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“Im just here for fun.

I dont want to make a big fuss.”

“Thats true, thats true.” Bi Songjiang smiled and said, “President Lin has always been so low-key.”

The conversation between the two people stunned the others present.

“You, what do you call him” Zhang Jian said with fear and trepidation.

“This is the boss of our Wangjiang Dock.

What do you want to say” Bi Songjiang looked at Zhang Jian and said.

“I heard that you want to file a complaint against our employee Just because she defended our boss rights, you couldnt stand It”

Everyone was confused!

Wangjiang Dock belonged to this man

“Isnt he just an errand boy How could he be the boss of Wangjiang Dock” Zhang Jian said loudly.

“Theres something you might have misunderstood,” Lin Yi said.

“Didi does have a luxury car business, but Meituan doesnt.

That Koenigsegg is really mine.”

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What a mess!

Zhang Jian and the others didnt know what to say anymore.

Driving a supercar, running errands, and writing papers for others… was that something a person would do

“Oh right, didnt you guys want to rent a big boat Ill give you a 90% discount.

Thank you for your support,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I, Im really sorry.

I, I really didnt know that you were the boss of Wangjiang Dock.”

Without even mentioning Lin Yis real wealth, Wangjiang Dock alone was more than the Zhang family would earn in several lifetimes.

“Its okay.

As long as you spend money, youre our God.” Lin Yi said:

“If it wasnt for your support, I probably wouldnt be able to drive a car as good as the Koenigsegg.

Thank you very much.”

Zhang Jian, “…”

This face slap.

He didnt give them a chance at all!

“Little Liu, President Lin and his friends are here.

Quickly prepare the newly bought luxury cruise ship,” said Bi Songjiang.

“Got it.”

“Alright, go do your thing.

Im just taking a stroll.

Dont hang around in front of me.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

If President Lin is fine, Ill leave first.”


After BI Songjiang left, the hall returned to its usual calmness.

No one would have thought that this handsome man was actually the boss of Wangjiang Dock!

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“Brother Lin, youre too amazing.

Such a big dock is actually yours.” Zhao Weirans eyes were full of little stars.

“Its okay.

Its just a dock.

Its not as crazy as you think.”

Zhang Jian felt a little upset.

“Ran ran, youre the campus belle of the engineering school.

Can you not be so infatuated”

“Im not infatuated, and its not Because brother Lin is rich.

Its because hes already so rich, yet he still insists on running errands to earn money.

Its very encouraging!”

Zhang Jian, “…”

Sun Ning, “…”

This was f*cking encouraging

He could have ran errands for 10,000 years, and he wouldnt be able to afford the Wangjiang Dock!

“Lin Bro, can we go out on your boat” Zhao Weiran asked.

“Sure, were all going out to have fun anyway,” Lin Yi said.

“But are you sure they wont mind”

“Its fine.

Let them rent their own boat.

Well take your boat.”

“No problem.”

Zhang Jian and Sun Ning wanted to die.

What fun was there in hanging out with a few men left after the girls left!

Was he supposed to go out to sea to play with his *ss

Lin Yi had all the yachts ready in about half an hour.

There were three levels on the ship: upper, middle, and lower.

It wasnt the biggest yacht at Wangjiang Dock, but it was definitely the most luxurious!

On the other hand, Zhang Jian and the others yachts were like small fishing boats, unsightly to look at.

“My God, this yacht is too good.”

Jin Qiaos eyes lit up.

“Its even more luxurious than what I see on TV.

The swimsuit I just bought will finally come in handy.”

“I want to change too.”

Zhao Weiran and the other girls excitedly went to change into their swimsuits.

When they came out, Zhang Songs nose almost bled.

This figure was too good.

Although Zhao Weirans looks were better, Jin Qiaos body was better.

One was a C and the other was an A, but the difference was not importance.

“Brother Lin, why do you keep looking at Qiaoqiao and not at me Is my swimsuit not nice” Zhao Weiran said.

