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Chapter 957: No Matter How Unwillingly

“Theres something fishy about the Chai family.” Chen Xuyao said, “The Chai family is only a merchant family.

Why would these people protect them Just because they are rich Are they akin to Yuan Citys sky How could they give up everything for this little bit of money from the Chai Family How could they not care about anything else The Chai family has revealed unimaginable connections everywhere.”

Jiang Yaos helpless gaze landed on the reporters when she heard that.

She had told the crowd to call the media, but none appeared.

It looked like their access was blocked.

I dont know what will happen.” Mr Jiang sighed helplessly.

Jiang Yao was about to say that Lu Xingzhi would arrive soon, but she saw Madam Chai walk toward them.

The first thing that she did was apologize to them.

“Fifth Young Master Chen, Young Madam Lu, Im very sorry.

My son has a reckless personality.

He came here without telling me, so I rushed here after I heard the news.

Are you two hurt No matter what, I have to apologize for my sons behavior.

Im very sorry.

He was really anxious.

The Zhou family didnt know what was good for them; they said that we bribed the doctor to leave Zhou Xiaocheng to her death.”

Madam Chai looked furious.

“Zhou Xiaocheng committed suicide by jumping off a building.

What does this have to do with the Chai family and the hospital”

“I really do admire you, Madam Chai.” Jiang Yaos lips curved slightly.

“You can lie through your teeth.

No one would say they are better than you in this.”

Jiang Yao was surprised that Madam Chai addressed her as Young Madam Lu.

She had managed to learn Jiang Yaos identity as Lu Xingzhis wife in just a short while.

Chai Xianglong had led his men to snatch Zhou Xiaochengs body from Jiang Yao and Chen Xuyao, so there was bound to be a conflict between them.

Therefore, Madam Chai deliberately mentioned that she did not know anything about that.

She only arrived after the fact and apologized to them as if her son had done something wrong.

“If you want to apologize, Madam Chai, Im afraid that youll spend the rest of your life saying that youre sorry.” Zhou Xiaocheng was already dead; even if the Chai family offered their apologies, could they exchange it with Zhou Xiaochengs life

Furthermore, Madam Chai only apologized because of Chen Xuyao and Jiang Yaos identities; it was not because she thought she had done something wrong.

Thick-skinned people would always speak unpleasant words so sweetly.

Madam Chai continued to smile.

“Im also very sorry to hear about Zhou Xiaochengs suicide.

After all, were walking about a humans life.

We want to settle the matter sincerely.

Since Zhou Xiaochengs sister is your friend, why dont the two of you serve as witnesses and come with us to sit down with the Zhou family Then, we can discuss how to solve this matter amicably.”

Madam Chai continued to speak when Jiang Yao and Chen Xuyao were unmoved.

“Zhou Xiaocheng is already dead.

Even if my son were to go to jail, she would not come back to life.

You must know what Zhou Xiaochengs parents want, right Why dont we sit down and talk about it”

“Id like to see how much sincerity the Chai family has to resolve this matter.” Chen Xuyao raised his eyebrows.

Then, he turned to Jiang Yao and said, “Do you want to go to the Chai family residence They are dirty, but perhaps we should go, no matter how unwillingly, for the Zhou familys sake”

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