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Lin Yis words caused a huge commotion.

No one expected him to open his mouth at this time.

Everyones eyes fell on him.

“What nonsense are you talking about Were following the rules!” Duan Ping said.

“Shut up, hes just an assistant manager.

Why are you worshipping him so crazily Wouldnt it be better to find someone even more awesome to worship”


Liu Shuang narrowed his eyes, his eyes full of viciousness.

“Youre still young but have a temper.

If youre so capable, why do you have to work for us Leave now!”

“I wont keep wasting your time, Ill leave you here.” Lin Yi stretched lazily as he walked to the door.

“Oh right, theres something I forgot to tell you guys.

I recorded the conversation just now with my phone.

I want everyone to see how a mere assistant manager can act cool.”

“You recorded it!”

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Liu Shuang and Duan Ping widened their eyes.

No one thought that Lin Yi would do something like this.

If this recording was posted on the Internet, it would be trending the next day.

The only thing waiting for them then was to be fired!

“Kid, hand over the recording and I wont hold this against you!” Liu Shuang threatened.

“If you wont hold it against me, Ill hold it against you.” Lin Yi said as he stood at the door.

“Issuing such an interesting demand will make you famous in front of the whole country again.”

Liu Shuang clenched his fists, his eyes looking like they were about to spit fire.

“Dont be so shameless.

This is our Meituan building.

If you dont hand over the thing, you might not be able to walk out today!”

“Id like to see which one of you can stop me.”

“Duan Ping, get someone to stop him.

Dont let him leave!”

“Got it, Manager Liu.”

Duan Ping took out her phone and dialed the front desk.

“Im in the conference room on the third floor.

Bring all the security guards here!”

“Roger!” The intercom replied.

In less than three minutes, a large group of security guards rushed up from the stairwell.

“Its this kid! Get his phone for me!” Liu Shuang ordered.

“Got it, Manager Liu!”

The dozen or so security guards rushed up together.

They didnt waste any more words and were about to snatch Lin Yis phone.

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“What are you doing!”

Just at the critical moment, a delicate voice came from behind the security guards, stopping them from acting.

Lin Yi raised his head and saw He Yuanyuan coming out of the elevator!

At the same time, He Yuanyuan also spotted Lin Yi.

She felt like a headache coming.

Couldnt her boss be a little more normal

Youre worth hundreds of millions, why did you come here to experience life Isnt this interesting enough

He Yuanyuan came here today with the intention of quitting her job.

However, she saw Lin Yis Koenigsegg parked in the parking lot downstairs.

At first, she was a little puzzled as to why the boss was here.

She only found out after asking around that there was a training session for the riders today.

That was why she rushed over before she resigned.

She didnt think that something would really happen.

It was really worrying to have such a boss.

“President He, youre here.”

Seeing He Yuanyuan, Liu Shuang walked over in a flattering manner.

“I havent seen you for a few days.

Youre getting more and more beautiful.”

He Yuanyuan was the chief financial officer of Meituans Zhonghai branch.

She was almost on the same level as the vice-chairman.

She was definitely not someone a small manager like Liu Shuang could compare to.

“Whats going on What is the cause of all this disgraceful commotion!”

“President He, its like this.

I was holding a meeting for these riders just now.

This kid secretly recorded the contents of the meeting.

I was afraid that other accidents would happen, so I called people over.”

“I dont want to listen to that nonsense.

Pack your things and leave,” He Yuanyuan said expressionlessly.

“President He, you dont have to say it.

I have already fired him.

A person like him is not qualified to be one of our riders.”

“What I mean is that you have been fired.

Leave now.

Dont waste any more of my time.”

“I, I have been fired”

Liu Shuang stood rooted to the ground, as if he could not believe his ears.

This was not a big deal at all, and it happened often.

Why did the director fire him

“President He, did I hear you correctly I didnt do anything.

Why did you fire me”

“Your behavior has seriously damaged the companys image.

How dare you ask me why I fired you What are you thinking”

“President He, dont misunderstand.

Actually, this matter is not manager Lius fault at all.”

He Yuanyuan looked at Duan Ping.

“Stop talking.

The two of you can leave together.”

Duan Ping, “…”

“What are you waiting for Do you want me to say it again”

“Yes, yes, President He.

Ill report to the HR department right away.”

Seeing Liu Shuang and Duan Ping leave with their tails between their legs, all the riders felt happy.

He Yuanyuan gave Lin Yi a look and the two of them went to the stairwell together.

“President Lin, please save me the trouble.” He Yuanyuan said with tears in her eyes.

“My account was sealed, and they said that I could only unlock it after the training, so I came here.”

“Why didnt you just tell me I havent resigned yet, and Im still the CFO of Meituan.

Unlocking your account will take just a sentence.

Why did you have to come here personally” He Yuanyuan said as she rubbed her temples,

“Do you know how sad I am as an employee when a leader does such a shameful thing” He Yuanyuan asked

“Thats why I didnt tell you.”Lin Yi put his hands in his pockets.

“Im the boss of the company, after all.

Its so embarrassing to have my subordinates help me settle things.” Lin Yi looked at he Yuanyuan and continued.

“What are you doing here” He asked

“Didnt you tell me to resign I came today to do just that.

If I didnt see your car downstairs, I wouldnt even know you were here.” He Yuanyuan replied.

“Alright, enough with the nonsense.

Go and quit your job.

Pay attention to what youre doing.

Dont even think about getting paid if something goes wrong.”

“Dont think you can bully people just because youre handsome.”He Yuanyuan said.

Lin Yi looked at He Yuanyuan.

“My confidence isnt because Im handsome.”

“Then what is it”

“Im not only handsome, but also rich.”

He Yuanyuan, “…”

Wheres my knife!

In order to live a few more years, He Yuanyuan stopped talking and brought Lin Yi to the personnel department.

Just as they arrived at the personnel department, they happened to see Liu Shuang and Duan Ping who had just completed their resignation procedures.

“He… President he… youre here…”

Although they had resigned, their fear towards the higher-ups didnt disappear for a moment.

This made Liu Shuang and Duan Ping respect He Yuanyuan even more.

He Yuanyuan nodded and turned to the personnel manager:

“Give me a resignation document.

Im here to resign.”

Liu Shuang and Duan Ping were both stunned.

“You… Youre here to resign”

“Thats right.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Before she resigned, she also fired the both of you.”


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