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Chapter 971: Very Arrogant

The military managed to promptly control all the medical personnel who participated in Zhou Xiaochengs emergency treatment, including the hospitals higher-ups.

Ambulances from the other hospitals arrived in ten minutes to ferry their remaining patients to other hospitals.

Jiang Yao stayed at the hospital for about half an hour, but no one collected Chai Xianglongs body.

Then, she left the hospital with Ah Lu and Big Ke—they took a taxi back to the hotel.

Chen Xuyao acted very quickly too.

News about what had happened to the Chai family at the hospital had spread through the radio and television.

Some reporters even interviewed patients who were transferred from the hospital.

They asked about Zhou Xiaochengs death and about what had happened in the operating room that day.

The reporters learned that the deceaseds family had questions for the hospital, but the doctors did not even know the deceaseds blood type, nor could they provide a list of medication that they had given to the deceased.

Then, the hospital had called the police, and Chai Xianglong had brought more than a hundred men to capture the deceaseds family and took them away.

News about that incident was broadcast to every household and then from word of mouth to neighbors and friends.

Thus, almost everyone in Yuan City had heard about that in only less than half a day.

After Jiang Yao returned to the hotel, she still paid attention to the development of the matter.

Chai Xianglong had fallen to his death.

Not long after she had left the hospital, the hospital director followed in Chai Xianglongs footsteps—he spouted some nonsense about ghosts.

However, he was luckier than Chai Xianglong because the soldiers had been with him, so he did not get a chance to jump to his death.

After Lu Xingzhi left the hospital, he and his men continued to work for a long time.

They only returned to their temporary command center at the police station after it was dark.

“Has that woman come out of the operating room yet” Lu Xingzhi asked Zhou Junmin, who was inside, as he pushed the door open.

“It has been so long; we should be able to interrogate her now.

The longer we wait, the more disadvantageous wed be.”

“They completed the surgery quite a while ago; they sent her back to the police station after that.

Now that weve detained her, Id like to know why we removed that bullet for her We shoot her so that we can convince the public—isnt it a waste of medical resources” Zhou Junmin pursed his lips.

“She is awake now, and shes very arrogant.

She keeps asking for her lawyer.”

“Lead the way.” Lu Xingzhi took his mask off, adjusted his coat, removed his military jacket, and then put his hands into his pockets.

The weather outside was so cold that he could see his breath if he were to utter only one word.

However, he had been so busy that he had not had a minute of rest.

The cold wind blew on his face like an icy knife.

The temporary detention center at the police station was not in great condition.

Madam Chai had just undergone surgery for her arm, and it had been bandaged.

She no longer looked as arrogant as she did when she forced her way into Jiang Yaos room during the day.

Lu Xingzhi was the person in charge of the arrest, but he was not part of the interrogation team—that was usually handled by staff from a specialized department.

However, Lu Xingzhi had instructed them only to start when he was there, so they had waited for him.

“Sergeant Lu.” The police officer on duty greeted him.

“Inspector Liao and Officer Chen will be here soon.”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Lu Xingzhi patted the police officers shoulder before he dragged a chair and sat on the side to wait.

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