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As the old mans voice fell, a vast ocean-like spiritual energy burst out from his slightly hunched body and actually forcefully shattered the red light that was close to his eyes.

Not only that, the remaining spiritual energy also whistled towards the mans position.

Caught off guard, the man was sent flying more than a thousand feet away before he managed to stop himself.

Gu Xi could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

He had defeated an early-stage Great Saint stage outer realm demonic race with a single strike.

Clearly, this old mans cultivation level was higher than his!

At the same time, a beautiful figure rushed over from afar and stopped beside the old man.

“Is this the outer realm demonic race It doesnt look like much.”

Hearing this, the old man did not know whether to laugh or cry, but his expression quickly returned to a serious look.

The outer realm demonic race had once again arrived on the mainland.

This matter was no small matter.

“Its you”

Behind the two of them, Gu Xi could not help but speak in surprise as he looked at the woman before him.

This woman was the woman he had sensed when he was on the planar battlefield earlier!

“I didnt expect to meet you here, Grand Champion.”

The woman glanced at Gu Xi behind her and could not help but raise her eyebrows.

“Why are you here” Gu Xi asked with some confusion.

“We were passing by this place and sensed that there was a fight here, so we came here to watch the show,” the woman said faintly and glanced at Yun Zhiyi by the side, whether intentionally or not.

“Miss, there are foreign evil races here.

You two should step aside for the time being.”

Seeing that the two of them were chatting, the old man at the side said helplessly.

The woman did not try to be brave.

She nodded obediently and retreated into the distance.

“You should also retreat first.

We will take care of things here,” Yun Zhiyi also said.

Gu Xi nodded and also retreated.

After experiencing the life-and-death situation just now, he was now very respectful towards battles of this level.

If Elder Yun was not here, he would have already retreated.

Who cares about the outer realm evil clan or the invasion of the mainland In his opinion, these things were not as important as his own little life.

After all, if his little life was gone, who would occupy this mainland What meaning would it have for him

After Gu Xi and Elder Yun retreated, the two of them looked at each other and saw a trace of seriousness in each others eyes.

Even though they had the numerical advantage, they did not dare to underestimate an otherworldly demon in the Great Saint stage.

“Since thats the case, lets make our move.”

The elder smiled and a mighty pressure surged out from his body.

In the blink of an eye, it covered a radius of a hundred miles.

Elder Yun nodded and an extraordinary pressure burst out from his body.

The two different pressures had the same goal, charging towards the evil race from the outer realm!

“Two human Great Saints, tsk tsk tsk, what a headache!” Faced with the two of them joining hands, the mans expression was no longer as carefree as before.

It had become extremely grave.

Elder Yun said expressionlessly, “Since youre unwilling to reveal why youre hiding here, we have no choice but to wait until weve taken you down.”

Hearing this, a smile suddenly surfaced on the mans grave face.

The red light in his eyes became increasingly glaring.

He sternly said, “Do you really think that the two of you can keep me here Whether I want to leave or not, it will depend on whether I am willing to!”

The red light in the mans eyes had already become extremely glaring after his words sounded.

In the next moment, a strange ripple surged out from within his body.

Complicated blood-red lines gradually surfaced on the surface of his body.

Monstrous Blood Qi spread out, it filled this the entire area.

“This is bad.

Hes trying to leave!” Yun Zhiyi suddenly thought of something when he saw this.

He cried out loud.

The old man by the side reacted extremely quickly.

His body flashed and he appeared above the man as though he had teleported.

His shriveled arm, which was like a tree branch, extended out from his sleeve, he grabbed at the mans head below.

The man gave a strange smile in the face of the old mans attack.

The lines on his body immediately emitted a bright red glow.

Immediately, his entire body exploded in front of everyones eyes.

Immediately, blood and flesh flew all over the place.

This caused the old man to miss.

The explosion created an extremely wild and violent spiritual energy attack.

In the blink of an eye, it swiftly spread in all directions.

In just a few breaths time, most of the houses in the entire Jia Ping City had collapsed and turned into ruins.

Instantly, wails sounded everywhere, and a large number of people were killed and injured!

“Damn it!” Elder Yuns face darkened, and his figure also arrived at the spot where the man was, but he could no longer sense any aura here.

“He escaped through the spatial rift created by the explosion.

What a good method.” The old mans voice sounded slowly.

He had appeared at the side at some point in time.

His clothes were a little disheveled and he appeared to be in a sorry state.

As a cultivator in the middle stage of the Great Saint stage, he was almost injured when facing an outer realm evil race in the initial stage of the Great Saint stage.

Furthermore, he was allowed to escape!

“Its just a common tactic used by the outer realm demonic race.

I just didnt expect that this fellow would run away so decisively.” Elder Yun shook his head.

He could not help but feel a little helpless.

If he could capture this outer realm demonic race, he would have plenty of ways to pry open that fellows mouth.

“It seems that you have done a lot of research on the outer realm demonic race.”

The old man turned to look at Elder Yun.

There was a strange look in his eyes.

Elder Yun smiled without batting an eyelid.

“I just happened to read it from an ancient book.”

He would not be so foolish as to say that he had lived for more than 10,000 years.

That would only bring him endless trouble and no benefits.

After listening to Elder Yuns explanation, the old man chuckled and did not intend to continue asking.

Although it was his first time fighting with an outer realm demonic race, he was certain that Elder Yun before him was not a demon from the outer realm.

As for how Elder Yun knew about the outer realm demonic race, since he did not want to talk about it, he did not want to ask.

At this moment, two figures rushed over from not far away and stopped in front of the two of them.

“Elder Gu, did he run away”

The woman in green was the first to ask.

The old man known asElder Gu nodded in shame.

“The outer realm demonic race has returned to our human continent.

This matter is definitely not that simple.

They must be preparing something.” Yun Zhiyi spoke in a deep voice.

His gaze swept back and forth between the green-clothed woman and Elder Gu.

He continued, “Although I dont know where the two of you came from, since weve found out about this matter, its best to spread the news as soon as possible so that we wont be caught unprepared.”


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