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Lin is returning to the basics after getting tired of driving sports cars.

Meanwhile, weve never ridden in a supercar before,” Qian Xu complimented.

“Actually, sports cars are really nothing.

Theyre not as comfortable as their Panamera.

They still know how to enjoy their travel.

I cant do the same.”

Li Xuerus face alternated between red and white.

She had been completely crushed today.

She didnt have any face left.

Thinking of this, Xueru quickly got into her car and left with Gao Renxing.

She didnt want to continue losing face.

Lin Yi and Song Jia also left the Peninsula Hotel under the praise of the others.

“Vice-President Lin, are the Peninsula Hotel and Wangjiang Dock really yours”

In the passenger seat, Song Jia asked in disbelief.

“Cant they be mine”

“Then why did you go to work at the school And now youre even running errands.

Is it to chance upon a romantic encounter”

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“What does running errands have to do with romantic encounters”

“You can meet different women this way,” Song Jia said.

“The school is full of students, and their tastes are too monotonous.”

“I cant refute your reason.”

Song Jia chuckled.

“Vice-President Lin, are you going to keep running errands Dont you plan to go back to school”

“How can that be I might go back tomorrow.”

He had already completed the job of running errands.

There was no point in continuing to do it in the future.

It was inevitable that he would need to go back to school.

Moreover, he had to return to school as soon as possible.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to complete the ultimate mission before the semester ended.


“Why would I lie to you” Lin Yi asked

“Hehe, Ill tell Sister Su the good news tomorrow, then.” Song Jia said

Lin Yi smiled without saying anything.

He sent Song Jia Home and drove the Koenigsegg away.

When he returned home, he found that Wang Ying was already back.

Wang Ying was wearing a black swimsuit and sitting by the pool, enjoying herself.

“Yi, have you eaten Ill go cook for you,” Wang Ying said.

“Ive eaten outside.

Dont worry.”


Wang Ying wrapped herself in a towel and went back to the villa along with Lin Yi.

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“The house has been sold and the new house is ready.

Ill be leaving in a few days.”

Although she knew Lin Yi very well, Wang Ying didnt want to stay here any longer.

She didnt want to trouble Lin Yi.

“Whats the rush Did I chase you away” Lin Yi said.

“Plus, I have someone to cook for me here.

Just stay here.”

“If you want to eat my food, Ill cook for you every day at my place.

As long as you dont dislike it.”

“I might dislike it.” Lin Yi said casually.

“By the way, where is your new house Did you have enough money”

“The house from our company is cheap when bought internally, and its well-decorated.

You can just bring your bag and move right in,” Wang Ying said.

“I paid the 50% down payment, and the rest of the loan is going to be paid off slowly.

Theres no pressure at all, so you dont have to worry about me.”

“Alright then.

If theres anything you cant handle, remember to tell me.” Lin Yi said.

“Im happy that you said that..”

Wang Ying stood on her tiptoes and kissed Lin Yi on the cheek.

“Hurry up and take President Ji down.

I cant wait anymore.”

He patted Wang Yings butt.

“Youre not going to squeeze me dry, are you”

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.”

Wang Yings eyes were like silk as she walked back to her room, making Lin Yis heart skip a beat.

After washing up, they went back to their rooms to rest.

Lin Yi opened the system page and said in his heart,

“System, restart the teaching profession.”

[ Cooling down of the teaching profession is complete.


[ Do you want to restart ]


[ The classroom profession is open.


[ System mission, complete the teaching plan for 20 class hours, reward 300,000 experience points! (1/20) ]

Lin Yi recalled the mission progress on the board.

Hed read a section called “Career planning for college students” before, and it was included in the mission.

As long as he completed the 19-hour teaching plan, the final mission would be completed.

However, he had to talk to Zhao Qi tomorrow and arrange to teach subjects with a large amount of class time himself so that he could complete the mission before the semester ended.

The next morning, Wang Ying graciously made breakfast and went out together after eating.

However, Lin Yi still drove the shabby Shari and didnt change to a sports car.

In a place like school, driving a supercar was too eye-catching.

In front of the students, it was better to keep a low profile.

At the intersection, the green light turned yellow.

Lin Yi parked his car and was about to call Zhao Qi.

He needed to inform the man in advance so that the latter wouldnt be busy running around.


Just as he picked up his phone, he heard a bang.

His car was pushed forward by more than half a meter.

“How could you rear-end me like this”

He opened the door and got out.

He found out that the car that rear-ended him was a Buick Regal.

Because the Shari had been modified, it wasnt damaged much.

The only damage was that the rear bumper was a little dented and the paint was chipped, so it didnt affect the normal functions.

“What the hell are you doing!”

Before Lin Yi could say anything, the owner of the Junwei car came down and scolded.

“Youre the one who hit me.

How dare you complain to me”

“It was a yellow light just now.

Why did you stop Dont you know that I have an emergency!” The owner of the Junwei car scolded,

“Can you take responsibility for delaying my matter!”

“Why are you in such a hurry Are you going to die”

“F*ckk, youre pretty good at driving a stupid car,” the owner scolded.

“Take this 200 dollars and repair the car.

Ill give you the rest of the money as a reward.”

The owner threw the money down and got into the car without looking back.

He cursed as he walked, “I really f*cking forgot to look at the almanac when I went out.

Im so impressed!”

Lin Yi was speechless as he watched the driver leave.

He memorized the license plate and decided to deal with it when he had the time.

“Clothes make the man, and horses make the saddle.

The Sharis status is still a bit lacking.

Ill have to drive out the Lykan next time.

If I rear-end him, Ill scare the ** out of him,” Lin Yi thought to himself.

Seeing that the car was fine, Lin Yi didnt dwell on it.

He was going to go to school first to get his matters handled.

Back in the car, Lin Yi called Zhao Qi.

“Mister Lin, it wasnt easy waiting for your call.

Is there something you need me for” Zhao Qi said with a smile.

“Its nothing much.

I just want to go back to school for a few days.

Im wondering if you can arrange a position for me.”

“No problem.

If you come back, you can choose any position in the school,” Zhao Qi said excitedly.

“Okay, Im just giving you a heads up so that you can be mentally prepared,” Lin Yi said.

“Im on my way, Ill be at school in half an hour.”

“Okay, okay, okay, Ill wait for you at school.”


After giving a few instructions, Lin Yi hung up the phone and drove towards the university.

He found a parking spot and just as he parked his car, he saw a large group of girls surrounding him.

“Teacher Lin, where have you been all this time Weve been waiting for you,” a girl in a long dress said.

“Waiting for me” Lin Yi was confused.

“I cant handle so many of you.”


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