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Chapter 963: Do One Thing For Me

“How can bad people in this world live so recklessly And will those like us, who live by the book, always be bullied by these bad people How can these bad people live for a thousand years Why do we have to be a good person” Zhou Xiaoguang held his elder sisters shoulder and asked as he cried.

“If a bad person can live so happily, then why do we have to be good”

He was right—why must good people die so miserably, and bad people could live so freely Some of them could even live in beautiful houses and had so many people look up to them

The teenagers voice had not wholly changed; one could still hear the sharpness and naivety in it.

He was crying, so there was also a bit of raspiness in its sharpness.

However, every word of his question hammered everyones heart.

“Xiaoguang, the gods are watching.

Even if the torment lasts for a thousand years, you cant choose to be a bad person.

We have to live up to our conscience.

Just because other people can live well because of their evil deeds, we cant do the same as well.” Zhou Xiaoxia was shocked to hear her brothers words; she wiped her tears and reached out to hold her brothers hand tightly.

“Im not going to study anymore.

Ill protect you and fund your studies.

We need education so that other people wont bully us!”

Chen Xuyao leaned against the car and smoked a cigarette.

He looked annoyed—that was probably the most unfortunate thing he had encountered since he was young.

He kicked the vehicles tires as he blew smoke rings.

“Both of you should continue with your studies.

If you dont have enough money, then I will support you!”

That was the first time that Chen Xuyao had wanted to help a stranger.

Chu Sheng stared at him when she heard his words—he did not look like the Fifth Young Master Chen that she once knew.

Jiang Yao walked a few meters away and took Moe out of her pocket.

Then, she said, “Do one thing for me.”

“I dont kill.” Moe pushed Jiang Yaos hand away and crawled back into her pocket.

He had not been willing to stay in the room, but once he was out, he felt so cold that he wished he did not expose a single hair on his body.

Jiang Yao did not even have to say what she wanted him to do, but Moe had managed to guess her intention.

After he crawled back into Jiang Yaos jacket, it rolled around comfortably and said, “When I was in the Chai residence, I heard the old woman talking on the phone.

It sounded like that person was in Jindo City.

She told them to protect her b*stard of a son.

She talked to that person many times and said other things too.”

Jiang Yao was stunned.

She did not expect that Moe had become a spy while he was at the Chai residence.

“Did you hear the name of the person on the phone Did Madam Chai address that person with a name”

“No, she did not.

She did not mention a name; she was very cautious.” Moe yawned.

“That person is likely someone in Jindo City.

He must have been her backer.”

“I know.” Jiang Yao was not surprised.

“I already guessed that she has a helper in Jindo City.

Otherwise, she wouldnt be so bold with her actions.

She also managed to investigate Chen Xuyao and my identities quickly.”

Jiang Yao fished Moe out of her pocket again.

She used her slender fingers to pinch Moes tail gently and dangled him upside down.

“Go and do something for me.

If you dont agree, then Ill swing for you like this every single day! I dont want to kill anyone.”

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