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“Even if theyve prepared it beforehand, you should keep it,” Minghui said.

“You dont need it this time, but you can still use it in the future.”

“Youre right.”

Antai touched his pocket and took out two boxes of Durex.

One was super thin, and the other had floating dots.

Lin Yi was about to give this so-called father-in-law a thumbs up!

He really was a person who knew how to live!

“Actually, we came back this time because we were afraid that you guys wouldnt be able to take proper safety precautions, so we bought these things for you guys.

Now that theres nothing else, well be leaving first,” Minghui said.

“Mom, we really…”

“Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.” Minghui said.

“Your dad and I will be leaving first, you guys can continue with your work.”

With that, the old couple turned around and left.

However, before they left, Song Minghui paused for a second before leaving.

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“What are you looking at Are you so worried that you cant bear to leave” Ji Antai asked.

“Thats not the case,” Songinghui said.

“Qingyan is too open-minded.

She refuses to go to the clean bedroom and insists on going to the sofa.

When she has time, she has to clean her kitchen properly.”


Antai paused for a moment.

“If thats the case, then Ill have to clean my son-in-laws car.”

The room quieted down after the two left.

Lin Yi looked at the disheveled Ji Qingyan.

“Should we continue now that theyre gone” Lin Yi asked.

“Continue, my ass.” Ji Qingyan said, pinching her waist.

“Go do your own thing.

You go to the kitchen, Ill go change.”

“Are you saying that youre going to move to the kitchen instead of the sofa”



Qingyan went upstairs and changed out of her clothes and stockings.

She came down in loose pajamas with a pink apron in her hand, looking like a happy cat.

“Hehe, Lin Yi, you try this.”

Qingyan took the apron and tied it around Lin Yis waist.

“I bought this before, but it didnt work at the time.”

“Im not against wearing an apron, but can you change it to a different color”

“Pink is so pretty.

Ill take this one.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

“Go and cook, Ill help you cut the vegetables.”

“Thats not it.

Youll cause trouble here.

Let me do it.”

“Are you looking down on me”

“Yeah, Im looking down on you.”

Ji Qingyan, “…”

“Tsk, youre too kind.

Go cook by yourself, I dont care about you anymore.”

Ji Qingyan returned to the sofa, watching Lin Yi Cook as he cooked.

After about half an hour, Lin Yi came out with four dishes and a soup.

Ji Qingyans eyes lit up.

“Lin Yi, youre amazing, you made so many dishes in half an hour.”

“Wait, dont worry, theres still one dish left.”

“I cant wait anymore, I cant wait anymore.”

“Youre not eating the last one”

“No.” Ji Qingyan shook her head like a rattle-drum.

“Your Hangzhou pepper beef tenderloin is enough.

Its my favorite.”

“Alright then, Ill eat it if you dont want it.”

Lin Yi walked to the kitchen, opened the oven, and took out four golden caramel puddings.

“You, you made this”

“Yeah,” Lin Yi said matter-of-factly:

“I thought you liked desserts, so I made a few.

But you dont seem to want them anymore, so Ill have to digest them myself.”

“No, I said the wrong thing.

Let me have one.”

“Youre so fat, are you sure you still want desserts”

“Its fine, wearing stockings can cover the meat on your legs.”

“What about my waist”

“It has a girdle.”

“What about the fierce part”


Ji Qingyan stopped abruptly.

“Lin Yi, you tricked me again.”

Lin Yi chuckled and pushed the caramel pudding over.

“Eat more.

Let your meat grow where it should.”

“Cheh, you rascal.”

Ji Qingyan stopped bickering with Lin Yi and took a bite of the freshly baked caramel pudding.


Ji Qingyans eyes lit up as she waved her hands excitedly.

“Its so good.

Try it, its so good!”

“Is it that good Its just something I whipped up.”

Ji Qingyans string of rainbow farts made Lin Yi embarrassed.

“Let me try it…”

“Uh… wait.”

“Whats wrong”

“You shouldnt eat it.” Ji Qingyan took back the four crème brûlée pudding.

“You only made four, I dont have enough to eat.

You can eat the rest, the egg flower soup is pretty good, so you should drink more soup.”

Lin Yi, “…”

As she ate the creamy puddings Lin Yi made, a look of unprecedented satisfaction appeared on her face.

Her cheeks lifted and her eyes were sparkling.

“Lin Yi, why are you so good You know everything.”

“I cant help it.

Im just that good.”

“Yes, yes, very good.”

Maybe it was because the food was too delicious, but Qingyans appetite was amazing.

She ate four creamy puddings and a big bowl of rice, which was beyond Lin Yis expectations.

“Chef Lin, go lie down on the sofa.

Ill clean up the rest.”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony with you.”

“Of course.

Im a fair person.”

Lin Yi lay on the sofa and watched TV.

Meanwhile, Ji Qingyan put the rest of the food in the fridge and took out the fruit.

She cut it into pieces and placed them in front of Lin Yi.

“Im not eating the fruit.

Just get me a glass of water.”

Ji Qingyan rolled her eyes.

“Dont worry, there arent any stockings in the fridge.

Ive taken them somewhere else.”

“Uh, alright then.”

“Tsk, you were quite excited when you tore it up, and now youre complaining about it.”

Ji Qingyan got up and went to the second floor.

When she came back, she had a brown paper document bag in her hand.

“Whats this”

“The procedures for the foundation can be completed now.”

Ji Qingyan had a rubber band in her mouth and combed her hair into a ponytail until it was neat and tidy.

“After the account information is completed, Ill ask the finance department to send 10 million dollars to support your work.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Thank you for your hard work.

Open your mouth and Ill feed you a grape.”

Ji Qingyan opened her mouth obediently.

“Throw it accurately.

If it hits me, Ill bite you.”

“Dont worry, I was the star player in my class when I was in college.

My shot was very accurate.”

As he spoke, Lin Yi threw a grape, but it wasnt accurate.

It hit Ji Qingyans chin and fell into her collar.

“Lin Yi, didnt you say that your shot was accurate”

“It was a mistake.

Ill help you look for it.

Ill definitely help you take the grape out.”

“Get out of the way.

You only know how to take advantage of me.”

Ji Qingyan turned around and took the grape out of her pajamas before placing it on the coffee table.

Lin Yi took it and ate it.

“Why did you eat it Its dirty.”

“Its not dirty.

Its just that this grape is different from the other grapes.

It would be a pity to lose it.”

“Whats so different about it Didnt you pick it from a bunch”

“This grape has the smell of milk, and the smell of milk is quite strong.”



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