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Chapter 968: Young Master Jumped Off A Building

After they got into the car, the person in the front passenger seat turned around and said, “Madam Chai, there are reporters here.”

“I dont have time to care about that.

Lets go to the hospital first!” Madam Chai frowned.

“Without our permission, these reporters wont have the guts to write anything about us in the newspaper!”

She spoke in a calm and unworried tone.

Madam Chai was very confident of her familys power and influence.

When she turned around and saw Jiang Yaos gloomy face, Madam Chai softened her tone and said, “Young Madam Lu, Im very sorry.

After you help me with this, I will definitely apologize to you properly.”

Jiang Yao did not say anything; she turned her head and looked out of the car window.

At that moment, the hospital was quite strict with everyones access to the building.

Half of their patients had been transferred to another hospital the day before that, so there were not that many patients.

Since Chai Xianglong was there, the hospital did not allow any outsiders and other patients family members to come and go as they pleased.

One could say that the Chai family treated the place like their royal palace with added security.

“Were here.

Please get out of the car, Young Madam Lu.”

Jiang Yao still sat there motionlessly like a Buddha.

“Madam Chai, do you think Im so shameless that Id treat Chai Xianglong Even if you brought me to the hospital, you cant force me to do anything if Im unwilling.

Im here to watch as Young Master Chai goes crazy.

Isnt this the best place to see that Im very good at guessing other peoples mood and applying what Ive learned.”

“If you dont help, then Ill get someone to kill Zhou Xiaocheng and Zhou Xiaoguang!”

“Are you threatening me” Jiang Yao moved but only to straighten her back; she had no intention of getting out of the car.

“Do you really want to see if I can be threatened”

Chen Xuyao had arranged for someone to protect the Zhou family.

However, since the Chai family had mobilized most of their men to be at the hospital, who did they have to capture anyone from the Zhou family They did not have an army—how would they do that

Then, Jiang Yao sat there calmly, and the corners of her lips curled upward.

Then she looked forward and saw an interesting scene.

Perhaps it was because Jiang Yao had a strange and cold smile on her face, Madam Chai felt a chill down her spine.

Just as Madam Chai was about to speak, she heard a loud noise in front of her.

Immediately after that, she saw many people run in the direction of that loud noise.

“Go and see whats going on!” Madam Chai shouted at her driver.

“Ill skin those people if they scare Young Master!”

Then, Jiang Yao bent her body and got out of the car elegantly.

She evened the creases on her coat as she stood up straight.

Then, she said, “What could have happened It sounded like something had fallen from a tall building onto the ground.”

Madam Chai felt strange and puzzled when Jiang Yao got out of the car and answered her.

She glanced at the younger woman who acted like everything was a show; she furrowed her brows.

The driver was back right at that moment; it seemed like he almost pissed his pants.

He ran as he shouted, “Madam Chai! Something terrible has happened! Young Master has jumped off the building! Young Master has jumped off the building!”

The driver had to shout multiple times before Madam Chai could hear his words.

Her body trembled.

She ignored the fact that she wore a pair of 10-centimeter heels and rushed to the front.

Jiang Yao was really there to watch the show.

That was right—she had seen Chai Xianglong on the sixth floor in the building in front of her just moments before that.

He had climbed out the window on his hands and feet before he lost his grip and fell.

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