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The Quality 2 duck egg soup was quickly prepared by Master Lin.

Zhao Moqing, Lin Fen, and Li Qing were all looking forward to it.

After all, these ducks were a mutated breed.

No one had eaten this kind of duck egg before.

However, Qin Lin knew that although the attributes of this duck egg were very good, without the deliciousness and texture, it should taste no different from an ordinary duck egg.

He took a sip and indeed could not tell the difference between it and ordinary duck egg soup.

However, the attributes of a Quality 2 duck egg 2 would definitely not be the same as ordinary duck eggs.

It was just that the effect was not shown on the surface.

The night passed.

The next day, Zhao Moqing sat in front of the makeup mirror as usual.

She suddenly leaned in front of Qin Lin in surprise.

“Hubby, is my skin very good this morning”

“Yes, it makes me want to take a bite.” Qin Lin looked over and nodded.

Wasnt that so She hadnt put on any makeup yet.

Her skin was clearly fair and translucent, and she looked a little more compact and delicate.

Actually, he felt something when he got up.

His face was clearly refreshed, which it hadnt been before.

It was obvious that it was a Quality 2 duck egg beauty enhancement 2.

The effect was clearly stronger than he had imagined.

Zhao Moqing looked at herself in the mirror in surprise.

“Professor Ren said that the duck egg has a beautifying effect.

I didnt expect it to be so effective.”

Qin Lin leaned over with a smile and hugged Zhao Moqing to his thigh.

He teased, “It shouldnt just be the effect of beauty enhancement.

There should be other effects.”

Zhao Moqing asked curiously, “What other effects”

Qin Lin leaned into Zhao Moqings ear and whispered teasingly, “Didnt you feel it last night”

“Ah!” Zhao Moqings ears turned red from Qin Lins words.

“What nonsense are you talking about so early in the morning”

Qin Lin smiled slyly.


It was not nonsense, but practical.

The benefits of nourishing the lungs and blood were not a joke.

The effects of nourishing the yin were even more serious.

Zhao Moqing looked at Qin Lins cheap smile and snorted heavily.

Then, she sat on Qin Lins lap and started putting on makeup in front of the mirror.

Actually, she still enjoyed Qin Lins little romance at home.

Qin Lin also looked at the game on the screen in his mind.

Other than the ripe crops, the willow leaf duckweed in the two paddy fields had ripened again.

This was already the third batch of mature plants.

The second batch had matured after the battle with Zhao Moqing late last night.

He had harvested and planted the third batch.

After harvesting the third batch of willow leaf duckweed, there were 20 sacks in the storage room, a total of 800 catties.

He continued to harvest the other mature crops and controlled the game character to head to the ranch.

There were round duck eggs lying on the floor of the duck house again.

Furthermore, there were more duck eggs than yesterday.

This was because the 50 ducks in the second batch had already grown completely.

He would bring them all out of the game today.

Qin Lin and Zhao Moqing ate breakfast together and went to the warehouse.

There was a lot to do in the morning.

Not only did he have to send the ripe crops to the villa, but he also had to take those willow leaf ducklings out of the game and transport them to the villa.

When Qin Lin arrived at the warehouse, he transported the ripe crops to the villa first.

After getting Chen Dabei to bring people into the villa, he drove back to the warehouse and instructed Chen Dabei to bring people to the reservoir to wait.

When he arrived at the warehouse again, Qin Lin immediately entered the game and moved all the 20 sacks of willow leaf duckweed out before transporting them to the reservoir.

When he stopped the car, Chen Dabei was already waiting with his men.

At the same time, Yang Dong was there.

Master Ma was also busy on the other side with his men.

Although there were four duck houses now, there was no harm in building a few more.

Qin Lin also instructed Chen Dabei, “Move all the duckweed out of the car and scatter them in the water.”

“Okay, Boss.” Chen Dabei nodded and brought people to move the 20 sacks of willow leaf duckweed down.

He used the bamboo raft to transport the willow leaf duckweed into the water again.

Then, he began to sprinkle the area from yesterday.

With yesterdays experience, Chen Dabei and the others were clearly faster today.

It took about the same time to scatter 20 bags as yesterday.

However, the area where the duckweed floated in the water was twice as big as before.

It looked even more spectacular.

From afar, as the water surged, it was as if there were clear waves dancing in that area.

This scene was already beautiful, and under the attraction attribute, it attracted even more attention.

Qin Lin took out his phone and took a video of that area.

His video-taking skills were very bad, but with the attributes of the camera, he realized that the video he took was still very good.

It actually had a hint of artistic conception.

Qin Lin was looking forward to the scene of this area being decorated with willow leaves and ducklings wandering around.

With that in mind, he hurriedly drove the truck out of the villa again.

This time, he was going to transport the ducks.

Before going to the warehouse, he specially went to buy a PVP tarp.

When the time came, he could wrap the entire boxcar in the tarp so that the ducks could not escape.

At the same time, he bought some wooden planks and wooden shelves and placed them in the car.

They were divided into three layers and could increase the number of ducks transported.

What he wanted to transport was not only those big ducks that had grown up.

He also planned to buy 300 small ducklings in the future.

There were a total of 400 ducks, and he might not be able to transport them in one trip.

It was enough to bring out 400 ducks from the game.

After that, he could cultivate the eggs laid by these ducks in reality.


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