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Chapter 948: Please Help Them

“Ill kill you! Ill kill you, murderers!” Mr Zhou rushed forward and grabbed the doctor.

He wanted to hit the doctor—the despair and pain from the loss of his daughter and the truth about her death led to a surge of hatred in his heart.

That hatred seemed to give him a huge amount of energy; his body felt strong due to the hate.

“Get the security! Get the security to chase these people away!” The doctor was so scared that he ran to the side.

The other doctors and some other family members nearby did not understand the situation, but they still rushed forward to hold Zhou Xiaoguang and his father back.

The security guards arrived very quickly, but Chen Xuyao managed to knock a few of them down in just a few moments.

Ah Lu and Big Ke stood a few steps away from Jiang Yao as they protected Zhou Xiaochengs body.

They blocked the doctors and nurses who wanted to take advantage of the chaos to take Zhou Xiaochengs body away.

The commotion attracted the attention of the hospitals leaders.

When Jiang Yao saw that, she immediately shouted, “Everyone, please help my friends family! My friends sister was injured and was rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment.

However, the doctors here had received benefits from other people—they did not do the emergency treatment even after they sent the patient to the resuscitation room.

After the patient died, they waited for more than an hour before they told her family that they could not revive her! The doctors in this hospital have no regard for human lives.

They have no professional ethics or conscience.

These doctors are murderers! We are not here to cause trouble, but the doctors in the hospital should be punished for killing people.

Unfortunately, they refuse to admit it!”

Jiang Yao stood there as she spoke; her face was filled with grief and regret for Zhou Xiaochengs death.

She looked at the crowd with sincerity.

She was worried that the Chai family was too powerful and that everyone would leave once they heard that it was related to them, so Jiang Yao did not mention Zhou Xiaocheng and Chai Xianglong for the sake of everyones safety.

The Chai family was the only people who wished for Zhou Xiaochengs death.

Therefore, they must have been watching the Zhou family.

They knew that Zhou Xiaocheng had committed suicide by jumping off a building and was sent to the hospital to be rescued, so they bribed those doctors to let her die.

The Chai family wanted to settle the score.

At that moment, they could not let those doctors get away.

They were accomplices, and their hands were also stained with Zhou Xiaochengs blood.

As soon as Jiang Yao finished speaking, the onlookers immediately pointed at the doctors; some even began to curse at them.

“They are doctors, yet they harm other peoples lives.

The dogs must have eaten their conscience!”

“I didnt expect the doctors to be so heartless.

They were supposed to save her, but they let her die instead.

How painful was it for someone to wait for their death”

“No wonder they let me stay in the hospital for such a short period.

These doctors are heartless; they just want to make more money!”

When Jiang Yao saw that, she said, “My friends sister was only 16 or 17 years old—the most innocent age for a girl.

She was still so young and had so many paths to walk in her life.

However, because of these doctors ruthlessness, she had to stay in the resuscitation room forever.

Indeed, the dead are always regretful, but what about those who still live”

Jiang Yaos voice was choked with sobs.

“Many of you are parents, so you must understand her parents pain.

They have lost their child, and they will never see her again.

They will never hear her call them Mom and Dad again.

They will never get to see their child grow up.

They will never see their child get married and start a family.

This is a lifelong pain for them.”

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