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Apart from the three beasts, the Astral Spirit, Mirage Butterfly, and Dark-sky Azure Dragon that had already broken through to the true God level, the foundation of the Wild Bear, Mythical Tree, and Mystic Fall Fighter Jet had long been accumulated enough to break through.

Now, the six beasts and Chu Feng all poured their divine energy into the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

Then, the Ancient Tower used a non-consumption mechanism to convert the power and distribute it to the six beasts again.

Of course, it was not evenly distributed.

The vast sea-like energy surged out like a huge current.

The Wild Bear, Mythical Tree Lila, and the Mystic Fall Fighter Jet were quietly cultivating in the Ancient Tower of the Gods.

In the sea of divine energy, even though their eyes were closed when cultivating, one could still tell from their trembling limbs, the slightly raised corners of their lips, and the flickering red light that they were just excited.

They were not calm.

This was not difficult to understand.

After all, seeing their companions become stronger, it was impossible for anyone ambitious to be willing to be left behind!

To be honest, even without the Ancient Tower of the Gods non-consumption conversion mechanism, Chu Feng would have thought of a way to bring his beasts to the same level.

As a beastmaster who had multiple beasts, he naturally couldnt favor one over the other when he had the conditions.

Although many beastmasters, for various reasons, wholeheartedly trained only two or three strongest beasts, Chu Feng had both Unlimited Enhancement of an unknown level and the second talent of Beastmaster Divines Heart that was ungraded.

In short, his beasts could level up indefinitely!! Moreover, the stronger his beasts were, the stronger Chu Feng would be.

To him, whether there was a way out of this predicament or not, it wasnt a big deal! As long as there was a path leading to becoming the strongest, he would definitely be able to set foot on this path.

Even if there was no path, he would be able to walk a path that belonged solely to himself!

“Roar!” At that moment, the Dark-sky Azure Dragon roared towards the sky in excitement, rolling in the energy torrent that was relatively thinner.

The Mirage Butterfly and the Astral Spirit were also absorbing and refining divine strength.

The torrent that was allocated to each beast was mixed with the vast divine strength of the Beastmaster, so even the three beasts, who were already at the true God level, were unable to say no to this stream of divine strength that was emitting a familiar aura.

After fighting side by side for such a long time, they had already regarded Chu Feng as family.

Who could refuse a gift from their family

Even the teams big brother, the Wild Bear, wouldnt thank Chu Feng courteously.

It would only be more determined to follow its Master to death!

The six beasts were currently in the beast world, growing stronger!

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was lying on the swing, playing with the Ancient Tower of the Gods in his hands.

The mechanical component, which was originally not even a supreme treasure, was faintly glowing due to the vast divine strength injected into it.

[The Ancient Tower of the Gods has come into contact with a mysterious power.

Leveling up…]

[Leveling up progress 0.01… 1%… 4%…]

Although he had yet to get the result, Chu Feng could roughly deduce the result through his connection with the tower spirit.

Perhaps it will become a supreme treasure

This conjecture was inexplicable, but if it was true, then, in other words, didnt it mean that the power of his or his beasts contained the divine source

But whether it was the Blue Planets history books or the boundless sea of information in the illusory world, this point didnt seem to have ever been mentioned… Chu Fengs brows furrowed slightly as he fell into deep thought.

[… Leveling up progress 26.7%… 29%…]

[Master, not all artifacts and even humans and beasts can absorb the divine source contained in energy, so meager that it can not be sensed.

An existence like me might be an exception.]

Hearing this, Chu Feng frowned, “Might be”

The Ancient Tower of the Gods tower spirit answered upon hearing this.

[To be precise, Master is special.

You must have absorbed and refined a lot of the divine source, so the amount of divine source in your power is much more than ordinary people.]

[Now that you have poured your power into the tower.

Your beasts and I, as the tower spirit, can naturally sense it.]

[The Wild Bear and the others might not be too clear about it, but they should know that the power has great benefits.]

Then, the tower spirit continued to explain.

Chu Feng listened for a long time and understood.

Although 99.9… 9% of the divine source beads he had absorbed and refined before had been converted into divine source points to enhance his beasts, there was still a portion of it left in his body.

Just like how “the hand that gives out a rose has a lingering fragrance”, his body and soul were thus left with a trace of the divine source.

Even though it was an extremely meager portion that could not be felt and was like a drop in the ocean, it was still accumulated under the large number of divine source pearls converted.

Thinking of this, Chu Feng thought for a while and felt that the statement “my power contained the divine source” was not without a root cause.

From the moment one broke through to become a totem, the living beings of all races would be able to absorb the divine source from the universes origin.

The most common ones were the myth skills that were blessed with the divine source.

However, the majority in this world who possessed divine source skills had only absorbed a single digit of the divine source.

Even the immortal world venerables only had at most ten digits of the divine source! In contrast, Chu Fengs six beasts were currently absorbing at least more than a hundred digits!

“The key that allows me to cross levels and defeat true Gods may lie in the fact that my power contains an exceptionally high amount of the divine source…” Chu Feng thought of blood lotus God Venerable outside the Bloody Pagoda and felt that this was very plausible.

From the looks of it, the divine source could both strengthen ones body and attack the enemy.

Its miraculous use was probably second only to the origin of chaos in the universe!

With a thought, the progress of the Ancient Tower of the Gods upgrade was nearing its end.

The tower body of an unknown material was emitting a dazzling light…

Most of the vast divine strength that had been poured in earlier had been absorbed.

Occasionally, wisps of aura would leak out from the bodies of the six beasts, namely the Wild Bear, Mirage Butterfly, Mythical Tree, Dark-sky Azure Dragon, Mystic Fall Fighter Jet, and Astral Spirit… It was to the extent that the void was collapsing!! If not for Chu Feng setting up a barrier in advance, just the aftershocks of breaking through might have been enough to annihilate the Blue Planet in an instant even though they had been weakened countless times!

As he became stronger, the Blue Planet was like a piece of glass candy.

He was afraid that it would break or melt.

If he did not restrain his strength, he would be the biggest disaster in the history of the Blue Planet!

“Awoo…” The Wild Bear struggled in the desolate world.

Due to the divine and demonic bloodlines in its body, every level up meant that its body and soul would be reborn from the ashes… The more painful it was, the stronger it would be! Chu Feng wasnt the only one.

All the beasts felt the pain in their hearts.

They were a human and six beasts.

Although they werent recognized as family members with the same blood, they were much closer than ordinary families! Fortunately, the pain was finally over.

As the saying went, “the blade has to be sharpened, and the plum blossoms in the bitter cold”.

Only by breaking through the bottleneck of ones level could one become stronger!

Chu Fengs expression became slightly solemn as he quickly threw in a huge amount of divine source.

Strength, defense, speed, spatial, spiritual, illusion, plant, life, creation, elemental, dragon, war god, soul, energy, mechanical, origin, refining, and world attribute…

The six beasts and eighteen principles had all reached level 100!!

A terrifying shockwave spread out soundlessly.

Even the creatures of the Blue Planet, who were light-years away, felt as if they were being strangled.




The six beasts roared.

Their hearts were filled with pride and joy!

“Great, we have all broken through to become God Generals!”


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