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Song Jia waited for about half an hour before she walked down the stairs.

However,her makeup was a little different from her usual style.

Song Jia was the girl next door type, unlike Sugar.

But today, she changed into a black wrap dress.

Her sweet style had a hint of wildness and boldness.

Lin Yi didnt recognize her at all.

The only drawback was that her figure wasnt as outstanding as Sugars.

If the latter was the one wearing it, the effect would probably be better.

“Vice-President Lin, what do you think of my outfit Do I look like an elite working girl” Song Jia asked

“Its a little interesting.” Lin Yi said

“Just a little” Song Jia pouted.

“Then wait a while.

Ill find the other accesories.

I think the effect will be better if I add those.”

As she spoke, Song Jia took out a pair of flesh-colored stockings from the fridge and skillfully put them on her legs.

Apart from that, she also grabbed a pair of black lace-up high heels.

Song Jia, who was originally of medium build, immediately became taller with the help of the high heels.

She looked more like a big sister now.

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“Vice-President Lin, what do you think now”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin and commented, “I feel that it is a lot better, but I feel like somethings not right.

Its missing something”

“No way.

I put on all my accessories.

Why is it still not right” Song Jia said dejectedly.

“I think you should ask Sugar about this.

This is more her style.”

“This is the outfit that Sis Su gave me.

The outfit cost me thousands of dollars.”

Suddenly, Song Jias eyes lit up as if she thought of something.

“Vice-President Lin, is my outfit is a little lacking compared to Sis Sus”

“Yes.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Then I know where the difference lies.” Song Jia said excitedly.

“Vice-Presidet Lin, wait for me for a while.

Ill be right down.”

Lin Yi didnt know what Song Jia was thinking when he saw her mumbling, so he waited for her downstairs.

About ten minutes later, Song Jia came down .

Her clothes didnt change much, but her figure had changed.

Not only was her front bulging, her back was also bulging.


“Vice-President Lin, what do you think of me know”

Song Jia walked around in a circle and showed everything.

“Not bad, not bad.

Now its right.” Lin Yi nodded.

“But how did you do it”

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“I filled it with something,” Song Jia said without any hesitation.

“After comparing myself to others, I ended up having to discard a lot of my shopping.

Sister Su wears underwear that is a size smaller every day when she goes to work, yet I have to put something in it to fill it up.

Its so sad.”

“Dont feel sorry for yourself.

At least you can save on fabric.

This is considered low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

You can save energy and reduce emissions in this way.”

“Haha, Vice-President Lin sure knows how to talk.” Song Jia laughed.

“Come, come, its almost time.

Put on your suit.

Lets go.”


Lin Yi nodded and put on the suit that Song Jia had rented.

“Tsk tsk tsk, I cant take it anymore.

Vice-President Lin, youre too handsome.

I feel like I cant control myself anymore.” Song Jia said with a smile.

“When you get to D-cup, come and look for me.

Ill definitely give you this chance.”

“Hehe, I dont dare to snatch you from Sister Su.”

She pulled Lin Yi to the mirror and held his arm.

“Vice-President Lin, no one will suspect us if we go out like this, right” Song Jia asked

“Its good, therell be no problem.” Lin Yi said.

“Lets go,” Song Jia said happily:

“Vice-President Lin, when we get to the hotel, you have to act like a nouveau riche.

You have to step out and suppress them.

I want to crush them in all aspects.” Song Jia said.


“Ill try my best,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

However, in his current state, he didnt need to pretend anymore.

He just needed to drive the Koenigsegg there.

After they were ready, they went downstairs together.

“Why did you press the basement floor”

“The car is in the parking lot downstairs,” Song Jia said.

“I borrowed the A6 from Sister Su.

It wont be shameful to drive this car.”

“Are you sure you want to use Sugers A6 I can get a better car,” Lin Yi said.

“A better car Is it the Koenigsegg” Song Jia asked

“How do you know” Lin Yi asked

“Ive seen you drive it before,” Song Jia said.

“But isnt it Qin Hans This is not a big deal for me.

I dont need to borrow it from him.

Its a favor.

It wont be easy to return the favor in the future.

Just drive Sister Sus A6.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

Hed been using it for a long time, yet she thought that his car was Qin Hans.

“Alright, if you want to drive the A6, then lets drive the A6.”

The two got into the car when they reached the underground parking lot.

“Vice-President Lin, lets go to the Peninsula Hotel.”


Lin Yi paused for a moment.

It turns out that they were visiting his turf, so things would go much smoother.

Lin Yi drove to the Peninsula Hotel with ease.

“Manager Wang, Director Lin is here!”

Hearing the lobby managers words, Tianlong Wang, who was checking the fireworks, immediately stopped what he was doing and saw that it was really Lin Yi.

“Wait, dont move!”

Tianlong Wang said, “Dont greet Director Lin.”

“Why Director Lin is here.

It wont be good to slack off.”

“Didnt you see that Director Lin has a woman with him Shes probably a new girl, so you cant reveal his identity,” Tianlong Wang said.

“Pass the message down.

No one is allowed to reveal his identity.

I repeat, if you prevent Director Lin from picking up girls, you will be fired.”

If one day Lin Yi ascended the throne, Tianlong Wang could be his closest advisor.

“Got it, Manager Wang.”

The lobby manager sighed, “You really get wiser with old age.”

The two of them went up to the third floor together and pushed open the door of Room 306.

There was a large round table inside which could accommodate more than twenty people.

There was still a lot of space in the room.

Lin Yi looked around.

There were twenty-four people in the room.

Most of them were girls, but all of them were wearing heavy makeup.

They were all dressed up beautifully, and there was the pungent smell of perfume in the air.

“Yo, Jiajias here.

Everyones already arrived.

We were just waiting for you.”

The woman who spoke was called Li Xueru.

She was Song Jias roommate in college, but their relationship had never been very good.

“Im really sorry.” Song Jia said with a smile.

“I stayed up too late last night.

I only fell asleep at dawn, and I slept until noon.

Sorry to keep everyone waiting.”

Lin Yi, “”

She did not leave any room for the imagination!

In an instant, Lin Yi noticed that the women in the room were looking at him with burning eyes, as if they wanted to eat him up.

“Jiajia, youre really something.

You found such a handsome boyfriend after graduation,” Li Xueru said.

“That wasnt something I should admit to so openly.

Im so sorry,” Song Jia said with a smile.

“After all, there arent many people like my boyfriend.”

Lin Yi,You really dared to say that!


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