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Chapter 972: Who Gave You the Courage

Inspector Liao and Officer Chen were also from Jindo City, and they were in charge of interrogating Madam Chai.

They quickly rushed toward the temporary command center when they learned that Lu Xingzhi had returned.

They did not move Madam Chai to a special room for the interrogation.

Instead, they placed two tables and chairs outside the room where she was held.

The room had an iron door where one could look through the iron bars to see the inside and outside of the room.

Lu Xingzhi sat beside Inspector Liao and Officer Chen like a steady clock; he kept watch.

Zhou Junmin would mutter to him from time to time.

“Chai Manwen, you used the Chai Enterprise to launder money, bribe, and cover Chai Xianglongs abuse of many underage girls.

You also threatened the victims families after the events.

Among them, Zhou Xiaochengs murder case is the most heinous.” Inspector Liao flipped through the documents in his hands.

“In this case, the victim, Zhou Xiaocheng, was raped by Chai Xianglong and a few of his friends, and the victim went insane after that.

Then, you told the police department to keep this under wraps and used violence to threaten the Zhou family to withdraw the case.

When Zhou Xiaoguang injured your sons bodyguard, you also used that as an excuse to detain Zhou Xiaoguang illegally.

You allowed Chai Xianglongs bodyguard to stalk and spy on others and even injured Mr Jiang and Zhou Xiaoguang.”

Inspector Liao realized that Madam Chais expression did not change when he said that.

He knew that it would not be easy to deal with her even though her son had only just died.

It was no wonder that a businesswoman could control the entire city for decades.

How could such a woman say anything and everything when someone yelled at her

“The Chai family had illegally kidnapped and detained the victim and their family members and also forced the victim to jump off a building.

When the victim was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, they bribed the hospital and the medical staff not to save her.

Instead, they were to let the victim die.

Every single detail of this case sent a chill to ones bones.”

The Chai family had turned Yuan City into their empire, and the commoners had lost whatever right that they had before that.

“I want to see my lawyer.” Madam Chai straightened her back as she sat up in her chair.

She only said those few words; she did not even raise her head to look at the people in front of her.

Even though she was not as frivolous as before that, she still retained her arrogance.

“Youre already here.

Do you really think that your lawyer can still act so freely at the moment” Lu Xingzhi sneered, though he did that so miserly.

At that time, anyone who had daily contact with Madam Chai was included in their investigation.

Then, one by one, they would be interrogated.

Madam Chai raised her head slowly to look at the people outside the iron door.

Her gaze finally landed on Lu Xingzhi.

“Third Young Master Lu”

Even though they had never met, Lu Xingzhi was not surprised that Madam Chai could recognize him.

He guessed that she even knew about his brothers.

“Lets not talk about other things; the fact that you held a gun illegally is true.

It is also a fact that you kidnapped my wife.

I am a soldier, and so, my wife is a military relative.

What crime do you think you committed when you kidnapped a military relative” Lu Xingzhis fingers tapped the table heavily.

“You took her from the hotel to the hospital and then pointed a gun at her.

Madam Chai, who gave you the courage to call my wife Young Madam Lu while you do all these things to her”

The temporary detention room was brightly lit, but it was so bright that it made one feel cold.

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