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This was a serious matter.


Li nodded.

“Yes, its possible.

If an ordinary person were bitten, no matter how good and powerful they are, they wouldnt be able to endure for more than a few minutes! Jing Tian, youd better investigate how this snake got in.

Then, youd better ask everyone to be more careful.

This kind of little beast has usually been tamed before.

Once it bites a person, and the poison is discharged once, it wont be so poisonous.



Li glanced at Jing Tian meaningfully.

“There cant be only one of them.”

Jing Tian nodded immediately.


He pulled me back.

“Sir, well go back first.”

Before he could finish his sentence, a clamor came from outside the door.

“How is it Its been so long, but Jing Tian hasnt called an ambulance.”

“What ambulance I think he should have called for a hearse, right Thats a poisonous snake!”

It sounded like Jing Yan.

I opened the door with a swoosh.

“How did you know it was a poisonous snake”

Jing Yan, who was walking in front of me, paled.

“Ah!” she fell to the ground with a loud cry and sprained her ankle.


I looked at her calmly.

“Why did you wear those high heels if you cant walk in them You didnt have the guts to harm others.

How about it You must have been scared out of your wits by me.

Serves you right!”

Jing Yan had been a sarcastic person since she was young.

It was as if the whole world had wronged her, and she didnt like anything.

She had a good life and was born into the Jing family.

As the eldest daughter of the Jing family, she had no lack of supporters by her side, which made her even more arrogant.

The few branches of the Jing family wanted to step Jing Tian and his mother into the mud.

After being educated by the old master and Jing Tian, they stopped for a while.

However, after only a few days, they became the same again.

No one would believe that they didnt have anyone supporting them.

Not to mention anything else, it was obvious from Jing Yans attitude.

She immediately flew into a rage.

“Nanxing! Who are you talking about”

“You!” I was blunt.

I had already learned a lot from fighting with people like her.

Jing Yan was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

She had lost a lot of face.

“Dont think that just because you have seventh uncles support that youre so lawless.

Let me tell you.

You havent even entered the Jing family yet.

Youre not even a member of the Jing family yet! Our Jing family isnt that easy to enter!” Jing Yan looked behind me, and she didnt see anyone in the room, so she became even bolder.

I leaned against the door with my arms crossed, and I looked at her with a smile.

“Youre right.

The Jing familys door isnt that easy to enter.

How long has it been since youve tried to enter the Jing Family Its been too long.

I cant remember.”

Jing Yan choked.

The people behind her couldnt help but move backward.

I took a quick glance at them.

They were all young people from different branches of the Jing family.

I guessed that Jing Tians elder brothers and sisters-in-law had sent them here to scout the way.

If they came to the Jing family and caused a ruckus, if the old master and the old madam accepted them, that would be a happy ending for everyone.

After all, they were relatives of the old master.

Although they werent related by blood to Auntie Lan, they were all close relatives of the old master.

Even if the old master was angry, they could still come to him and beg for forgiveness.

This was an appropriate move.

It was a pity that this matter was handed over to an idiot like Jing Yan.

She was too thoughtless.

Jing Yan couldnt contain her anger and said fiercely, “God really has no eyes.

Why didnt such a venomous snake poison you to death”

The smile on my face disappeared.

Jing Yan hesitated and continued, “Youre a jinx! Youre the one who caused my seventh uncle and brother to be at odds! You should have been bitten to death by a venomous snake!”


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