“Its not that your swimsuit isnt good-looking, youre just not as big.”

“Dont bully girls!”

On the yacht, Zhao Weiran, Jin Qiao, and a few other girls were all fighting to show off their bodies in front of Lin Yi.

Zhang Jian and the others who were following behind felt bad.

I finally got these girls to come out, and youre getting f*cking lucky!

“Students, theres Wifi on the boat, and the signal here is pretty good.

Do you want to play video games together” Zhang Song said proudly, as if he had found a way to steal et their attention away from Lin Yi.

“What games Arent we more fun than games”Jin Qiao said.

Zhang song, “…”

“Qiaoqiao, are you guys hungry Were going to go fishing, and well cook you some grilled fish,” Sun Ning said from the other ship.

“Weve prepared everything on the ship.

You dont have to fish to eat here.”

Sun Ning, “…”

Lin Yi shook his head.

There was no need for that.

Lin Yi lay on the bed on the deck comfortably, enjoying the sea breeze.

Hed been busy ever since hed gotten the system, and this was the first time hed been so relaxed.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

His phone rang.

He found that it was He Yuanyuan who was calling him, and he hung up immediately.

It wasnt easy for him to find a day to relax, and he couldnt let her ruin it.

“Lin, pick up the phone.

Cisco wants us to transfer the money.

What should we do”

Lin Yi called back when he saw He Yuanyuans message.

He was out to have fun, but he couldnt miss the important stuff.

“Lin, where are you” He Yuanyuan asked suspiciously.

“Im in Africa,”Lin Yi said seriously.

“I was just talking to a few tribal chiefs about the development of water resources.”

“Youre going to Africa to talk about water resources development” He Yuanyuan asked.

“Yeah, Ive already thought about it.

Im planning to invest one billion to pull an iceberg from Antarctica and ship it to Africa.

Isnt that a great idea”

“I have the money in my hands.

Dont even think about the iceberg project in Africa.

Also, I heard someone on the phone just now talk about white legs.

Are you really in Africa” He Yuanyuan asked.

“Yeah, thats what someone was saying about me.

Dont think too much about it,” Lin Yi said:

“If youre interested, you can borrow these two long, white legs of mine for the night.”


Lin Yi, “…”

You should be a little more reserved, damn it.

With such a CFO around, it seemed like they had to discuss everything at noon, or something bad would eventually happen.

“Alright, cut the crap.

Lets get down to business,” Lin Yi said.

“Whats going on with Cisco Why are they asking us to make a payment on the contract we just signed”

“Thats what Yun Jieming said.

He wants an advance payment of 500 million before they will start production, and hes pretty adamant about it.”

Lin Yi frowned slightly, feeling that something wasnt quite right.

Normally, the second party would provide the goods first before the first party would send the money.

However, now, they hadnt even seen the goods yet, and they were talking about getting the money.

These people were really vigilant.

It seemed that Cisco was still hesitant about this project.

“Alright, send them the money first.” Lin Yi said.

“But theres one thing that needs to be made clear.

The remaining 2.5 billion can only be paid after all the goods are produced.”

One could not bear to part with a child to lure a wolf.

For this game of chess, it was worth it to spend on some bait.

“President Lin, are you really going to pay Arent we just putting on an act”

He Yuanyuan, who came from a financial background, was very sensitive to money and raised her doubts.

“Just do as I say.

I was put on this Earth to be useful, so dont worry about it.

The money that I spend now will come back in the future.

Dont be afraid.”

“Alright, Ill talk to them now.

If they cant deliver the rest of the goods, we wont give them the advance payment.” He Yuanyuan said.

“These people are shameless.

They want money before they even start production.

Ive never seen anything like this before in my life.”

“No, we have to transfer the money first and then discuss the terms,” Lin Yi said.

“Huh Why If we send the money, we lose the ability to negotiate.”


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