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Yun Jieming laughed, “If Director Qi is worried about this, then youd be overthinking.”

After saying that, Yun Jieming looked at Liu Chu, “Director Liu, youre the expert when it comes to the chip technology.

Explain it to Director Qi.”


Liu Chu straightened his expression and smiled at Qi Xianzhao, “Director Qi, in terms of technology, I can assure you that our scientific research level is definitely the best in the industry.

Even the research institutes controlled by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Science Institute are far behind us.

Our level of technology is definitely not a problem.

At the very least, no one will surpass us in the next five years!”

Liu Chu was certain of this because of the patented technology in his hands!

Even if Longxin could develop it in a short time, these patents were his trump card!

If they released the same technology as Chip 1.0, it would be an infringement!

In the end, they would be forced to stop.

Thinking of this, Liu Chus lips curled into a faint smile as he cursed in his heart:

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“Damn it, fire me will you From now on, I will make sure that Longxin will never be able to rise again!”

“Are you sure that no one will surpass you” Qi Xianzhao said, “As far as I know, Longxin is also an outstanding player in this area, so dont talk big.”

Qi Xianzhaos professionalism surprised Yun Jieming and the others.

They did not expect him to know so much about scientific research.

It seemed that this person did not rely on his connections to become the vice president.

He had real talent.

“Director Qi, what you know is only on the surface.” Liu Chu said,

“To tell you the truth, I have worked in the Longxin Research Institute before.

I Can put my hand on my heart and assure you that Longxin is a full-fledged fraud of a company.

Every piece of technology of theirs was plagiarized in one form or another.

It was because I did not want to be associated with them that I left in anger and finally came to Cisco.”

He Yuanyuan looked at Liu Chu with interest.

Although she did not know how capable this person was, he had the potential to be a businessman.

He was really shameless.

“Since Director Liu said this, I am relieved,” Qi Xianzhao said, “I think we can sign the contract.”

Yun Jieming and Yan Hongyus eyes lit up.

They did not expect the negotiation to go so smoothly!

“Director Qi is really straightforward.

I will get someone to prepare it now!”

“Director Yun, dont be anxious.

Before you prepare the contract, I have another request to make,” said Qi Xianzhao.

“Director Qi, you said that as long as it is within my capabilities, it will not be a problem.”

“In order to ensure our mutual interests, I wish to add a clause in the contract, a guarantee regarding the advancement of the chip.”

Yun Jieming and the others present were all confused, not quite understanding what Qi Xianzhao meant.

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“Its very simple, this is to guarantee that no one will be able to surpass your products within a year!”


Everyone in the meeting room was silent.

According to the advancement the domestic chip industry forget a year, even within the next five years, it was unlikely that anyone would be able to surpass them.

However, nothing was absolute.

In this matter, the possibility still existed.

Just like someone saying that Mars would collide with Earth tomorrow.

It was extremely unlikely, but kind of thing could happen.

Because no one could predict the future, no one knew what would happen tomorrow.

However, Yun Jieming and Yan Hongyu were both old foxes in the business world.

They still wanted to leave a way out for themselves.

It had to be said that this person called Qi Xianzhao really had some skill, as he identified the most crucial point in an instant.

“Director Qi, do we really have to add this”After a few seconds of silence, Yun Jieming asked.

“This request isnt too much, right” Qi Xianzhao said plainly,

“We came with sincerity, dont tell me Director Yun cant even bring out this bit of sincerity to match us”


Qi Xianzhaos gaze swept over Yun Jieming and the others one by one.

“The few of you are so hesitant.

Could it be that theres something about your technology thats fake” Qi Xianzhao said,

“I remember that you guys just said that within the next five years, no one will be able to surpass you.

My request is only to guarantee a years worth of industry control.

Could it be that you cant even do this”

As he spoke, Qi Xianzhao stood up, his expression cold.

“Yuanyuan, lets go.

Theres no need to continue talking.”

“Eh eh go”

He Yuanyuan was dumbfounded.

What was going on

This was not part of the script!

It was going fine, why did you add so much drama by yourself

Before He Yuanyuan could react, Yun Jieming stood up, smiled apologetically, and stopped Qi Xianzhao.

“Director Qi, please dont be angry.

Your request isnt too much, well agree to it.” Yun Jieming said, “Ill get my secretary to add this clause to the contract.”

“Its too late!” Qi Xianzhao said, “Your attitude just now has already made me suspicious.”

He Yuanyuan was at a loss.

Brother Qis acting was too real.

She couldnt follow up in the rest of the scenes.

No wonder Boss Lin wanted Brother Qi to play the role of vice president.

Did Mo Fei take a fancy to his potential

To perform at this level, a person without any talent would find it impossible.

“Chairman Qi, I understand your concerns.

In order to express our sincerity, I can promise you that if we cant guarantee the domination of our product over the next year, we will pay three times the contract amount as a penalty!”

“Three times” Qi Xianzhao sneered, “Just three times, do you think my face is so worthless”

“Then five times!” Yun Jieming said, “Director Qi came with sincerity, so please believe in our Ciscos sincerity!”

Qi Xianzhaos expression was moved, “Get someone to prepare the contract.”


Seeing that Qi Xianzhao did not pursue it further, Yun Jieming was relieved.

Qi Xianzhaos expression was calm as he fiddled with his phone.

“The contract amount is 3 billion!”

3 billion!

Hearing this number, Ciscos people were dumbfounded!

No one expected Qi Xianzhao to say such an astonishing number!

Not only Ciscos people were dumbfounded, He Yuanyuan was also dumbfounded!

Before they came, Lin Yi said 1 billion.

How did you increase it to 3 billion

Could it be that he was too engrossed in his character and went crazy

Things could easily go wrong!

He Yuanyuan couldnt stand it anymore.

For the sake of the bigger picture, she said,

“Chairman Qi, I think its better to be a bit more conservative.

If we sign an order for three billion in one go, it will have a lot of negative effects on the companys future business development.”

“I know your worries,” Qi Xianzhao said.

“Youre afraid that Ciscos chip wont undeniably lead the industry over the next year.”

He Yuanyuan didnt know how to act anymore.

This was because every word Qi Xianzhao said went beyond the scope of the script.

She could only accompany him and improvise.

I dont know this question.

Its too damn difficult!


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