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Chapter 997: Retribution

“Dont worry, Old Zhus mission isnt that difficult this time.

If it werent for the urgency of the issue in his hometown, Old Lin said that Old Zhu had planned to return home after the mission had ended.” Mrs Lin comforted Jiang Yao.

Then she turned to Mrs Yang and the others and said, “Lets find a place to have lunch”

“I know a shop that has very delicious noodles.

It has just opened, and the soup is exceptional.

Its duck soup.” Mrs Yang nodded before she led them away.

Needless to say, as soon as they reached the intersection, they smelled the fragrance that came from the noodle shop.

When they arrived at the entrance, they saw that the place was packed.

They would have to wait for their meal.

The boss was also very good at his business.

He had set up a wind-proof shed outside the door.

There were already a few customers in there as they waited for their turn.

Jiang Yao followed behind Mrs Lin and the others.

When they entered, they were surprised to see two people there.

It was Chen Lanying and her husband, Lu Weihua.

Chen Lanying held her child in her arms.

When she saw Lu Weihua, Jiang Yaos eyes subconsciously looked for the other woman.

Just as she expected, she saw her by the window of a western restaurant just opposite them.

Then, she saw the obvious bulge on her abdomen.

The shelter was not small.

After Jiang Yao found a seat with Mrs Lin and the others, she did not look at Chen Lanying.

However, her attention was still on them.

She was surprised to hear Lu Weihua spoke to Chen Lanying about their divorce.

Perhaps that was the reason Chen Lanying was emotional.

She shouted at Lu Weihua, and her voice was so loud that everyone in the shed heard her.

“You said that you didnt believe that our child was yours, but the hospitals results have already proved that.

Why do you still want to divorce me After our marriage, Ive never let you down, and Ive never let your family down.

Why are you so ruthless toward me My parents asked us to bring our child to a hospital in Jindo City for a checkup.

The doctor said that he needs to be hospitalized immediately for treatment.

Why didnt you agree to that Look at him! Hes getting more passive recently.

If this continues, he will lose his life.

Lu Weihua, are you still a human”

Chen Lanyings roar attracted everyones attention.

Mrs Yang lowered her voice and asked Jiang Yao and the others to look at them.

“Lets see whats going on over there.”

“What hospital DNA test Who knows if you paid the doctor to do it on purpose to fool me” Lu Weihua did not expect Chen Lanying to roar so loudly; everyone focused their attention on both of them.

Lu Weihua felt a little embarrassed.

He slapped the back of Chen Lanyings chair and scolded, “You think I wouldnt know if thats my child Chen Lanying, were going back to our hometown tomorrow for a divorce!”

“Excuses! Excuses! These are all your excuses! You cant wait to kick us out of the house so that you will have room for your vixen and your b*astard child! Do you think that I dont know shes also here When we were at Jindo City for our sons medical checkup, that woman was hiding at her friends place in Jin City! That was why you brought us to Jin City! Lu Weihua, youre an animal.

You dont care about your sons life; you will be punished for this!”

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