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Mo Shenbais dark eyes were piercing as he stared at Xie Yumu.

His expression seemed to ask, “Are you tired of living”

Xie Yumu was so frightened by Mo Shenbais gaze that he quickly moved close to Yun Youwei.

Between food and survival, he sensibly chose the latter.

Xu Youyou chuckled.

“Earlier, you said you wanted to marry my daughter.

Now, you say you want to marry me.

It looks like youll grow up to be a playboy.”

Xie Yumu did not understand and asked innocently, “Playboy Does that mean I get to play every day”

Everyone was amused by Xie Yumus childish words.

Yun Youwei rubbed her temples.

She suddenly felt that even if she was not around, she would not have to worry about Xie Yumu anymore.

She and Xie Yumu were fortunate enough to meet a group of very, very good people.

After the meal, Xu Jialu washed the dishes without being told.

Xie Yumu, on the other hand, was so taken with Xu Youyous meal that he refused to leave her arms after she carried him.

Mo Shenbai and Yun Youwei stood by the window as he said, “You should be hospitalized for treatment.”

Yun Youweis condition was getting worse.

Staying home would not help her.

Yun Youwei glanced at Xie Yumu, who was playing with Xu Youyou, and said, “Mumu doesnt know that Im sick.

I want to stay with him for a little longer.”

Most importantly, Yun Youwei was afraid that after she was hospitalized, she would not be able to leave the hospital again.

Mo Shenbais eyes were dark, and his voice was cold as he said, “Recently, the Xie family has been in chaos.

I dont know if both of you will be targeted.

Be careful when you go out.”

Yun Youwei nodded slowly.

As though she was recalling something, a mocking smile appeared on her face as she said, “Back then, they refused to acknowledge Mumu.

Now and in the future, they should forget about bringing Mumu back to the family.

He has nothing to do with that family.

Hes simply my and Tingxis child.”

Mo Shenbai nodded.

“Ive already made arrangements at the hospital.

You can go there anytime you want.

You dont have to worry about Xie Yumu.

Ill bring him to Moon Pavilion.”

Yun Youwei felt her throat tighten before she finally said with great difficulty, “Thank you.”

“No need.”

Yun Youwei was silent for a while.

Then, she said lightly, “Mo Shenbai, I used to hate you.

I used to think that you caused Tingxis death.”

Mo Shenbais expression did not change as he replied indifferently, “I know.”

Yun Youwei continued to say, “However, I dont hate you nor blame you anymore.

What happened was an accident.

No one wanted it to happen.

Moreover, youve done enough for us mother and son over the years.

Previously, I only wanted to be Mrs.

Mo to ensure Mumus future.

I apologized for the words I said at that time.”

“You dont have to apologize,” Mo Shenbai said, “Ill protect Mumu to the best of my ability.

Ive invested whatever Tingxi left for him, and its enough to put him through university at the very least.”

Although Xie Tingxi left the Xie family, he still had some assets to his name.

They were left to Yun Youwei, and Mo Shenbai had helped her to invest them.

All these years, he had only made money.

This was also the reason she did not have to work but was still able to let her son live a good life.

Yun Youwei nodded.

“With you and Youyou around, Im not worried.”

She no longer addressed Xu Youyou as Mrs.


Since it was getting late, Xu Youyou and Mo Shenbai prepared to leave.

Xie Yumu was reluctant to let Xu Youyou go.

He asked her when she would visit him again.

Mostly he wanted her to cook for him again.

Xu Youyou bent down and pinched Xie Yumus chubby cheeks.

His skin was soft and tender.

She wondered if that was why Mo Shenbai liked pinching her cheeks as well.

She said, “Be good.

If you promise not to be naughty and mess up my studio again, Ill invite you over to my house as a guest in a few days.”

Xie Yumu smiled embarrassedly.

For the sake of good food, he lowered his head and said, “I was wrong.

I promised I wont do such things in the future.

Can you still cook for me”

Xu Youyou agreed readily.

“Okay! Lets pinky promise!”

Xie Yumu was very happy as he hooked his pinky around Xu Youyous pinky.

With that, the duo decided to meet in Moon Pavilion in a few days.

Yun Youwei was weak.

The wind was too cold so she did not send them out.

Instead, Xu Jialu followed them to the elevator to see them off.

Xu Youyou really wanted to ask Xu Jialu what happened between him and Su Lanxu, but he walked them to the elevator and turned to leave immediately.

She lowered her gaze, and her expression was slightly gloomy.

“Whats wrong” Mo Shenbai asked, patting her head.

“I know my brother pities Yun Youwei and Mumu.

However, I cant help but imagine how sad Lanlan would be when I see him taking care of Yun Youwei like this…”

Between Su Lanxu and Yun Youwei, it was natural that the scales in Xu Youyous heart were tilted in Su Lanxus favor.

“If Xu Jialu doesnt like her, its a good thing that she knows about it now instead of later…”

Xu Youyou raised her head and said gloomily, “Do you also think my brother doesnt like Lanlan”

“I dont know if your brother will ever like someone in that manner,” Mo Shenbai replied bluntly.

Xu Youyou tried to imagine her brother liking someone, and she felt even more said, “I cant imagine it either.”

“Dont think about it,” Mo Shenbai said as he gently poked her forehead, “I heard what you said earlier.”


“I heard you inviting Xie Yumu to Moon Pavilion earlier,” Mo Shenbai said, reminding her of her earlier words.

The elevator door opened.

Xu Youyou followed him in and said, “Oh.

Moon Pavilion is so big.

It doesnt matter if hes there.

As long as he doesnt mess up my studio, its fine.”

Her studio was her bottom line.

“So magnanimous” Mo Shenbai asked.

“Of course! Im your girlfriend after all!” Xu Youyou smiled brightly.

“Itswife,” the petty man reminded her.

Xu Youyou only pursed her lips.

“However, Mom and Dad…” Mo Shenbai said hesitantly.

“Although my parents are against my brother marrying Yun Youwei, they wont target a child.

They wont mind you taking care of Xie Yumu.

Moreover, you have me on your side,” Xu Youyou said confidently in a crisp voice.

Her parents loved her so much so she knew she could persuade them.

Mo Shenbais eyes shone as he said, “Thank you.”

Letting Xie Yumu stay in Moon Pavilion was not as simple as adding another set of cutleries to the dining table.

After all, he could not control public opinion.

It was inevitable for unsavory rumors to appear.

“Why are you thanking me Just take it as practicing ahead of time,” Xu Youyou said nonchalantly.

Mo Shenbais eyes lit up.

Then, he asked ambiguously, “Practice”

Xu Youyou looked embarrassed.

She did not reply.

Instead, she said, “With your cold expression and attitude that screamsI hate the world, even if we have children in the future, they definitely wont like you!”

Mo Shenbai said indifferently, “Its enough as long as you like me.”

Xu Youyou: “…”

When the duo exited the building, Cang Ming was already waiting upfront.

After getting into the car, Mo Shenbai held her hand.

It was soft and beautiful.

Then, he asked, “Do you prefer sons or daughters”


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