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“What did you say Hes an errand boy”

Jin Qiao was stunned.

“What kind of joke is that How can he drive a supercar Even if youre accusing someone wrongly, you have to come up with a reasonable excuse.”

“Why would I lie to you If you dont believe me, ask Weiran,” Sun Ning said.

Jin Qiao looked at Zhao Weiran inquiringly, as if she wanted to know the truth of the matter.

“Brother Lin is really an errand boy, but hes also a physics god.

He helped me write my graduation thesis.”

Sun Ning sneered, “Qiaoqiao, now you know whats going on.

Hes just an errand boy.

Hes not some rich and handsome guy at all.”

“How is that possible”Jin Qiao obviously didnt believe it.

“How can this rich and handsome guys be going around being an errand boy”

“You dont know that,” Zhang Jian interrupted.

“From a financial point of view, this is a means of marketing.”

“A means of marketing”

“A few days ago, Didi launched a luxury car business.

Im guessing Meituan also launched a luxury car errand boy business.

Hes just a good-looking guy and became one of these luxury car drivers.

Its that simple,” Zhang Jian said with a smile.

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“At that time, you rejected Sun Ning because of an errand boy.

It was really not a wise choice.”

Sun Ning stood up.

“Qiaoqiao, I know you rejected me on impulse at that time.

Now that you know the truth of the matter, you wont reject me, right”

“I will!”Jin Qiao said, “Im a shallow person.

I like handsome people.”

“What a joke!” Sun Ning was furious.

“Hes just an errand boy.

He cant even support himself.

What do you like about him”

“I like his good looks.”

Sun Ning, “…”

“Alright, alright.

The two of you dont need to discuss this anymore.” Zhang Jian said, “Lets just go play.

Ill go rent a boat first.

Dont let him affect your mood while were playing.”

“Brother Lin, you guys are here to hang out too, right” Zhao Weiran asked.


My friend came from Yanjing and Im bringing him around.”

“Are there two of you”

“Does he look like a dog to you”

Zhang Song, “…”

You cant betray your brothers just to pick up girls!

However, this way of picking up girls was so novel!

He had to write it down.

Zhao Weiran snickered.

“Thats not what I meant.

If there were only two of you, we could go together.

It would be more lively with more people.”

“Ranran, the ones who came to play today are all our classmates.

Why did you invite two outsiders “Zhang Jian said unwillingly.

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“Arent we going dutch this time I should have the right to invite them, right” Zhao Weiran said.

“Just because were splitting the bill doesnt mean you can do this.

You have to consider the other peoples feelings.”

Zhao Weiran didnt say anything.

She had indeed not thought it through.

“Its okay.

We agree.”

The girls in the same group said, “Well, well vote.

The minority will follow the majority.”

Before Zhang Jian and Sun Ning could say anything, the six girls in the same group raised their hands.

Two of the group didnt raise their hands.

Zhang Jian, “…”

Sun Ning, “…”

“Its 6:4 now.

There shouldnt be any problems, right” Zhao Weiran said.

Zhang Jian was so angry that he wanted to curse.

It wasnt easy for him to organize a trip, but he didnt expect to meet this fellow.

This guy was deliberately trying to make things difficult for him.

“Forget it.

Youre all classmates, and were strangers.

Its not good for us to intrude.

Just rent a boat and have fun.”

“But you have fewer people, its boring to go out to sea…”

“Ranran, they are going to leave on their own, dont get involved.” Zhang Jian said, “Im going to rent a boat, lets go now.”

“Okay then.” Zhao Weiran said dejectedly.

“Get me a small yacht.” Lin Yi said at the reception desk.

“No way, you guys are here to rent a yacht” Zhang Jian pretended to be surprised.

“I thought you were here to rent a small boat.”

“What No”

“Thats not it,” Zhang Jian said.

“I just want to remind you that the specifications of Wangjiang Dock are relatively high.

The price of renting a small yacht for three hours is 1,500 dollars.

After that, you will be charged at 800 dollars per hour.

With your salary level, you might not be able to afford it.”

“This should be my own business.

It has nothing to do with you, right”

“This is indeed your business.

I dont have the right to involve myself too much.

But for people of your class, its best not to put on a show,” Zhang Jian said.

“If you bring a group of beautiful girls, I wouldnt say anything.

You brought a man here to play, and youre still pretending to be rich.

Thats a bit interesting.”

“Right,” Sun Ning said.

“If you want to show these things in front of Qiao Qiao and Weiran, its even more meaningless.

You should think more about your wallet.

Forget Brother Jian, even I cant compete with you.

Whats the point of pretending”

“Gentlemen, I advise you to take back what you said just now,” the female employee at the service desk said.

Where did these guys get the confidence to mock Mr.

Lin for not having money

“Take back Why do you want to take it back” Zhang Jian said, “Could it be that you are having certain thoughts because hes handsome Is that why you dont like us”

“Im doing this for your own good.

I hope you can have some self-awareness!”

“How can you talk like that!” Sun Ning said.

“We came here to rent a boat, and we even rented a big boat.

How can you talk to gods like that What kind of customer service is that”

“Shes just a part-time worker.

Theres no need to be so calculative.” Zhang Jian looked at the employee.

“Go and call your boss! I want to file a complaint!”

“Are you sure you want to look for our boss”

“Yes!” Zhang Jian said, “I have to file a complaint against you today! Seeing that hes handsome, you shamelessly stuck to him.

The customer service at Wangjiang Dock is really worrying!”

“Alright, Ill call the manager right away.”

The female receptionist was a person who was not afraid of trouble.

If she did not have the capability to deal with this, she would just bring Manager Bi over.

“Alright, Zhang Jian, can you stop fooling around “Zhao Weiran said.

“She didnt do anything wrong.

Why are you complaining about her”

“Ranran, you are wrong about that,” Zhang Jian said.

“Im here to spend money.

I have the right to experience the best service.

However, she treated me like this.

Dont tell me I dont have the right to complain.”

“But youre making a mountain out of a molehill.

Its just a little bit of money, yet youre bullying people like this Thats too much!”

“Zhao, you shouldnt get involved,” Sun Ning said.

“I think theyre bullies who think were easy to bully just because were students!”

“Right, we need to get an explanation for this!” The other guy said.

Lin Yi was helpless.

Wasnt he handsome, rich, and well-educated Was there a need to push him around like this

Just as Zhao Weiran and Zhang Jian were arguing, Bi Songjiang walked over alongside a few executives.

“Our manager is here.

If theres anything, you can tell him,” the female receptionist said.

Seeing Bi Songjiang, Zhang Jian smiled.

“Dont bother, even if you give in now, Ill still file a complaint!”

“This female receptionist is really too infatuated.

Isnt she risking her job” The onlookers said.

“Just because hes good-looking, she dares to talk back to customers.

I guess she wont be able to keep her job.”

“There are idiots every year, but there are a lot of them this year.

She offended the god of wealth.

It serves her right!”

Just as everyone was discussing, Bi Songjiang walked over with his people.

Zhang Jian was about to step forward to speak when he saw Bi Songjiang standing in front of Lin Yi.

“Boss Lin, why didnt you tell me you were coming so I could pick you up”


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