sun Changwei wouldnt be able to take responsibility.

“Whats the matter” Lin Yi turned back and asked.

“Teacher Lin, calm down.

Theyre all students and theyre a little impulsive.

Dont be calculative with them.”

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“Am I calculative” Lin Yi said,

“They said they were going to strike, so I followed the rules and fulfilled their request.

Where else are they going to find a good teacher like me”

Zhangweis face fell.

You obviously have the principals support, so you have nothing to fear!

“What are you all standing there for Apologize to Teacher Lin!” Zhangwei lectured,

“As students, all of you have no manners.

Were just spoiling you.”

“Teacher Lin, we were wrong,” everyone said reluctantly.

“You dont have to force yourselves.

I want to take a vacation too.

Cant you give me a chance to take a break off schoolwork”

“No, no, we arent forcing you.

We know we were wrong.”

Lin Yi glanced at the others.

“What about you guys”

“We also know we were wrong!” Everyone said in unison.

Sugar, who was standing at the side, laughed secretly.

No one else could understand Lin Yis methods.

“Then lets continue with the class.” Lin Yi said calmly.


The fifty students adjusted their posture and stood straight.

However, their resentment towards Lin Yi deepened.

In order to avoid failing the class, they had to give in.

Lin Yi pointed at Zheng Jiarui.

“Step out of the line and lead everyone to do the warm-up exercises.”

“Got it, Teacher Lin,” Zheng Jiarui replied indifferently.

Lin Yi didnt prepare the lesson beforehand, but he still knew the general process.

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He had taken basketball lessons when he was in school, and warming up was the most basic and important part of it.

It was just like how he had to wear his seatbelt when he got into the car.

Ten minutes later, the warm-up was over.

Lin Yi said,

“Two sets of suicide sprints, twenty times each, five minutes apart.

Lets begin.”

“Two sets of suicide sprints!”

Zheng Jiarui felt that he had misheard.

“Teacher, are you sure”

“Its just two sets of suicide sprints.

This is the basic practice in basketball lessons.

Dont you know”

“But isnt it too much We usually train with ten reps each, and do two sets,” Zheng Jiarui said,

“Now that weve doubled the amount of training, we wont be able to move anymore after we finish running”

“How can you compete in the future if you dont even have this little bit of stamina”

“Teacher, thats what you dont understand,” Zheng Jiarui said,

“Although were going out to compete, the intensity of the competition isnt that great.

I think we should spend more time on honing our technique.

We have enough stamina.”

“What Brother Rui said makes sense,” Jiang Yajun said.

“Teacher Lin, although youre a physical education teacher, you cant be too willful.

You have to act according to the actual situation.”

Sun Zhangwei smiled.

This was the result he wanted.

A person who didnt know anything was going to teach basketball


Did he even know how to shoot

“In terms of skill, youre not as good as people from other schools.

In terms of endurance, you dont even want to put in the effort.

How are you going to win if you remain like this”

“Teacher, I dont think that were inferior to others in terms of skill and physical strength,” Jiang Yajun said,

“We need to follow the most Orthodox basketball training, not useless suicide sprints.”

“The most Orthodox basketball training” Lin Yi smiled.

“Alright then, Ill take you to do a fixed-point shooting.

20 is the target.

As long as your shooting success rate is above 90% , Ill lead you through the most Orthodox basketball practices.”


Jiang Yajun couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Whats so funny! Were in class right now, be serious!” Sugar said with a straight face.

“Director Su, I know about Teacher Lins situation.

He used to be a member of the schools youth league committee.

He even gave a talk for the college students career plan elective.

I really cant imagine what kind of method he would use to lead us through Orthodox basketball training,” Jiang Yajun said,

“Could it be that Teacher Lin has played in Cuba like Teacher Sun What position did he play How many points per game”

“I havent played Cuba before, but I think I have enough to teach you.”

Sun Changwei gave Jiang Yajun a look.

Jiang Yajun was stunned for a moment before he reacted,

“Teacher, didnt you say that you want me to make some free throws But I want to know if your shooting rate is above 90% yourself Youre a teacher, so if you cant even do what youre asking for, then you shouldnt have the right to request this of us.”

“Watch your attitude!” Sugar said,

“Lin Yi is your physical education teacher.

You guys need to do whatever he wants.”

This was what Sugar was afraid of.

Lin Yi only came to teach because of his relationship with the principal, but his basketball skills were definitely not as good as the main players of the school team.

If he was goaded by them, he wouldnt be able to attend the next class.

“Teacher Lin, I know Im wrong.

I shouldnt have challenged you in point-shooting.

Please dont fail me,” Jiang Yajun said sarcastically.

“I wont.

Im a teacher.

How can I be a teacher if I dont have the ability to do even this”

Seeing Lin Yis confident expression, the others on the field couldnt help but laugh.

A guy who relied on his looks and connections to get into the school still wanted to compete with Jiang Yajun in shooting

He was the main point guard on the school team, and shooting was his specialty.

He was so ignorant!

“Lin Yi, dont be rash,” Sugar said in a low voice.

“I can still keep them under control and maintain order in the class.”

“What control As a teacher, you have to convince people with reason.”

Lin Yi picked up the basketball on the ground, leapt slightly, and shot it through the air.


He even hit a three-pointer.

Not bad!

“Teacher Lin, the throw was pretty good.

Ill go get the ball for you.”

Jiang Yajun threw the basketball over, and Lin Yi didnt hesitate.

He leapt again and hit another three-pointer!


It swooshed through the net!

“He hit it again!”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They couldnt believe that Lin Yi could hit two three pointers in a row.

They didnt even have the strength to throw the ball so far.

Moreover, his posture was very polished.

It wasnt as simple as luck.

Lin Yi beckoned at Jiang Yajun.

“Pick up the ball and continue.”

Jiang Yajun didnt believe him and threw the ball over again.

Hitting two in a row was nothing.

His record was six in a row!

After receiving the ball, Lin Yi didnt hesitate and threw another ball right into the net!

Sugar widened her beautiful eyes.

Lin Yis skill wasnt bad!

He hit three in a row from such a far distance!

He was indeed amazing!

Shua Shua Shua!

Over the next few minutes, Lin Yi stood on either flank, shooting 19 3-pointers from two 45-degree angles with perfect arcs!

As for the last ball, he threw it casually, and it hit the frame.

“Dont say I didnt give you a chance, you just need to hit all of them to beat me.” Lin Yi said.

“On the other hand, if you win, you wont have to attend any physical education classes this semester.

Ill give you full marks at the end of the semester.”


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