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“What happened !”

Lin Yis voice was urgent as he raised his voice.

The two had worked together for more than half a year, and he knew Wang Ying well.

She wouldnt do something like that if it were something she could handle.

“Im by the fountain at the Music Square.

Come pick me up.”

“Sure, wait for me there.”

Lin Yi didnt waste any time after hanging up the phone and drove straight to the Music Square.

He got out of the car and saw Wang Ying sitting on the steps with a black suitcase next to her.

She was curled up like a lonely wanderer.

“Sister Ying!”

Lin Yi ran over in a hurry when he saw Wang Ying.

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Wang Ying raised her head and hugged Lin Yi with tears streaming down her face.

“Little Yi… sob…”

“Alright, stop crying.

Tell me whats going on.” Lin Yi caressed Wang Yings back, trying to make her feel better.

Crying wasnt going to solve the problem.

He had to figure out what was going on.

“Im homeless.”


Lin Yi didnt understand.

Why was she homeless

He looked around and saw that everyone was looking at him.

“Lets go.

This isnt the place to talk.

Come to my place first and well talk about what happened.” Lin Yi said, “Dont worry.

If anyone bullies you, Ill stand up for you.”

“Then Ill have to trouble you.

Ill leave after I find a place to stay.

I wont bother you much.”

“Dont think about such useless things.”

Lin Yi brought Wang Ying back to Jiuzhou Pavilion as he spoke.

Wang Yings heart was calm when she saw the magnificent Jiuzhou Pavilion.

Unfortunately, her heart was also filled with sadness.

Lin Yi made a cup of tea when they reached home and handed it to Wang Ying.

“You should be calm now.

Tell me what happened.”

Wang Ying held the teacup with both hands, her tone calm.

“Weve divorced.”

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“Isnt that good”

Lin Yi wasnt surprised at all.

Their marriage had come to an end a long time ago.

Moreover, on the night of the car lesson, she saw her husband with another woman.

With Wang Yings personality, Lin Yi would be surprised if she didnt get divorced after that.

“He took the house and the car.”

“He cheated on you, and then you left with nothing” Lin Yi frowned.

“What kind of deal is that”

“He said the house was under his name, so he took it away.”

“What about the car” Lin Yi said.

“When I bought the car, it was put underyour name.”

“Because it was my name, he said it was property obtained after marriage, so he took the car away too.”

Lin Yi was stunned for a moment before laughing out loud.

Hed seen shameless people before, but hed never seen someone as shameless as this.

“And just you left with your suitcase” Lin Yi looked at Wang Ying.

“Youre not usually such a coward.”

“He had a younger brother, Song Wenlong.

He has connections out there, and he didnt give me a chance to speak before he took the car and the house.” Wang Ying said with red eyes.

“If I had fought back then, they might have attacked me.”

“No wonder hes so arrogant.

He has someone backing him up.” Lin Yi said with a cold smile.

“Although we divorced, my plan was to split the house evenly, but I didnt expect him to do something like this.”

“You stay here for now.

Ill handle this.”

“Yi, dont be rash, theres no need to fight them over me,” Wang Ying said.

“I still have a few thousand dollars, and Im about to get my salary.

I can rent a house.”

“Not only did he steal the house, he also stole the car I bought for you.

Do you think I can tolerate this”

“But Song Wenlong isnt easy to deal with.

He has a lot of people under him and a big sister protecting him,” Wang Ying said.

“Youre a decent person, dont deal with those people.”

“Ill take care of this, dont worry about it,” Lin Yi said in a low voice.

“Do you know where they are now”

“They were at home just a moment ago.

They might have left by now.”

“They probably drove your car.”

Wang Ying nodded in response.

“Okay, I got it.”

Lin Yi took his phone and dialed Qin Hans number.

“Old Qin, do me a favor.”

“Huh Old Lin, Somethings wrong with your voice.

Whats up” Qin Han said seriously.

“Nothing much.

Help me check for a car,” Lin Yi said.

“Its a white BMW 7 series.

The license plate number is Zhonghai A38140.

The sooner the better.”

“Okay, Ill check it now.

Wait for my update.”


I owe you one.”

“F*ck, what do you want from me I still owe you one.

Just wait for my update.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi tossed his phone aside.

“Just wait, well get word soon.”

Lin Yi was quite at ease with Qin Han handling things.

With the Qin familys connections, such a small matter wouldnt be a problem.

This made Lin Yi sigh.

A person like him who got rich overnight was still a little lacking compared to those big families that had stood tall for many years.

The most significant difference was in his connections.

He still had to work hard.

He looked at his watch and saw that it was already past six.

“Alright, these things are all in the past.” Lin Yi comforted.

“Its not a big deal.

You should at least be happy that you got a divorce.”

“I am quite happy indeed.” Wang Ying said.

“But I just feel wronged.

My hometown isnt Zhong Hai.

If you didnt take me in, I would really be homeless.”

“Think about it in another way.

This is also a kind of luck.

At least you could still ask me for help.”

“Thats right.” Wang Ying chuckled.

“In the past half a year, I havent doted on you for nothing.

Now that Im in trouble, you have come out to help me.”

“Didnt you help me back then Its only right of me to return the favor.”

Wang Ying smiled and took a deep breath.

Her mood was much better.

“Are you hungry now Ill go cook for you.”

“Dont cook.

Ill order takeout.” Lin Yi said.

“Pick a room upstairs.

You can stay here for now.

Dont think of anything else.”

“Im going to take a shower.

Ill come out with mud all over my face and I wont even look like a woman anymore.”

“Okay, go.”

Wang Ying took her things upstairs while Lin Yi sat downstairs and ordered some takeout food to fill his stomach.

“Yi, you… why do you have womens things here” Wang Ying asked upstairs.

“Could it be that you have a mistress staying in your palace”

“What mistress Its Ji Qingyans things.

She comes here sometimes.”

“No way, President Ji stayed here before”

“Yeah, she stayed here when I first bought the Jiuzhou Pavilion,” Lin Yi said matter-of-factly.

“Its been so long, and you still havent taken down President Ji”


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