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Chapter 944: Somewhat Capable

Jiang Yao knew that if she agreed to go, Chen Xuyao would definitely look at her as if she were stupid.

As expected, once Jiang Yao said that, Chen Xuyao could not wait to get Chu Sheng out of there.

He did not say anything else as he pretended to pull Chu Sheng with him.

Then, he said, “It looks like Jiang Yao cant go for lunch, so Ill go with you.

I dont have that many opportunities to come to Yuan city, so I want to enjoy myself.”

Chen Xuyao knew that he would be rejected if he asked Chu Sheng, so he decided not to do that—he dragged her away forcefully.

After Jiang Yao returned to her room, she felt alive again.

Yuan City was in the north, and she could be frozen if she were to walk outdoors.

She even heard that it would snow in the next few days.

Therefore, Jiang Yao told the truth when she said that it was freezing outside and she was too lazy to go out.

When she returned to her room, she immediately called room service for lunch.

Just as she waited for the food to arrive, her phone in her pocket rang—it was Lu Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao held a cup of hot water in one of her hands and picked up the phone in the other.

She did not know where Lu Xingzhi was when he called her.

She did not hear his voice when she picked up the phone; she heard the wind instead.

“Are you on a mountain” Jiang Yao mumbled.

She did not say that loudly, so she did not know if her husband heard her.

She waited a couple of seconds before Lu Xingzhis voice finally echoed through the phone.

“My dear wife, Im coming to Yuan City the day after tomorrow.

I found some interesting information, and now Im confirming its authenticity.

Try to delay as long as you can.

If this information is real, then Id like to see how the Chai family can stay so arrogant.”

Lu Xingzhi could not hide his excitement; it was apparent that he was very proud of that information.

“You have time to do that” Jiang Yao was happy to hear that Lu Xingzhi would go to Yuan City.

“Im taking two days off.

Ill help another commander during the New Year.” Lu Xingzhi had not planned to go to Yuan City.

He wanted to spend more time with Jiang Yao during the New Year, but it seemed that he would need to interfere with her problem in Yuan City.

Furthermore, Jindo City was very close to Yuan City as well.

“Chen Xuyao guessed that the Chai family must have known about his identity, and thats why they did not dare to offend him.

Its a bit scary how wide their connections are.” Jiang Yao told Lu Xingzhi what had happened that morning.

However, Lu Xingzhi was not surprised at all.

“Its not strange that Madam Chai knows his identity.

It wont be long before she knows that you are my wife too.”

“The Chai family is really that capable” Jiang Yao remembered that Lu Xingzhi had said that when she returned to Nanjiang City, he would have taken care of any matters that were related to her; he would not let anyone know of their previous relationship.

It had been a while since then, and she had only been back to Jindo City a couple of times.

Lu Xingzhi said that he wanted to remove all her traces there, so the Liang family would definitely help.

Under such circumstances, Madam Chai would prove to be a powerful person if she could find out about Jiang Yaos identity as Lu Xingzhis wife.

“The person behind Madam Chai is somewhat capable, indeed.” Lu Xingzhi snorted.

However, his information was only the tip of the iceberg.

He did not want to say more without confirmation as he did not want to mislead Jiang Yao.

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