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Chapter 954: What Is The Blood Type

Jiang Yao snorted and sneered.

“Ill ask you one question—what is the deceaseds blood type How much blood did your blood bank use to resuscitate the deceased”

The crowd clapped when Jiang Yao asked those two questions.

“Thats right! Its such a simple question that they can prove; why didnt anyone think of that just now Which doctor can tell us the deceaseds blood type What medicine was used during the resuscitation process How much blood was used Get the list immediately!”

“Five minutes! Just five minutes! If it takes more than five minutes, then you must have needed time to make them up!” More people began to comment on that.

“Get the list out quickly! The list should have been printed after the resuscitation process.

It would only take a few minutes even if you have to crawl to get it, right”

Everyone had a look of sudden realization.

Why would they need to prove that the young lady was the Divine Doctors student They only needed to verify if the doctors had tried to save Zhou Xiaocheng before she died.

They only needed to see the resuscitation plan and the medication records.

The young lady said that the doctors did not perform any resuscitation on the deceased.

Therefore, they probably did not even know her blood type.

If the doctor did not have that information, it meant that the young lady who claimed to be the Divine Doctors student was right.

If those doctors did leave the girl to die, then they were all murderers!

“Yeah, show us the list of medications!” Chen Xuyaos eyes lit up.

Then, he stood in front of the director and patted him on the shoulder.

“Its okay.

Were not in a hurry.

Tell your doctors that well give them ten minutes to crawl slowly.

Go and get the list of medications used during the resuscitation process.”

Chen Xuyaos action was extremely rude.

The director had never been provoked like that, and he had never let a junior pat his shoulder.

He was so angry that he subconsciously raised his hand and was about to hit the hand on his shoulder.

However, Chen Xuyao did not dodge him; his expression turned cold.

“Think carefully before you decide on a move.

When I went to the Chai family residence, Madam Chai personally invited me into her home and even escorted me out when I left.

So think about whether you can afford to offend me!”

The hospital directors hand hung mid-air when he heard that sentence.

He did not dare to go ahead with his plan to hit Chen Xuyaos hand.

He knew nothing about the man in front of him—he looked young, but after he heard that Madam Chai was polite with him, he looked at the man again.

One could always judge a person by their clothes and their gaze.

The hospital director observed Chen Xuyao again; he did not dare to make a move.

“Does anyone know any reporter from Yuan City Can you get them to come here This hospital is too evil.

All of you live in this city, so you must report this kind of unscrupulous hospital because we cant guarantee who will be their next victim.

Perhaps the next person to die in their hands is our family, our children, our brothers and sisters, or even us!”

Jiang Yao said promptly, “If you help them today, you will be helping your family and friends in the future!”

“If you can, call the police! If you know any reporters, call them!” Chen Xuyao said, “That little girl was only a teenager.

We cant let her die in vain.”

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