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“Since you dont have feelings anymore, whats the point of wasting time” Lin Yi said.

“Youre not that old right now, and your job is good too.

You have your own appeal if you want to get into another relationship.”

“I havent met a suitable candidate, have I” Wang Ying said with a smile as she rested her face on her hands.

“If you have such thoughts, I can consider it.”

“There is saying that Id rather destroy ten temples than destroy a marriage.

I cant do that.”

“Tsk, you dont even cherish such a good chance.” Wang Ying said with a smile.

She picked up a piece of shrimp and handed it to Lin Yi.

“Try it.

I ate it once before, and it was quite good.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Thank you, Sister Ying.”

The two chatted a lot after the meal.

It also gave Lin Yi a new understanding of Wang Ying.

No wonder she was always so close to him.

It turned out that their marriage had come to an end, and they were just wasting time together.

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After the meal, Lin Yi sent Wang Ying back.

“Driving is pretty tiring.

Why dont you stay here tonight” Wang Ying said.

“Id rather not, its not a good time right now.” Lin Yi said.

“I always thought youd be brave, but I didnt expect you to be so timid.” Wang Ying brushed aside her hair.

“Youre too scared to eat it even when its right in front of your mouth, even when you dont even have to take responsibility for it.

What a coward.”

Lin Yi turned around, pinching Wang Yings chin as he smiled.

“One has to pay attention to their morals, otherwise I wouldnt have been able to keep you around until now.”

Wang Ying smiled sweetly.

“Im glad you said that.”

Wang Ying got out of the car and walked into her neighborhood.

Lin Yi then drove home.

After swimming a few laps in the pool, he felt like something was missing.

He thought for a while before he figured out what was going on.

If Ji Qingyan was here, with the moonlight tonight, the scene would have been perfect.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz.

A WeChat message came through his phone.

He picked it up and saw that it was from the guy with smelly feet.

Pleated skirt, “God, lets play a game together.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Dont talk like that.

Be normal.”

Pleated skirt, “Im happy today.

A person I hate has been fired.

Ill never see him again at work.

Just thinking about it makes me happy.”

Pleated skirt, “I feel like I can surpass the gods today.”

Invisible chicken wings, “If you can even surpass the ghosts, thats the greatest gift you can give me.”

Pleated skirt, “Dont talk about me like that.

At least Im hardworking.”

Pleated skirt, “Hurry up and enter the game.

I cant wait any longer.”

He opened the game.

The moment he entered, he received an invitation from the other party.

With that, the two of them officially began their ranking journey.

(One hour later…)

Invisible chicken wings.

“Imf*cking convinced.

Ive played three rounds, and youve ranked bottom twice.

Im in my promotion series right now!”

Pleated skirt, “Dont scold me.

Maybe Im too excited, and am playing a little too wild.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Can you be a little smarter when you play games Has your IQ grown to become fierce”

Invisible chicken wings, “F*ck, Ying Zheng is super godly.

Why do you keep dying to him”

Pleated skirt, “Its because Im using Jing Ke.”

Invisible chicken wings, “What does that have to do with Jing Ke”

Pleated skirt, “Jing Ke always gets killed by Ying Zheng.

This is fate.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Fate my *ss.

Dont invite me to play games in the future.”

Lin Yi was so angry that he immediately logged out of the game.

He was supposed to rank up today, but she ruined everything.

Soon, he received a WeChat message on his phone.

Pleated skirt: “God, dont be angry.

Ill treat you to a meal.

You can pick any place you want as long as you dont get angry.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Not interested.”

Pleated skirt, “Dont! At least give me a chance to thank you.

I beg you.”

Invisible chicken wings, “It wont work even if you call me Daddy.

Get lost.”

Pleated skirt, “Daddy.”

Lin Yi, “…”

Invisible chicken wings, “Youre awesome, book a place.”

Pleated skirt: “How about tomorrow night at 5:00 How about the restaurant known as People by the Sea”

Invisible chicken wings, “Thats a western restaurant, right”

Pleated skirt: “Isnt the almighty used to Western Food”

Invisible chicken wings, “Im fine with anything.”

Pleated skirt, “Ok, Ill see you tomorrow.”

After chatting on WeChat, Lin Yi returned to Villa Number Three, where he would stay for the day.

He woke up the next morning, washed up, and drove to the university.

“Hmm Why is my desk gone”

Seeing that his seat was empty, Lin Yi asked.


Lin, have you forgotten Youre already the vice-principal of the school.

You cant sit with us anymore.” Shi Li said.

