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They drove to Villa Number One and got out of the car.

A few minutes later, Yue Hai caught up with them, panting.

However, now, Zhang Song and the others were no longer in the mood to pay attention to anything else.

The garden design that was as green as the sea, the beach view, and the magnificent and magnificent single-family villa were all breathtaking.

“Boss, this house must be worth a lot of money,” Zhang Song exclaimed.

Such a big house must be worth hundreds of millions.

“Its not that much money.

This house is only worth a little over a billion.”


Zhang Songs mouth opened into an “O” shape.

Damn it, he thought that he could buy such a big house with only a hundred million.

He did not expect it to cost more than a billion.

The Yue siblings were secretly shocked.

They were so terrified that even their hairs stood on end.

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Living in a house worth more than a billion dollars came so naturally.

Zhong Hai was indeed a place full of hidden dragons and tigers.

Now, the Yue siblings didnt care why Lin Yi became friends with Zhang Song

They were thinking about how they could improve their relationship with Lin Yi.

This way, they could climb up the ladder and live the life of a rich person.


Lin, youre back.”

Zhang Song and the others turned around as they heard the voice

They saw a few people in uniform walking over with bags of things.

It was none other than the property manager of the Jiuzhou Pavilion, Zhou Xuan.


Lin, this is for the barbecue.

Here you go,” Zhou Xuan said with a smile.

Lin Yi called Zhou Xuan on the way back because he wanted to prepare for the second round of drinks.

“Thank you for your hard work.

You can go back and calculate the exact cost.

Ill give it to you when the time comes.”

“No, no, no.

Its not a lot of money either.

Dont stand on ceremony, Mr.

Lin.” Zhou Xuan said with a smile.

Lin Yi was the one who supported the entire Jiuzhou Pavilion.

It wasnt a big deal for him to spend some money on his boss.

“Thats different.

I dont like to owe people things, and you guys are working hard to earn money.

I cant let you guys suffer on my behalf.”

“Thank you, Mr.

Lin.” Zhang Song said

Zhou Xuan and the others left after giving him a smile.

“Its been so long.

You should be sober by now.” Lin Yi looked at Zhang Song and said.

“Put everything on the rack.

Lets go for the second round.”

“Boss, thats not good.”

“Whats not good You cant drink anymore”

“Thats not it.” Zhang Song looked around and said awkwardly.

“There are a few villas here, and all of the owners are rich people.

If we make the neighborhood a mess, wont it be troublesome for you”

“I cant believe youre worried about those useless things.” Lin Yi scolded with a smile.

“All nine villas are mine.

Even if you set the houses on fire, no one will come looking for you.”

“What did you say, Boss All nine villas are yours”

The three of them were in a mess, and they felt like their brains were short of oxygen.

Any one of the villas was worth more than one billion, so wouldnt the nine villas add up to close to ten billion

“Calm down.

Among the nine villas, only villa number one is so expensive.

The others arent as expensive as you think.”

“Even if its not that expensive, it shouldnt be that cheap.”

“Its not too bad, the cheapest Villa Number Nine is only eight hundred million.”

Zhang Song, “…”

Boss, let me kneel for you!

“Alright, cut the crap.

Put the things on the shelf.

I have a few bottles of good wine in my room.

Ill let you have a taste.”


Zhang Song rubbed his palms together and smiled wretchedly.

“Then I wont stand on ceremony with you.”

Lin Yi got up and walked towards Villa Number One, preparing to take out the wine.

“Zhang Song, whats up with your dorm boss Is he an invisible tycoon You didnt tell me before,” Yue Jiao said.

“I only found out today that hes so rich, “Zhang Song said.

“I didnt realize he was so awesome when I was in school.”

“Alright, lets not talk about what happened before.

But I have to remind you that you have to have a good relationship with your boss in the future,” Yue Jiao warned.

“Of course,” Zhang Song said matter-of-factly.

“Weve been sleeping together for four years.

Were on good terms.”

“What I mean is that you have to hug his thigh tightly.

Hes so rich.

If you follow him, your future wont be bad,” Yue Jiao said.

“When that time comes, Ill be able to live a good life too.”


Zhang Song was a little hesitant.

The relationship between the two of them was good, and that was not wrong.

However, if they were to start mixing in benefits and money, then the relationship between the two of them would not be so pure anymore.

“You are such a blockhead.

What is there to hesitate about Otherwise, with your little salary, when will you be able to buy a house Are you going to live in a rented house for the rest of your life”

Zhang Song, who was originally in high spirits, suddenly felt down.

“Ill think about it.”

“Whats there to think about!” Yue Jiao said with a straight face.

“Also, Lin Yi said that hell give you the Bentley Continental.

You have to take it.”

“How can I accept such an expensive gift Hes my boss, not my father.

He has no obligation to take care of me.”


“Enough, Jiaojiao, stop talking about him.” Yue Hai waved his hand.

“Come here, I have something to say to you.”

Yue Jiao glared at Zhang Song and walked to Yue Hais side.

“Brother, what is it”

“Dont waste your time on him.” Yue Hai said in a low voice.

“Ive already seen it.

Hes a useless bozo.

No matter how hard you push him, its useless.”

“He may not be a good person, but Lin Yis strength is obvious.

Unfortunately, Zhang Song is the only chance we have to curry favor with him.

We cant give up so easily.”

“Thats not what I meant.” Yue Hai said.

“What I meant was to ask you to change your target.”

“Change your target” Yue Jiao didnt understand.

“To what”

“To Lin Yi, of course.” Yue Hai said with shifty eyes.

“Your looks and figure arent bad.

Think of a way to get close to Lin Yi.

Hes single, so you have a great chance.”

Yue Jiao stared at him, feeling enlightened.

“Bro, youre not thinking of me dumping Zhang Song and getting together with Lin Yi, are you”

“Thats what Im saying.” Yue Hai said.

“Lin Yi is better than that idiot in every aspect.

Why are you hanging around him Its a waste of your youth.”


Yue Jiaos heart was beating fast, and she couldnt calm herself down.


Lin Yis status aside, his looks alone were enough to make her lose control.

“Thats a good idea, but how can I take him down”

“I dont have a good idea on this either,” Yue Hai said anxiously.

“Come up with a way.

We only have one chance.

If we miss it, well be finished.”

Yue Jiao was silent for a few seconds before she finally said,

“I have an idea!”

“What Idea Is it reliable”

“Of course its reliable.”Yue Jiao said, “Wait for me here for a while.

Ill go in and look for him.

Ill definitely be able to take him down!”



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