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While Chu Feng was still dreaming, on the other side of the arena, the injured mecha giant descended back down.

Dongfang Hu was also quietly waiting for the second round of the assessment.

He had just passed the first round of the assessment, which meant that he was at least a third-rank sergeant.

Of course, Dongfang Hu would definitely not be satisfied with just this.

He would definitely continue to choose to challenge.

Soon, under the control of the silver-armored sergeant, the second round of the assessment began.

Just as Chu Feng was looking forward to what the second stage would be like, he suddenly felt the vibration underground.

The next moment, three tall mecha giants slowly rose from the platform.

Chu Fengs eyes widened in confusion.

The second stage… was this

To be honest, although these mecha giants were very strong, they were only equivalent to the Seventh-Turn Spiritual Abode.

In the second round of the assessment, according to his guess, it should be at least an opponent equivalent to an Eighth-Turn Spiritual Abode, right

Otherwise, what difference was there

Even if the three mecha giants attacked together, they were actually only so-so.

They were far inferior to a true Eighth-Turn Spiritual Abode.

This was because these three mecha giants were not a single entity.

For some Seventh-Turn Heaven Martial Realm experts, it was very easy to defeat them one by one with some means.

After all, no one was controlling these mechas, so they were a little stiff.

In this way, luck was involved in this assessment.

It did not completely depend on strength.

This shouldnt be what the Great Emperors City wanted to see, right

Chu Feng was puzzled.

To the City of the Great Emperor, there should be no lack of Eighth-Turn Spiritual Abodes.

There was no reason for such an arrangement.

He looked at the others beside him, but no one looked surprised.

Clearly, they had seen it before.

Seeing this, Chu Feng suddenly became interested.

Could there be a secret that he did not know

At this moment, suddenly, the three mecha giants moved at the same time.

However, to Chu Fengs surprise, the three mecha giants did not charge towards Dongfang Hu.

Instead, they charged towards each other!

The next moment, the three mecha giants began to disintegrate in midair.

Immediately after, countless parts actually perfectly matched together!

Clang! Clang!

After a complicated fusion, a huge mecha giant more than 300 meters tall appeared!

Chu Fengs eyes widened as he muttered.

“Mecha… Fusion!”

“Damn, how can this be!”

This time around, Chu Feng was truly shocked.

This big guy could actually fuse!

As such, his original guess was completely useless.

Who knew how strong the giant mecha after fusion was

Chu Feng decided to stop talking.

He stared fixedly at the mecha giant.

The next moment, the mecha giant that had successfully fused raised its cannon-like single-target laser cannon and aimed it directly at Dongfang Hu.

A mechanical hum came from the mecha giants body.

“Beep… Charge complete.

Target locked.


In an instant, a pillar of energy charged towards Dongfang Hu with a scorching aura that swept through everything.

It was extremely fast!

Dongfang Hu did not even have time to dodge.

He could only raise his hands to block in front of him.

A transparent shield appeared on his arm.


There was a sharp collision.

This laser hit Dongfang Hu without reservation.

The effect was also astonishing.

He actually sent Dongfang Hu flying and injured him slightly.

One had to know that this guy was a Ninth-Turn Spiritual Abode!

He was a top genius who could fight against ordinary quasi-god experts!

Facing this shot, he was still sent flying.

Of course, his injuries were not serious.

Chu Feng could also tell.

After the three mecha giants fused, their strength was much stronger than an ordinary Eighth-Turn Heaven Martial Artist, but they had not reached the Ninth-Turn.

The laser cannon just now might be able to kill an Eighth-Turn Heaven Martial Realm expert, but that was all.

It could not cause fatal damage to an expert of Dongfang Hus level!

After releasing this cannon, the tall mecha giant seemed to have exhausted all the reserve energy in its body.

This time, he took out a dark blue energy crystal.

But before it could replenish its energy, not far away, Dongfang Hu rushed in front of the mecha giant in a few flashes and threw an angry punch.

He went all out.

Black light flashed on his fist.

With a punch, he directly knocked the exhausted mecha giant to the ground.

Once a creation like a mecha fell to the ground, it was equivalent to losing the ability to resist.

He could only let Dongfang Hu ravage him.

In the end, he managed to survive under the obstruction of the light curtain.

His core was not destroyed.

This meant that Dongfang Hu had passed the second round of the assessment!

This guy seemed to take it for granted.

He casually folded his hands.

Chu Feng was not surprised.

To Dongfang Hu, losing was a surprise.

However, Chu Fengs attention was no longer on Dongfang Hu.

Instead, he stared fixedly at the mecha giant lying on the ground, who was rapidly recovering after devouring the blue crystal.

At the same time, the big guy in front of him returned to being three smaller mecha giants.

This scene refreshed Chu Fengs impression of these mecha giants again!

This mecha giant that could fuse completely attracted Chu Feng.

The mecha giants would lose not because they were weak, but because their opponent was too strong.

On the contrary, among those of the same rank, these big guys were all natural warriors!

If there were a warrior controlling it, its combat strength would probably be able to rise to another level! Chu Feng had already begun to plan in his heart.

Was there any way to get some of these mechas and take them away!

They were too strong!

If three mecha giants were already so strong, what if more mechas fused together

How strong would they be

He wondered if he could exchange for some in the future with his military merits.

Chu Feng was filled with anticipation.

At the same time, he had roughly guessed the next assessment method.

If nothing else, more mecha giants would fuse, right

As if to verify Chu Fengs guess, the next moment, during the third stage of the assessment, a total of five mecha giants rose to the stage.

Without any nonsense, they instantly fused.

It directly formed an oversized mecha giant more than 500 meters tall.

On the other side, Dongfang Hu was extremely small in front of this giant.

He did not dare to be careless now.

Just now, the three mecha giants were already close to the top Eighth-Turn Spiritual Abode.

What about the five

Wouldnt it surpass some ordinary Ninth-Turns

Dongfang Hu was extremely solemn.

This time, the fused mecha giant did not choose to risk it all and release the laser cannon again.

Instead, it relied on its sudden burst of speed to fight Dongfang Hu!

His terrifying strength and powerful body were actually not at a disadvantage at all!

Even if he was punched by Dongfang Hu head-on, it would not hurt.

However, Dongfang Hu did not dare to let this big fellow punch him at all.

He could only dodge helplessly.

This made Dongfang Hu extremely aggrieved.

He could not help but roar.

“If a tiger doesnt show its might, do you think Im a sick cat!”

As he spoke, a black sword appeared in his hand.

Chu Feng muttered.

“Gasp… How could I have forgotten This guy seems to be a sword expert…”


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