“Miss Shi, you have to change your manner of speech.

You cant call him Mr.

Lin anymore, you have to call him Vice-Principal Lin,” Li Xingbang said with a smile.

“Li Bro, dont make fun of me,” Lin Yi said.

“Just call me Little Lin.”

“No way, thats the rule,” Li Xingbang said.

“Weve already moved your desk into the inner office.

Just go inside.”

“No way” Lin Yi said.

“I dont want to sit with a female tiger in menopause.

I still want to live a few more years.

Help me move my desk out.”

“Who are you calling a female tiger”

Sugar walked in from outside and rolled her eyes at Lin Yi.

The office was completely silent as everyone turned to look at Sugar.

Her current state was indeed a bit like a female tiger.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as the atmosphere was in a stalemate, the school committees phone rang, breaking the awkward atmosphere.

“Hello, league committees office,” Song Jia said.

“Teacher, its bad.

Xiaoyu is going to jump off a building.

Come and take a look!”

“What Jump off a building!”

Song Jias voice was raised.

She was obviously frightened.

The people in the office were also frightened.

They all looked at Song Jia, wanting to know what was going on.

“Well, there seems to be a problem with work.

I cant explain it over the phone.

You and Teacher Su should come and take a look.”

“Okay, dont worry.

Well go over now!” Song Jia said, “Where are you now”

“In the house we rented.”

“Alright, calm Xiaoyu down, well go there now.”

“Jiajia, what happened” Song Jia hung up and Sugar immediately asked.

“Who called”

“Liu Yang called, but he didnt explain the situation.

They are in the house they rented.

He said that Xiaoyu wanted to jump off the building because of work.”

“Stop talking, Jiajia, Shi Li, lets go first.” Sugar looked at Lin Yi.

“You come too.”


At this time, Lin Yi did not argue with Sugar anymore as the four of them rushed out of the door.

They ran to the parking lot and got into Lin Yis car together.

“Wheres the location”

“People & Homes on Xuanqing Street,” Song Jia said.

“Whats going on Whos the one jumping off the building” Lin Yi asked as he drove.

“The girls name is Sun Xiaoyu, and the person on the phone was Liu Yang.

They were the top graduates of this year, and they rented a house after they left school.

I didnt think something like this would happen.” Song Jia explained.

Sun Xiaoyu had been the campus belle of the university, and her grades were excellent.

She could be considered one of the pride of the university.

Sugar and Song Jia knew everything about her, including the house they shared.

Sugar had had helped them find it, and the price was reasonable and cheap.

“You said just now that Sun Xiaoyu wanted to jump off a building because of work.

Where does she work”

“Director Lin should have heard of Sino-han Capital.

Its a very famous investment company,” Song Jia said.

“As an undergraduate, Xiaoyu was the first person in history to enter a company like Sino-han Capital.”

“Sino-han Capital”Lin Yi muttered.

Isnt this Qin Hans company

“Alright, lets not talk about anything else for now.

Lets go and see whats going on.”


When the three arrived at the house, they found that the area full of people.

The police had set up a cordon around the perimeter, and an air bed had been laid down below to prevent any accidents from happening.

They looked up and could clearly see a figure standing on the roof.

It was Sun Xiaoyu, whom Song Jia had previously mentioned.

“What are you doing Get down!” The police officer shouted.

“Hello, Officer.

The person on the roof is a student of our university.

Im her teacher.

Can you let us go up” Sugar said.

“We want to go up and persuade her.

This should be effective.”

After learning Sugars identity, the officers expression softened a lot.

“Wait a moment, Ill talk to the chief about this.”


“No need to talk, you guys want to come with me, right”

While both sides were negotiating, a middle-aged man said.

Judging from his temperament and tone, this man should be the chief.

“Thank you.”

Under the lead of the police, Lin Yi and the others were led to the roof.

“Miss Su, Miss Song, Miss Shi.”

A girl with short hair ran over with tears in her eyes when she saw Sugar and the others.

Sugars heart was pounding as she looked at Xiaoyu.

“Whats going on Xiaoyu was doing fine at work.

Why would she want to commit suicide”

“Im not too sure about the details.

I was on a break today and was sleeping at home when I saw Xiaoyu come back crying.

I asked her what happened and she didnt say anything.

Then, she went back into her room.

I think she had a fight with her boyfriend as they kept talking about work.

I think this might be related to work.”

“Okay, I got it.”

With that, Sugar took a few steps forward.

“Xiaoyu, calm down.

If you have something to say, say it slowly.

Your teacher will make the decision for you!”


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