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“You could test him, but how could you drug him Grandpa, think about it.

If his family had drugged me to test me and gotten a man to come into my room to do that kind of thing to me, wouldnt you be angry”

Su Guobang was speechless.

When she put it this way, he understood.

He got angry now.

If anyone had dared to do this to Little Jiu, he would definitely want to kill that person.

“Grandpa, think about it.

Are you very angry So dont do it again!” Su Jiu emphasized again.

Meeting her clear eyes, Su Guobang felt a little guilty.

However, he couldnt say anything to refute her.

He could only say, “Okay, okay, okay.

I was wrong, okay Dont be angry with Grandpa.”

Su Jiu smiled and patted his hand.

“I dont mean to blame you, Grandpa.

I know you want whats best for me, but you cant do anything bad.

You have to be honorable!”

Su Guobang snorted.

“Youre lecturing me because of that kid Im your biological grandfather.

That kid is not related to you by blood! You traitor!”

Su Jiu suddenly smiled again.

“Grandpa, although hes not related to me by blood, hes the one Im determined to spend the rest of my life with.

Hell also be my family in the future.

I know exactly what hes like, so dont make things difficult for him, okay If he treats me badly, you wont even have to worry.

Ill be the first to kill him.”

“You trust that kid that much”

Su Jiu confidently nodded.

“Yes, Grandpa.

Ive already decided on him.”

Su Guobang looked at her for a long time, then sighed.


Since thats what you want, I wont stop you.”

Su Jius eyes lit up.

“Really Thank you, Grandpa!”

Seeing her happy smile, Su Guobang felt a little helpless.

He reached out and tapped her little nose.

“Youre not married yet, but youre already siding with outsiders.

Really! I dont know what to say about you! You better have good taste.

Otherwise, if you get taken advantage of, dont come crying to me.”

Su Jius smile widened.

“I wont, Grandpa.

If anyone dares to make me suffer, wont they be courting death”

“Of course!” Su Guobang seriously nodded.

“Ill kill whoever dares to treat you badly!”

Su Jiu hugged him from behind.

“I know.

Grandpa is the best.

Thank you, Grandpa.

You have to promise me that you wont make things difficult for my boyfriend anymore!”


If I make things difficult for him again, youll be angry with me, wont you” Su Guobang couldnt resist her wheedling.

“By the way.

Do you want to see the recording and video from last night”

Su Jiu was stunned.

“Grandpa, you even had recordings and videos”

“Of course.

How else would I know what the kid was like Fortunately, he didnt let me down,” Su Guobang said as he took out a flash drive and plugged it into his computer.

Then, a video file appeared on the screen.

When he clicked on it, Su Jiu saw the hotel room where the little villain was.

The image was not very clear, but she could spot a girl entering the little villains room.

Then, the girl said something to the little villain and leaned against him.

Just as Su Jiu was getting nervous, she saw Rong Si push the girl away with a cold expression!

The girl fell to the floor and stared at him in disbelief.

Although the girl looked pitiful, Su Jiu felt inexplicably happy.


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