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Chapter 964: Do You Want To Get Lung Cancer

Jiang Yao made a promise.

“Theres no point in asking you to kill anyone; I might as well tell Ah Lu and Big Ke to do it.

They are definitely better at that than you.

Furthermore, that would not have anything to do with me; the law cant punish me for it.”

She took a small glass bottle from the system—it was cylindrical and only the size of a three-year-old childs pinky finger.

There was some milky-white, almost transparent liquid in it.

Jiang Yao stuffed it into Moes arms and said, “Pour this into Chai Xianglongs water.

Dont let anyone see you.”

“What is it” Moe had wanted to scold and tell Jiang Yao to let go of him, but he was curious when he saw what was in his arms.

He held it in one of his claws and looked at it curiously.

However, Jiang Yao scolded him when he tried to remove the lid.

“Dont open or smell it.

It has no smell.” Jiang Yao slapped Moes paw away.

“Dont ask any questions; you only need to know it wont kill anyone.

Perhaps it might make its victim crazy.

Youre a high-level pet butler, Moe, and you can think independently.

Youve been with Xiaocheng for quite some time, and Chai Xianglong had hurt her.

She is now dead, and Chai Xianglong still walks free.

I cant take it anymore; what about you

“Im not sure if Madam Chai will be able to persuade Zhou Xiaochengs parents to do what she wanted, but I think theres a high chance that they would go with her wishes.

If they dont, then there might be a war between us soon.

On the other hand, if they decide to compromise, then Chai Xianglong will be able to get away with what he did, and Zhou Xiaochengs death will be in vain.

No matter what, I want him to pay the price.

Even if I cant kill him, I want to drive him crazy and let him live in pain forever.”

After Jiang Yao finished speaking, she placed Moe on the ground.

“Youre small, but youre agile and smart.

Very few people can find your tracks, so youre the best choice to get close to Chai Xianglongs food.”

Jiang Yao managed to persuade Moe because he was the only one who saw the Chai family capture Zhou Xiaocheng and brought her to Chai Xianglong; she was forced out of her safe and happy world.

It was a tragic scene—a girl who hid behind her parents as she screamed and cried in fear.

She even wanted to defend herself with a fruit knife that was on the table.

A few minutes later, Jiang Yao returned to Chen Xuyaos side.

She smacked his head when she saw him smoking.

“Do you want to get lungs cancer”

She did not hit him lightly.

Chen Xuyao stumbled two steps forward before he managed to find his footing.

Then, he turned around slowly and stared at Jiang Yao.

“You are really acting like an elder now.

It felt as if my grandfather was the one who hit me.”

Then, Chen Xuyao put out the cigarette he had in between his lips.

They waited at the entrance for about 40 minutes before Mr and Mrs Zhou came out of the house.

One of the Chai familys servants escorted them to the door.

“Dad! Mom! Did you agree to her request” Zhou Xiaoguang stood up and pounced toward his parents.

Then, he asked quickly, “How could you do that”

Zhou Xiaoguang was a little agitated.

He shook his parents arms, and he did not even retract his strength when he did that.

Instead, he spoke and looked at them as if they were his enemies.

“Well talk about it when were home.” Mr Zhou looked at Jiang Yao and bowed.

“Were very grateful for your help; thank you very much for your hard work.

We shall invite you guys over for a meal after Xiaochengs funeral.”

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