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Chapter 958: Fear of Poisoned to Death

Jiang Yao nodded and agreed to that.

Since Madam Chai knew her and Chen Xuyaos identities, she would not dare to do anything to them even if they went with her.

The Chai family had the guts to snatch their people from her and Chen Xuyao, but they did not dare to attack them.

Otherwise, Madam Chai would not have pretended to apologize to them.

The six of them squeezed into a car and followed Madam Chai to her home.

Even though the Chai family was dirty—Chen Xuyaos words—their house was built extravagantly.

Jiang Yai thought about the things that the Chai family did because they were rich—the gods must have been blind to let them have such a smooth business.

When Jiang Yao and the rest arrived at the Chai residence, the Zhou family were already there.

However, they did not see Zhou Xiaochengs body anywhere in the large living room.

Madam Chai invited everyone to sit down before she told the servants to serve them tea.

Then, she glanced at the Zhou family members who were kept in their seats by a few bodyguards.

She did not say anything to them; she knew that they would attack the mother-son duo if they had the chance.

“Since everyone is here, lets talk business.

I dont think I can enjoy the Chai familys tea.” Chen Xuyao crossed his legs and flicked his fingertips.

“I dont want to be poisoned.”

Madam Chais expression stiffened, but she quickly put it away and nodded.


Then, she looked at the Zhou family and said, “Mr Zhou, you have my sympathy for your daughters death.

After all, I was prepared to acknowledge Zhou Xiaocheng as my daughter-in-law.

Unfortunately, she has passed away now.

I know that my son did something wrong, and its my fault for not teaching him well as his mother.

Im very sorry, but since things have already progressed to this stage, its useless for you to continue to cause trouble for us.

Zhou Xiaocheng is already gone, and you wont be able to bring her back to life.

We are still alive, and we would have to move on with our lives.”

“You knew that you didnt manage your son well If it werent for you, how could our daughter have died You forced her to jump off a building to commit suicide, and you even tell the doctors to let her die.

Each of your family members will die a horrible death! You will have retribution for doing such a thing! Our daughter died tragically, and her soul would seek revenge as a malicious ghost!” Mr Zhou cursed in grief.

Madam Chai said that she did not teach her son well and that she was sorry.

Why did she not offer her apologies in the past Why would they need an apology now

The dead would stay gone, while those left alive would have to move on—that was easy for her to say because her son was not dead.

She could say anything she wanted!

“My poor Xiaocheng!” Mrs Zhou cried so much that her voice was hoarse; she almost lost her voice.

“She was only in her teens, and she was killed before she could even get married.

Im sorry I didnt protect you!”

Madam Chai frowned when she heard Mrs Zhous cries.

However, she endured it; she did not tell the woman to be quiet.

On the other hand, when Chai Xianglong heard Mr Zhou mention a malicious ghost, he sneered to express his disdain.

He continued to sit there with his legs crossed as he drank his coffee.

“Its a custom passed down by our ancestors in Yuan City.

When an unmarried daughter dies, she cant be buried in her parents ancestral grave.

Since she doesnt have a husband, shell be a lonely ghost after she dies.

Shell be buried at a random place, and she cant even have a tombstone.

Since she died at a young age, shes destined to be lonely.

In a hundred years, no one would remember to burn any incense for her or some paper money so that she would have an easier afterlife in the underworld.”

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