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Chapter 941: An Obligation

One would say there were coincidences in the world.

Just as Jiang Yao finished speaking, the gates to the Chai family home opened.

The first person to come out was a soured-face Chen Xuyao, and then Ah Lu.

A large group of people walked behind the two of them.

The leader of that group was a woman in her fifties.

Then, Chai Xianglong stood behind her.

It was apparent that the woman was most likely the pack leader, Madam Chai, who was also Chai Xianglongs mother.

Zhou Xiaochengs parents stood behind Mrs Chai and her son.

It looked like Zhou Xiaocheng had fallen asleep, and her father carried her on his back.

Mr and Mrs Zhou looked angry; there were also traces of hatred and pain in their expressions.

However, they did not look like they were injured.

Jiang Yao got out of the car and walked toward Chen Xuyao.

She asked, “What happened to Xiaocheng”

“I dont know.

They came out before I even entered the house.” Chen Xuyao put his hands in his pockets and stood beside Jiang Yao.

He looked coldly at Madam Chai—his expression was filled with dissatisfaction.

“We welcome Fifth Young Master Chen to our family home as a guest.

I heard that you have your own company in Jindo City.

I didnt expect that youd come to Yuan City so leisurely.” Madam Chai wore light makeup, but it did not hide the wrinkles that showed her age.

She had a peaceful smile, but Jiang Yao thought it made her look hypocritical.

Madam Chai meant to say that Chen Xuyao was there to meddle in other peoples business.

He did not stay in Jindo City and was in Yuan City to mess with the Chai family instead.

“Every citizen has an obligation to maintain justice.

I graduated from the military academy, so I might have a little more sense of justice than other people.

Some people might think they can control everything because they are rich.” After Chen Xuyao finished speaking, he helped Mr and Mrs Zhou and Zhou Xiaocheng into the car.

“Fifth Young Master Chen, are you going to meddle in the Chai familys affairs” Madam Chai looked so angry that she had ignored her status as a noble lady.

Then she stared at Jiang Yao.

The Chai family had been investigating that woman ever since she appeared in Yuan City and contacted the Zhou family.

They learned that she was only Zhou Xiaochengs sisters university classmate.

However, when they saw her bodyguards, they knew that she was not a simple person.

Unfortunately, before they could find out more about her identity, they found out that Chen Xuyao was in their city.

It seemed like he was familiar with that woman.

Madam Chai also noticed that Jiang Yao had not spoken to the Chen familys fifth young master with reverence in her voice.

It had felt as if she had addressed a friend instead.

Therefore, when Madam Chai pondered about the matter between the Chai family and Zhou Xiaocheng, she wondered about the connection between the woman and Fifth Young Master Chen.

Did they have a romantic relationship

The woman was Zhou Xiaochengs sisters classmate.

Since she was in Yuan City at that time, it meant that she was there for that specific matter.

Based on her relationship with Chen Xuyao, it seemed like the man was in the city for the same reason.

Chen Xuyao did not know Zhou Xiaochengs family, so he must have made his way there for that woman.

Madam Chai knew that they needed to focus their attention on that woman.

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