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Chapter 938: Cripple Her Hand

The 20,000 that she received had brought her stepmother and fathers kind words for several days.

Her father even praised her.

She felt as if she was finally a useful daughter.

“I didnt expect you to be such an ingrate.

Youre as ruthless and merciless as someone who kills without batting an eyelid like me.

You would do anything for money.” Ah Lu caught Jiang Yaos gaze.

He pulled Taozi up and then helped her into her coat.

He said, “You can stay here obediently for a few days.

When you see the police, you can tell them the truth.

Otherwise, I will take your fathers, mothers and brothers head off right in front of you.

Then, Ill sell you to a country that doesnt treat women as human beings.

Ill let you have a taste of days when you cant even lift your pants to serve men every day.”

“Ive told you everything you want to know.

I beg you to let me and my family go.

I cant go to the police station.

If I go there, the Chai family will never let me go!” Taozi pleaded with them.

“You have no choice, and you dont have the right to negotiate with me! If you dont do that, I wont let you go either!” Ah Lu spat at her.

“You may be afraid of the Chai family now, but after my boss is done with them, they wont be better than stray dogs.

Do you think theyll be in the mood to find fault with you then Do you really love money that much Once the matter is settled, Ill give you 200,000 bucks as well!”

After Ah Lu finished speaking, he hit Taozi behind her neck and knocked her unconscious.

Then, Jiang Yao said, “After the matter is settled, cripple her hand.”

The harm that Zhou Xiaocheng suffered could never be remedied even if they brought her rapists to justice one day.

Even if she could return to normal, she would still have to face judgement from other people.

It was not something that she could easily erase from her life.

Even if the Zhou family were to move away from Yuan City, even if they could give Zhou Xiaocheng a new environment, it would not give her a brand new life.

Zhou Xiaocheng would need more courage than other people to accept a new life.

After all, she was still very young; she was barely in her teens.

After that was settled, Jiang Yao took Ah Lu and Big Ke to the hospital to visit Mr Jiang.

They did not know where Chen Xuyao got his car, but it was very convenient.

However, as soon as they arrived at the hospitals inpatient department, Zhou Xiaoxia called Jiang Yao.

She cried so hard that she could hardly speak.

“Jiang Yao! What should we do The Chai family took my parents and Xiaocheng! Sister Chu is also injured.

Jiang Yao, why did the Chai family take them”

“Ah Lu, go back to Zhou Xiaoxias house immediately.

The Chai family took Zhou Xiaocheng and her parents.

Sister Chu is also injured!” Jiang Yao almost crushed the phone in her hand.

Why did the Chai family take Zhou Xiaocheng and her parents so suddenly Jiang Yao could not answer that question.

It was like what Ah Lu had said; the Chai family was so arrogant that they could not predict their actions!

The car made a sharp u-turn at the intersection.

Ah Lu turned the steering wheel, stepped on the accelerator, and drove the car quickly toward the Zhou family home.

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