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Zhao Qi and Zhou Genzhe were shocked when they heard this.


Lin is a teacher at the university”

“Thats right.”

The two of them looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

“Teacher Lin, may I ask why you decided to become a teacher at the university when you were able to purchase Longxin Research Institute and donate so much of its equipment”

“I have nothing to do at home.

I want to experience life in the university.”

Zhou Genzhe could not help but laugh.

“Teacher Lins situation is really not something we can compare to.”

Although his words sounded nice, Zhou Genzhe could not help but ridicule him.

He was already so rich.

What kind of life did he want to experience at the university

Could it be that he was sick of playing around with the young models in the club and now wanted to play with female students

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This was certainly a possibility.

“Teacher Zhou, youre too polite.

Im just an ordinary person.

Im not as powerful as you think.”

“Wow, this is such a coincidence.

I actually met one of my own.” Zhao Qi could not stop smiling as he said,

“Teacher Lin, you donated such a large amount of equipment and made an indelible contribution to the schools scientific research.

Dont work for the schools league committee anymore.

Ill give you a role as honorary vice-principal.

Its much better than being a member of the schools league committee.”

The so-called honorary vice principal was just an empty position without any real power.

Anyone who had contributed or held a certain amount of influence could be given such a position.

“Principal Zhao, youre too polite.

Im pretty good at working for the committee, and I dont want to be too high-profile,” Lin Yi rejected.

“Lin, I know youre a low-profile person, but I have to give you this honorary vice principal position,” Zhao Qi said.

“Even so, I wont say anything about this.

Well do it in private.

Ill give you the certificate tomorrow, but on the surface, youre still be the secretary of the schools committee.” Zhao Qi said

Lin Yi was able to purchase the Longxin Research Institute, and he had donated so much equipment.

It was obvious that his identity was extraordinary.

He had to protect this newfound goldmine tightly.

He could not let him run away, or it would be a huge loss to the university.

“Since Principal Zhao has said so, Ill have no choice but to obey.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Its settled then.”


After a short chat, Lin Yi realized that it was getting late, and he was not going back to school anymore.

He was planning to go home and rest.

Right now, apart from his identity as a shareholder of Didi, he had a total of four properties under his control.

Zhong Hai International Racetrack, Peninsula Hotel, Wangjiang Dock, and Longxin Research Institute.

Currently, the first two industries did not suffer from too many ups and downs, but it also was not suitable for any big opportunities in the near future.

Thus, he had to focus on the renovation of Wangjiang Dock and the development of the chip.

Even with the support of the system, he still had a long way to go.

Ring, Ring, Ring..

On the way back, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was Ji Qingyan calling.

“Are you free tomorrow” Ji Qingyan asked.

“Why You want to ask me out” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I can think about it.”

“Youre so pretty.

Im not going to ask you out.” Ji Qingyan said proudly.

“The company is holding a press conference tomorrow afternoon.

If youre free, come and take a look.”

Lin Yi remembered what Ji Qingyan was talking about.

It was because of this press conference that she had previously performed ten s-squats.

It was interesting just thinking about it.

“This is the companys press conference, I dont think its good for me to attend.”

“Whats wrong with attending Whoever I tell to come has the right to come.”

“Alright, since President Ji has spoken, Ill definitely be there on time.”


“Tomorrow afternoon at three.

Its already agreed.

You cant go back on your word.”

“Dont worry, I got it.” Lin Yi said.

“We know each other so well by now.

Dont you know what kind of person I am I wont go back on my word.”

“Then its settled.”


After hanging up the phone, Lin Yi drove back to Jiuzhou Pavilion.

Thinking about it carefully, he realized he really had to go to the press conference tomorrow.

This was not because of the conference, but because he had to talk to Ji Qingyan about something.

Yaluo had been given the design of Wangjiang Pier, and the construction had to be outsourced to other companies.

There was no doubt that Chaoyang Group was the most suitable candidate for this.

After all, it was better to give Ji Qingyan the benefits than to give it to others.

Upon arriving home, Lin Yi did not go to Villa Number One, but Villa Number Two.

It was his house, so he could not be too biased.

He had to stay in every villa for a few days.


After taking a bath, Lin Yi took out his phone and turned on the game.

There were a few private messages inside, all from “Pleated skirt”.

Pleated skirt, “God, Im in a bad mood today.

Lets form a team.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Its normal, everyone has those days.”

Pleated skirt, “Ive told you so many times.

Im a girl.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Its all the same.”

Upon seeing the reply, Sugar was stunned and said to herself, “Could he mean the same effect as that”

Pleated skirt, “Lets not talk about it.

Lets start the game and kill some time Im in a bad mood.”

Invisible chicken wings, “I can bring you, but you have to behave.

Dont show off.”

Pleated skirt, “I got it, God.


Invisible chicken wings, “Scram, scram, dont disgust me.”

After about half an hour, the three rounds of the game ended.

Although the process was not at all easy, they still managed to obtain three consecutive victories.

Pleated skirt, “God is amazing.

Its been a long time since Ive won three consecutive victories.”

Invisible chicken wings, “To be honest, other than professional players, there arent many amateur players who can carry you.”

Pleated skirt, “God, youve worked hard.

Why dont I treat you to a meal”

Invisible chicken wings, “A meal Do you think Im interested in gay men”

Pleated skirt, “Thats right.

Youve already led me to a diamond.

You should at least give me a chance to thank you.”

Invisible chicken wings, “I dont meet gays.”

Pleated skirt, “Why dont you believe that Im a girl Why dont I say something Youll know when you hear it.”

Invisible chicken wings, “Forget it, everyone uses voice changers nowadays.

I wont believe it.”

Pleated skirt: “Aiya, even if Im a guy, whats the big deal about meeting Its just a meal.

Youre not afraid of me, are you”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin and replied,

“Ive been too busy recently, well talk about it later.”

Pleated skirt, “Alright, whats your WeChat number, God Ill add you.

Its too inconvenient to contact you privately in the game.”

Pleated skirt, “Yeah, yeah, Ill add you now.”

Soon, Lin Yi received a friend request on his WeChat.

She really was a girl.

Her nickname was pleated skirt, and her head was like an adorable duckling.

She looked quite cute.

However, he could not see anything on her WeChat story.

Just like him, she had blocked all strangers from viewing her story.

Pleated skirt, “God, now you believe that Im a girl, right”

Invisible chicken wings, “How can I believe that Am I supposed to believe that youre a girl just because of a WeChat account”

Lin Yi soon received a photo on his WeChat.

It was a half-body photo of a woman.

She did not show her face, but her curvy assets were explosive, especially those two mountains.

They looked even bigger than Ji Qingyans.

Pleated skirt, “Have I proved myself”

Invisible chicken wings, “You dont say.

You actually look pretty familiar.”



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