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Chapter 950: What Does She Know

The director was confident that no one in the crowd knew whether the deceased had been resuscitated or not.

Only medical staff could analyze and examine the victim, and the doctors and nurses in the hospital did not have the courage to ask about that.

“Didnt she say that the deceased had two wounds that were not treated” someone in the crowd asked.

“What does she know The patient had severe injuries, and there were many more fatal wounds on the deceaseds body than her hands and neck.

Of course, we had to treat those fatal wounds first,” the doctor quickly retorted.

At that point, the crowd looked at the Zhou family and Jiang Yao differently.

Those who held their phones also gradually put them down; they did not know who was right.

Chen Xuyao rolled his eyes when he heard the director say that Jiang Yao was poor and had no backbone.

If Jiang Yao were poor, then he was poorer than poor.

A person who owned two mines had been labeled as poor—how many rich people were there in the world

“Ridiculous!” Jiang Yao snorted.

“These two wounds can cause massive blood loss; if they didnt stop it promptly, what else was there to save”

Her disdain was even more justified than the hospital directors.

“As doctors, you should be treating patients and saving lives, yet you let your patient die.

The hospital director was right.

It doesnt matter if a person is poor, but its wrong to be poor and have no backbone or morals.

The doctors in your hospital are so poor that they need to harm lives to earn some money!”

Jiang Yao took two steps forward and straightened her back.

“I may be young, but does that mean that I dont know anything I am not afraid to tell everyone that I am only 18 years old.

However, my knowledge is not less than any of the doctors here!”

“You are really shameless.

You are young, yet you dare to say anything!” The doctor who had lost his two front teeth when Zhou Xiaoguang punched him shouted, though he sounded comical.

“Young Lady, you—” Some of the people there also thought that Jiang Yao was exaggerating.

“These doctors are all professional medical graduates and have many experiences in practicing medicine.

We understand the pain of losing a loved one, but you cant make things difficult for other doctors because of this.”

“Im not making things difficult for anyone, and Im not doing it for money! Im doing it for justice and for the life of the innocent victim who had died!” Jiang Yao sneered.

“Let me put it this way.

On behalf of the Zhou family, we will not ask for a single cent as compensation.

However, we will bring all the hospitals medical staff involved in this incident to justice.

We will not let any murderers who have harmed the lives of others go!”

After she said that, she smiled sarcastically at the hospital director.

“Are you thinking about how I can prove that Well, Im also a doctor, so I understand! Im more qualified than anyone else to judge.”

She laughed arrogantly and confidently.

Even though they thought she was a young and ignorant girl, she stood with confidence as she snarled at all the doctors there.

She did not feel as if it were not inappropriate.

Her voice was clear and powerful, and the crowd could only hear her deep and powerful voice.

“I am the Divine Doctors only student!”

Then, Jiang Yao looked at the crowd.

“Yuan City is not far from Jindo City, so I believe that everyone here must have heard of the Divine Doctors good deeds.

Coincidentally, I am the Divine Doctors only student.

Now, do you think I have the right to judge”

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