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Chapter 996: He Might Be Out On A Mission

“Hes nothing like my husband.

Last year, someone asked my husband to write a couplet, and he was elated.

He said that someone finally appreciated his handwriting.

During the New Year, he was the first one to visit that friend, but the couplet on the door was written by Sergeant Lu.

My husband had to thicken his skin and asked what had happened to the one he wrote.

And the friend said that it was so ugly that he dared not put it up onto the wall.”

After Mrs Lin finished speaking, everyone covered their mouths and laughed.

Jiang Yaos heart was filled with joy when she heard it.

She knew that Lu Xingzhis handwriting was beautiful.

He had practiced calligraphy since he was young; if he had the time, he still liked to write in the study.

Jiang Yao remembered something from before she was reborn; she had a deep impression of Lu Xingzhis handwriting.

It was the only characteristic that Lu Xingzhi had that did not match with his rough man personality.

He would hide his usual fierce aura; with his head lowered and the brush in his hand, he looked somewhat scholarly.

When the stall owner heard their words, he knew that they would not buy couplets from him.

However, he was also a smart person.

He took a lantern and handed it to Jiang Yao.

He said, “You wont need any couplets since your husband can write them.

Perhaps youd like a lantern These are all hand-made; I got them from a Tianjin family that has made lanterns for a hundred years.

Have you heard of them”

“Yes, Ive heard of them!” Mrs Yang nodded.

“Everyone says that the lantern comes with a blessing.

If a new wife bought their lantern and hung them before the New Year, they would be able to conceive a fat baby.”

“Perhaps its a gift from the lantern” Jiang Yao laughed out loud.

She did not expect to hear such a magical tale when she was buying a lantern.

“Many people said that; it makes the lantern sound so magical.

Those who buy the lanterns and get pregnant with a fat baby are truly blessed.

But the craftsmanship of this lantern is definitely one of the best in the country.

Look at their skills and the materials used.

If you walk down the entire street, you wont find another one thats as good as this one.

The only reason I can get them is that my daughter is their youngest daughter-in-law.” The stall owner held the lantern in his hand and continued to praise it proudly.

“I bought this lantern last year.

It still works even after Ive kept it hanging for a year.

Even though its a little more expensive than lanterns from the other sellers, it has its advantages.” Mrs Lin turned to Jiang Yao and said, “You should buy their lanterns.”

Mrs Lin took the lead and ordered two pairs of lanterns.

One pair was to be sent to her mothers house while the other was for her house in the army compound.

Jiang Yao saw that the women also bought the lanterns.

Since the quality and style of the lanterns were excellent, she also ordered a pair of them.

Then, the few of them continued to shop.

The women strolled through the street the entire morning.

Since they still had many things to buy and she would not be able to return to the army for lunch, Jiang Yao gave Lu Xingzhi a call.

However, Lu Xingzhis phone had been switched off.

Jiang Yao let the women put their items in the car while she tried again.

“Cant get through” Mrs Lin said, “Well, Old Lin did say that Major Zhu had a mission for him today.

Perhaps he had gone on a mission”

“Yes.” Jiang Yao patted her head.

“Then he might really have gone on a mission.”

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