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He Yuanyuan couldnt understand what Lin Yi was doing.

How could they pay first

It was like bargaining for vegetables.

If they had already paid, what was the point of bargaining

And this was 500 million, not 500!

“Whats the rush” Lin Yi said.

“With Ciscos current size, its impossible to get them to make 2.5 billion in a short time.

Even if you pressure them, its useless.

If you push too hard, itll be easy to ruin the project.”

“Whats the point of doing this”

“Paying a deposit of 500 million in advance is the best way to show our sincerity.

Itll make them completely believe in the credibility of the project,” Lin Yi said.

“Even if they cant complete the order and get the remaining 2.5 billion dollars, theyll figure it out on their own.”

“Didnt you say that Cisco doesnt have that much power Even if we pressure them, it wont work, right” He Yuanyuan said.

“Then whats the difference between sending the money first and sending it later”

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“Theres a big difference,” Lin Yi said.

“Are you still willing to take out the money that has already gone into your pocket”

“If you send 500 million to them, they might just immediately put the orders into production and put pressure on themselves.

Cisco can only endure the situation and wont be able to get the rest of the money even if they die in the process.”

He Yuanyuan was silent for a long time, as if she understood what Lin Yi meant.

“You mean they will seek financing for the remaining 2.5 billion”

“Thats right!” Lin Yi said.

“Other than financing, they have no other way to meet the order, so our goal will be achieved.”

He Yuanyuan guessed that if Lin Yis plan succeeded, Cisco would probably be cheated to death.

It seemed like they really had to invite Buddha back.

With a boss like this, there would be a lot of immoral tasks waiting for them in the future.

Making money was secondary, saving herself was more important.

“Oh right, I still have something to say.” Lin Yi said.

“What we said just now was just a guess.

Although the possibility is very high, we still have to pay attention to whether Cisco has any thoughts of financing.

You and Old Qi keep an eye on it.

Whether or not you can get a year-end bonus depends on this.”

“Boss, isnt it a bit unethical for us to do this”

“Did you forget what the impotent man said”

“I didnt forget,” He Yuanyuan said.

“Lin, when I was shopping at a certain shop earlier, I saw that the Lightning Rod was 50% off, and it even includes delivery fee.

Do you want one”

“Are the things in the shop that expensive” Lin Yi said.

“See if Pinduoduo has one.

Go get one for me.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi found a place to sleep and left the six girls on the ship to Zhang Song.

As for whether he could handle it or not, it depended on his own ability.

That afternoon, the group returned to the dock by boat.

Zhao Weiran and the others were still a little unsatisfied, but that was it for today.

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“How do you feel I think the six girls are pretty good.

Do you like them”

“No.” Zhang Song said tiredly.

“That arrogant” Lin Yi said, “Zhao Weiran and Jin Qiao are both pretty good, right You still dont like them”

“Their game skills are too weak.” Zhang Song sighed.

“Their bodies might be a match for me, but our souls are not in alignment.”

Lin Yi scratched his head.

What the f*ck was this

“Boss, do you know any girls who are good at video games”


Lin Yi didnt hesitate and gave Sugars account ID to Zhang Song.


After returning from Wangjiang Dock, Lin Yi took Zhang Song to a famous restaurant in Zhonghai and had a good meal.

“Lets go back and sleep early today.

Were going to hike up a mountain tomorrow,” Lin Yi said.

“Hiking a mountain is out of the question.

Ive already booked my plane ticket back,” Zhang Song said.

“Youre going back so early It wasnt easy for you to come here.

Why dont you stay a few more days Its all the companys funds anyway.”

“I also want to stay here for a few more days, but during the day, my boss sent me a message to inquire about the progress of the project here.

He told me to go back as soon as possible after Im done.

The company still has a lot of tasks waiting for me,” Zhang Song said.

“Boss, dont worry.

This project will continue for a period of time.

Its possible Ill come to Zhonghai in a few days time.

Ill have to trouble you then.”

“Alright then.

Work is more important, so I wont force you.

Call me when you come back.”

“Of course.

Whos going to receive me if I dont call you”

Zhang Song laughed evilly.

“Youve been receiving me for the past few days, saving me a lot of travel expenses.

After returning to Yanjing, Ill change my broadband connection to fiber, and no one will complain that my internet speed isnt good anymore.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin and suddenly realized that his ex-girlfriend, Yue Jiao, seemed like a nice person.

She was a bit of a slut, but at least she didnt mind that his head had been kicked by a donkey.

After dinner, Lin Yi took Zhang Song for a round of shopping.

He didnt want to waste a good girls time with someone with such a low IQ.

Lin Yi gave Zhang song an Xbox and PS3, which would help him along his lonely road to old age.

The next morning, Lin Yi put Zhang Songs luggage into the trunk and drove him to the airport.

Back at home, Lin Yi swam a few laps in the cool pool, clearing his mind.

He sorted out the things in front of him.

Cisco had fallen into his trap, so he didnt have to worry about anything.

All he needed to do now was to wait.

After Cisco received the deposit of 500 million dollars, they would desperately think of a way to complete the remaining 2.5 billion chip order.

However, if they wanted to complete this mission, Cisco alone wouldnt be able to do it.

Based on the current situation, they had two options.

On the phone, he only discussed the first possibility with He Yuanyuan.

It was to use Chip 1.0s influence to build up the credibility of the industry and madly raise funds in the hands of the capitalists.

With Ciscos current position, it was not a big problem to get a large amount of financing.

However, there was a second possibility.

The order for the photolithography machine that Longxin wanted had been sabotaged.

Unsurprisingly, this had to be due to the capital behind Cisco.

Otherwise, with Ciscos ability, they would not have been able to stop A**L from abandoning the deal.

Thus, it was obvious that the capital behind Cisco were the true perpetrators behind this.

This was the second option Cisco could take, which was to borrow money from the capital behind it.

However, the possibility of this was lower.

Hed been in the business world for so many years.

If Cisco didnt even have the ability to raise such a small amount of capital, then hed really be wasting his time.

Lin Yi closed his eyes to rest.

He had the absolute right to take the initiative in Ciscos matter.

Once they used up all their manpower and resources and were ready to deliver the goods, it would be time for him to make his move!

Thinking of this, a faint smile appeared on Lin Yis face.

From here on out, it was hard to say who would go down in the history books of the chip industry.


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