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Chapter 1000: Cant Be Bothered To Get Angry With Him

“Why is that woman so shameless” Mrs Yangs eyes widened.

“Its her fault.

She even took the initiative to break the engagement.

How can she blame Sergeant Lu And she even dares to say that he owes it to her How shameless!”

“Look at what she wanted to do.

Shes even willing to throw her own son to his death.

That woman is ruthless!” Mrs Lin shook her head.

“Maybe she doesnt want to bring up a child after her divorce.

That was why she wanted to throw him to his death.”

“Were mothers, but Ive never seen anyone so ruthless.” Mrs Yang shook her head and sighed.

“Anyway, if it were me, I would raise my child even if I had to beg on the streets or to pick up trash.”

Mrs Lin and the other women tried to comfort Jiang Yao when they noticed that she did not look very good.

They told her that the matter had nothing to do with her, and it had nothing to do with Sergeant Lu.

She did a good thing when she scolded that crazy woman.

Then, Mrs Lin tried to change the topic.

“Did you notice the two people in the corner in that wind shelter Its Chen Feitang and her partner.

I heard from Old Lin that Chen Feitang is going to get engaged after the New Year.

The man is a local from Jin city.

Hes a young military officer from the Jingdo City Military Region.”

“Cousin Chen Feitang!” Mrs Yang scoffed.

“That woman is terrifying.


The entire army knew about Chen Feitangs incident.

Those who were well-informed knew that Chen Feibai was Chen Feitangs scapegoat.

Therefore, when Chen Feitangs name was mentioned, the women at the table looked disgusted.

“Is that really her” Jiang Yao had noticed a woman with her back against her.

At that time, she thought it looked like Chen Feitang.

However, they were in a small shop, and her companion seemed so ordinary.

Jiang Yao thought it was impossible for Chen Feitang, the Chen familys eldest daughter, to appear at such a place with such a man.

She had thought the person looked familiar, but she did not expect it was Chen Feitang.

So she was even more surprised when she heard that Chen Feitang would be engaged after the New Year.

When Jiang Yao saw him, she thought that it was a person who looked like a god from the back.

She didnt expect that it was really Chen Feitang himself.

When she heard from sister-in-law Lin that Chen Feitang would be engaged after the new year, Jiang Yao was even more speechless—Old Master Lin must have taken swift actions.

After dinner, Jiang Yao continued to shop with the other women for the whole afternoon.

When they went back, the car was full of New Years goods.

When they got into the car, all the passengers had one or two pairs of lanterns in their arms.

“Even though our backs are sore after so much shopping for the whole day, its much easier for us to follow Jiang Yao.” Mrs Yang smiled.

“Next time you go to the city, please remember to bring us with you.”

“Thats for sure.

I cant go to the city without any company.” Jiang Yao nodded in agreement.

“If youre going with your husband, then theres no need to bring us.

We dont want to be the third wheel,” Mrs Lin teased.

“Hmph, Im not going to go shopping with him!” Jiang Yao pouted and snorted.

“Dont be angry with him because of what happened just now.

It has nothing to do with him.” Mrs Lin was worried that Jiang Yao would be angry with Lu Xingzhi because of that womans situation.

So, she tried to comfort her.

“I cant be bothered to get angry with him.” If she had wanted to get angry, she would have done so a long time ago.

It was not like she had just found out about it.

Even though Jiang Yao held back her anger because of what had happened with Chen Lanying, she knew that she could not blame it on Lu Xingzhi.

He was innocent.

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