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The two of them were shocked by Lin Yis ambition when he proposed making a domestic chip.

Sun Fuyu and Lu Ying both felt that they had underestimated the man in front of them.

His ambition was bigger than they had imagined!

It was so big that they couldnt even fathom it!

“Now Ill give you two ideas to try.” Lin Yi put down the red wine in his hand and said.

“The first is to research our own EUV light source.

This is the most advanced technology in the world.

Its because of this technology that A**L has become a giant in the photolithography field.

If we can develop it, we can break A**Ls monopoly.”

The two of them nodded.

They were both researchers and experts in the field of semiconductor chips, so they naturally knew everything about this.

“What about the second direction” Lu Ying said impatiently,

“The second plan is to change the medium,” Lin Yi said,

“If you want the wavelength of the light source to be shorter, you can achieve it by refraction.”

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“Take water as an example.

The refractive index of water is 1.33.

If a 100-nanometer light source is refracted by water, the wavelength will become 75 nanometers.

If you find other mediums, the wavelength will become shorter.”

Lin Yi looked at the two of them.

“You should understand what I mean now, right”

The two of them froze on their chairs.

If the method to study the EUV light source was considered normal, then the method to change the wavelength by refraction was considered unorthodox!

What was going on in his head

How did he come up with these things

Lin Yi ignored their shocked expressions, “What you need to do now is recruit people.

This is a job that will burn through money, so dont worry about the funding.

I need you to recruit the best scientists in the world to do this.

You need to overcome this obstacle in the shortest time possible.”

Lin Yis words inspired both of them.

The terminal program for the chip 2.0 had already been developed.

In other words, as long as they developed a high-end lithography machine, the problem surrounding the high-end chip would be solved!

If so, they would break the technological blockade imposed by foreign countries and take the lead!

However, this project was beyond Sun Fuyu and Lu Yings imagination.

They couldnt even see the light at the end of the tunnel.

They didnt know how much money they would have to spend, how many people they would need, or how long it would take to complete this arduous task.

Just like what he said before, the path of exploration was filled with fog and thorns.

Moreover, if they fell down on this path, it would be very difficult for them to stand up again in the future.

“Well do our best!”

Lin Yi nodded.

“You guys go ahead.

Ill get someone to send one billion over later to use it for the initial stage of research and development.” Lin Yi said.

“Same old rules.

Only the two of you will know about this.

At this stage, our work will still have to be absolutely confidential.

There cant be any mistakes.”

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After a few seconds of silence, Lin Yi continued,

“In a few days, Ill find a new place for the two of you to set up a photolithography lab.

This is the best I can do.

Ill leave the rest to you.”

“Understood, President Lin.

We wont let you down!”

“Alright, lets not talk about useless things.

Lets eat first.”


Although the photolithography was on the agenda, they still had to eat.

“Oh, theres something I want to ask you guys.

Do you know anything about Du Xuehong” Lin Yi asked.

“Old Du” Sun Fuyu didnt understand why Lin Yi would mention him.

He was a senior in the institute.

However, his ability was rather average.

There was still a gap between him and Lu Ying.

He wasnt even as good as Liu Chu, who had been kicked out.

“President Lin, hes fine.

Why did you bring him up Do you want to transfer him to the photolithography project”

“Thats not it.

Im just asking.

Just tell me about his situation.”

“Hes a good person.

Although he doesnt have any outstanding results, hes conscientious and hasnt made any big mistakes.

The only problem is that he spends money extravagantly and likes to gamble.

But this is a personal problem and it doesnt have much to do with his work.

In general, its okay.”

“Likes to gamble”

Lu Ying nodded, “Didnt you give us a bonus of 500,000 a few days ago I heard that Brother Du took this money and went to a casino with his sister-in-law.

Im guessing he won a lot.

Every day when I go to work, he always seems happy.

He even took the initiative to buy me coffee several times.”

“He even took the initiative to buy you coffee” Sun Fuyu joked.

“I think this kid has a thing for you, right”

“Sun Bro, dont make fun of me.

I dont have a thing for him,” Lu Ying said.

“What kind of car does he drive” Lin Yi asked


HU A67391.

I remember it well,” Sun Fuyu said.

“Hes still driving it” Lin Yi asked

“Yeah,” Sun Fuyu said.

“Hes always been stingy with himself.

He just goes to gamble when he had some extra money.”

Sun Fuyus words confirmed Lin Yis suspicions.

The mole in the institute was most likely this Du Xuehong.

He was probably a veteran gambler, going to the casino as soon as he got rich.

There were a lot of strange things going on here.

He drove a BMW 7 series with a pure imported 6.6 T engine.

It sold for more than two million in China, which was more than double the price of the 7 series he bought for Wang Ying.

And his car was the latest model.

Even at a discount, it was impossible to buy it for just 500,000 dollars.

Secondly, his mothers attitude was also very suspicious.

When the traffic police asked her to pay 300,000 dollars, she did not show any panic and even shouted that her family could afford to pay.

In other words, their familys savings must be more than 300,000 dollars.

Of course, he could have won the money in Macau.

However, after winning so much money, he drove a 100,000-dollar car to work.

This did not follow the logic of a normal person.

Let alone a man, even a woman who made a lot of money would want to change to a better car to keep up their appearances.

Therefore, Du Xuehongs series of actions seemed to reveal his suspicious nature.

It would be difficult to win such a large sum of money just by gambling.

He had to investigate this person when he had the time.

It seemed more appropriate to let Qin Han do this kind of matter.

However, he couldnt touch him right now.

He had to continue leaving this bait out as he might just catch a bigger fish from Cisco.

About an hour later, Lin Yi got up when he saw that both of them had stopped eating.

“Keep what we discussed today between the three of us.

Dont tell anyone else.”

“Got it, President Lin.

We wont say anything.”

“Dont be so nervous.

Im not a capitalist who eats people.”

“But President Lin gave me a different feeling.”

“How is it different Is it because of my looks”

“Thats not it.” Sun Fuyu smiled.

“As a boss, I cant understand why you dont have any female underlings.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

Were all men of science and technology this flirtatious


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