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Chapter 985: You Are Too Light

“You are too light, indeed.” Lu Xingzhi frowned.

“Did you not eat properly when you were home”

“Is your hand a weighing scale” Jiang Yao asked curiously.

She wondered why he changed his position to hug her.

It turned out that he felt she was too light, so he picked her up to weigh her carefully.

Jiang Yao thought that Lu Xingzhi was an amazing man.

She was only two kilograms lighter, but he could tell that she had lost weight at first glance.

Then, when he had hugged her, he could feel that she was lighter, indeed.

His eyes and arms were as accurate as a weighing scale.

“Didnt you eat properly when you were home” Lu Xingzhi sat down on the sofa and pulled Jiang Yao back onto his lap.

The next second, he raised his hand and flicked her forehead.

“What did I tell you before you went back”

Jiang Yao covered her forehead where he flicked her.

She stared at Lu Xingzhi with teary eyes and complained at the top of her voice, “You have treated me with less gentleness recently! First, you hit me when we were in Rong County, and now you flicked my forehead! Are you now revealing your true nature after were married”

“What true nature” Lu Xingzhi chuckled.

“Dont you know why I hit you in Rong County And now, dont you know the reason I flicked your forehead”

“Domestic violence!” Jiang Yao gritted her teeth as she emphasized the words.

“I only like to use domestic violence in bed,” Lu Xingzhi replied shamelessly.

One could easily tell what was on his mind.

“Hooligan!” Jiang Yao raised her hand to cover Lu Xingzhis face and jumped down from his lap.

“Ill mop the floor.”

“The water is too cold; let me do it.” Lu Xingzhi pulled her back again.

“Go change the bedsheets, then put the dirty ones on the balcony.

Ill wash them later.

You should lie down on the bed and rest for a while.

Well go to Colonel Lins house around five oclock for dinner.”

“Oh,” Jiang Yao replied.

Then, she went back to the bedroom.

After she changed the bedsheets, she did not want to rest.

She put the bedsheets on the balcony; she knew that Lu Xingzhi would not let her touch cold water in that weather.

After she was done, she sat in the living room and watched Lu Xingzhi mop the floor deftly.

Even though Lu Xingzhi was a man, he was not sloppy when it came to housework.

He could mop the floor cleaner than Jiang Yao, and he could do it faster than her too.

Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi were from the south, where they had a tradition—the men would take care of external affairs while the women would do the chores.

Many men would never do housework when they were at home; they thought that was a womans job.

Some would not even return a soy sauce bottle when they saw it misplaced in the kitchen.

However, Lu Xingzhi was not like that; if he could do something, he would not let Jiang Yao do it.

For example, if it were summer, he did not want Jiang Yaos hands to get rough from washing—she would need them for her surgeries.

If it were winter, he would not allow her to touch cold water.

Even though he was not a doctor, he knew that it was not good for a woman to touch cold water.

It would hurt her body if she were used to cold water.

“Put your feet onto the chair,” Lu Xingzhi said without raising his head as he dragged the mop toward Jiang Yaos place.

After she put her feet onto the chair, he quickly pulled it under the chair.

Then, he started to talk about Old Lius phone call.

“Old Liu told me that Sergeant Ge didnt report to the police station after he was discharged from the hospital, nor did he look for him.” Lu Xingzhi did not stop his hand movements as he spoke.

“Old Liu only heard about Sergeant Ges discharge from the hospital sometime later.

He must have left because he was afraid that the medical fees would be too expensive.”

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