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Chapter 962: For Xiaochengs Sake

Chen Xuyaos words shocked everyone.

Madam Chai and Chai Xianglongs eyes hardened.

The man stood up and pointed at Chen Xuyao.

“Dont you spout nonsense!”

“Young Master Chen, be careful with your words.” Madam Chais voice was cold.

“What My sister, she—” Zhou Xiaoxia covered her face and cried; she knew that her question was a waste of time.

Chen Xuyao was Jiang Yaos friend.

He would not have said such nonsense if it were not true.

“Xiaocheng, Xiaocheng, if I had known about that earlier, I wouldnt have gone to school.

I would have stayed at home with you.

Im so sorry…”

Zhou Xiaoguang grabbed the ashtray on the table and threw it at Chai Xianglong.

“Chai Xianglong, you b*stard!”

However, his aim was not good enough.

The ashtray fell to the ground; it did not hit Chai Xianglong.

Zhou Xiaoguang glared at Chai Xianglong angrily.

He wished he could pounce on him and eat his flesh and his blood.

“Dad! Mom! If you agree with the Chai family, then I would never acknowledge you again!” Zhou Xiaoguang roared at his parents.

“I dont want their things because they are dirty.

I dont dare to take them.

If I do, Im afraid Ill lose my life!”

“Mom, if you agree, I wont acknowledge you either.” Zhou Xiaoxia stood up and pushed the people in front of her.

“Dad, Mom, since you think that Xiaoguang and I are just kids and dont know anything, then fine, you adults can talk about it.

You can choose whether you want three children or those useless things from the Chai family!”

If their parents took anything from the Chai family, it meant that they did not treat Zhou Xiaocheng as their daughter.

If Zhou Xiaocheng really had a soul in heaven, she would not want such parents either.

After they yelled, Zhou Xiaoxia and Zhou Xiaoguang pushed the people in front of them away with all their might.

Then, they turned to Jiang Yao, Chen Xuyao, and the others.

“Lets go! I was wrong about my familys matters.

I shouldnt have called you in the first place.

Jiang Yao, Im so sorry.

Its my fault that you couldnt have a good winter vacation and attend your brothers wedding.

It is my fault that you cant be with your family.”

“Xiaoguang, Xiaoxia, you dont understand! We are doing this for Xiaochengs sake!” Zhou Xiaoxias father shouted.

“Yes, we dont understand.

We will never understand that decision!” Zhou Xiaoxia replied coldly.

Jiang Yao did not want to continue to listen to that conversation.

She was outraged, especially when she heard Mr Zhous bitter explanation.

Zhou Xiaocheng was already dead; whether she was assaulted by one person or a group of people did not make much difference to them.

“Lets go.” Jiang Yao shouted Ah Lu and Big Ke.

Then, she left with Chen Xuyao, Mr Jiang, Zhou Xiaoxia and her brother.

Madam Chai did not dare to stop them from leaving, so she did not say anything.

Perhaps she had wanted them to go as it might be easier to persuade Zhou Xiaochengs parents to do her bidding.

After they left the Chai residence, Zhou Xiaoxia crouched on the side of the road and wailed loudly.

Zhou Xiaoguang clenched his fists before he hit the Chai residences main gate.

“What should we do” Mr Jiang asked, “I think that Zhou Xiaochengs parents might agree with Madam Chais suggestion.

Her condition sounds good due to the feudal superstitions.”

“No, no, my parents wont do that.” Zhou Xiaoxia continued to mumble.

No one knew if it was an answer to Mr Jiangs question or if she wanted to convince herself that her parents would never do such a thing that brought a chill to her heart.

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